Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 25)


Their time in Cape Town, South Africa was coming to an end and a hint of sadness as they had so much fun.
As a family unit the three of them bonded so much something that even surprized Raman an Ishita.
Although Ishita was enjoying having the time off, she still felt a little bit drained …..
She hated the fact that no amount of resting could even make her feel good.
So she decided to go to a doctor for a check-up, where she knew there won’t be a barrage of questions from the extended family.
She was pleased that Ruhi was busy with watching a movie and quickly went to down stairs to the lobby as a car was waiting for her.
She had a problem with sleeping since college and that wasn’t a problem at home as she was usually very tired anyways she didn’t even notice it.

After the appointment
Ishita got some tablets that she had to take.
She was optimistic that later on the tiredness will subside with time.
She looked around to see where her taxi was parked. Across the street she saw the chauffeur standing under some trees .Ishita carefully crosses the busy street and signalled the driver, named James to take her home.
She was a little dumbfounded and scared but she knew that this was wrong.
They were wrong. Looking out of the window Ishita just stared into the sky.
In the back of her mind she was a little scared ……
Reaching the Hotel Ishita quickly made her way to the room as she was wondering if Ruhi noticed that she had been gone for 45 minutes.
But when she open the door she greeted by a little girl lying on the floor captivated by a Barbie movie on one of the channels on the TV. Ishima look, I want a doll just like Barbie Ruhi said pointing to the TV. Can we see if there are any dolls like that in the shops here? Ruhi asked insistently.
Oh and Ishima we need to buy gifts for everyone at home…….oh I know I will buy Shravan a ball, I saw a funny shaped ball in the beach store .Ruhi tried to illustrated with her hands hoe the ball looked.
Did you mean a rugby ball, Ishima inquired……
I think so, Ruhi answered a little bit unsure.
Sure we can go in a half an hour ….

Ishita phone down to arrange a taxi for them to go to the V &A Waterfront.
Ishita found it hard to keep up with hyperactive Ruhi who was running ahead of her signalling her to come to a certain store.
They got everyone a small gift and grabbed a bit to eat at the food court.
Ishita phoned the phone to ask him about his day as she usually does.
He informed her that there was a fancy dinner the evening that they had to attend and that she had to wear a western dress.
Ishita and Ruhi finished their lunch and quickly went to one of the boutique stores for a dress, she let Ruhi pick as usual as she was in sync with what Raman liked.
Ruhi picked a red dress and Ishita went to fit in one of the fitting rooms. The dress fit her very good accentuating her beauty.
Ruhi insisted that she go to a parlor in the few stores down and Ishita couldn’t say no to Ruhi as she made a puppy dog face.
This child knows just what to do to get her way, Ishita thought.

(In the hotel room)
Ruhi help Ishita dress the evening and even selected her shoes and accessories.
When she was done she stood back and admired the way she looked.
Raman was dapper as ever, he never seems to falter in the way he dresses she thought.

Yet again Raman was at a loss for words as Ishita looked breath-taking in the red dress.
Raman was lost in her beauty.
Can I have this dance with you; Raman requested putting his hand forward.
Ishita accepted his invitation reluctantly not really sure how to feel about dancing in this place as she felt out of place.

Ek ladaki ko dekha to aisa laga…

Jaise khilata gulaab
He couldn’t resist her style

Jaise shaayar ka khwaab
Her lips

Jaise ujali kiran
Her smile

Jaise ban mein hiran
Her warmth and tenderness

Jaise chaandani raat
Her shyness

Jaise narami baat
Her sweet voice

Jaise mandir mein ho ek jalta diya
Her independence and loyalty towards him

Ek ladaki ko dekha to aisa lagaa…

Jaise subah kaa ruup
Her eyes

Jaise saradi ki dhuup
Her bubbly personality

Jaise vinaa ki taan
Her intelligence

Jaise rangon ki jaan
Her glowing skin

Jaise balakhaayein bel
The way she walk

Jaise laharon ka khel
Her funny and playful side

Jaise khushbuu liye aaye thandi havaa
Her charm

Ek ladaki ko dekha to aisa laga…

Jaise naachataa mor
Her gentleness

Jaise resham ki dor
Her long flowing hair

Jaise pariyon ka raag
Her moral values

Jaise sandal ki aag
Her scent

Jaise solah singaar
Her cultural beliefs

Jaise ras ki phuhaar
Her clumsiness

Jaise aahistaa aahistaa badhta nasha
Her confidence

Ek ladaki ko dekha to aisa laga…
In that moment the her true beauty of all her virtues was revealed to Raman

She slowly got into the feel of the music as a slow song played there was something in the way she moved made him feel like he can’t live without her.
They light up the room with their radiating love.
Their hearts were burning like a candle tonight.
When they danced the flame of their desire ignited into a vigorous release illustrating their devotion towards each other.

Credit to: Monique

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