Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 24)


Ishita was woken up by sunlight beaming through the curtains .When she opened her eyes properly there was red roses on her bedside table with a note.

The scent of you, it calms the heart
The sight of you, I fall apart
I’m even more in love with you than ever before.

Raman had some meetings scheduled for the next day and he was unable for the next two days.
Ishita planned to take out Ruhi for the day…..

It’s funny how time flies, Ishita thought
When I first looked into his eyes.
I was something special and I knew it when he smiled.
The thought of life without you after all that we’ve been through.
I want you to share my world, life with you.
Only you.
Ishita knew Raman had a mandatory break at eleven and she decided to phone him.

Hi Raman.
Thank you for the flowers
Well its nothing more than a pleasure, Ishita
You know even out here I’m thinking about you day and night
I can’t even count all the ways that I love you
And all the things that I want to do to you………..
Stop it Raman, Ishita said blushing.
Just remember no matter what they tell us or even what they do.

I know our love is forever, Raman.
Don’t worry Ishita because I will keep you safe, I will shelter you from the storm, Raman said
When we married unknowingly a dream came to life and my life began again you.
I want to share everything I own with you.
Listen I will speak to you later on ….
Hope you will enjoy your day Ishita.

With that Raman hung up.
Dreading the fact that he had to work.

(Later that day)

The view from the top of the Table Mountain was great.
Funny how nature could put things in perspective……..Ishita thought.
Ruhi was in her element…exploring the vast expanse of the mountain.
She even didn’t want to leave but Ishita explained that they had to leave as the wind had begun to pick up and that it was dangerous to stay.
Ruhi reluctantly agreed and followed Ishita as they proceeded to go down.
Ishita liked the museum tour as she liked the fact that Ruhi actually learned something about the country she visited.

That night Ruhi couldn’t stop talking about the outing to Table Mountain and Ishita was struggling to get her to sleep.
Please tell me a bed time story, Ishima ,Ruhi asked .
Ishita took a while as she was contemplating what to tell Ruhi.

Well once upon a time ………………………………..Ishita started.
The stars in the heavens were twinkling for little princess Ruhi and Mr Moon specially came by just to say goodnight princess Ruhi.

Ishita was still busy with her story when she saw that Ruhi was sleeping.
Ishita remember the conversation she and Ruhi had the drive back to the hotel…..
Ishima when I grow up, I want to be famous.
I want to be a star like Deepika or Priyanka
I want to be in movies, on TV and magazines ….Ruhi excitedly said
I want to travel the world and drive a nice car like Papa.
My sleeping child the world is waiting for you.
The world is so wide, open for you to do what you want. But do not be afraid to build your own paradise.
Be that leader I sometime see in you, just like her father, Raman.
Never lose you dream Ishita said while stroking Ruhi’s hair.
She kisses Ruhi good night and walked to her bedroom.

After a wonderful day Ishita just felt she had to tell Raman how she felt…..
Raman thank you for being you.
Thank you for accepting me.
You know I fought not to ever fall in love again.
I dreamed that maybe I would one day, in the back of my mind.
But I lost myself in someone, lost myself in you.
I was never sure if love would grow when I started to have feelings for you.
And lying here with you, I still can’t believe it’s true, Raman.

I’m not afraid anymore ,to touch or even kiss you she said shyly.
I know our love will never go away.
I hope we will stay in love forever.
I hope this beats for me, Ishita said pointing with her index finger to Raman’s heart.
Nobody going to love you better,
We were meant to be, Ishita
You and me.
From now on and every day in my life

Their time away was clearly much needed as their love grew their relationship and bond grew stronger.
They started to appreciate each other more.

Raman was out most of the day only getting back to the hotel at four leaving little time for them to drive out.
But Raman decided to drive out anyways he booked tickets on the Red Busses and wanted to do a nice long drive around the coast of Cape Town.
When they stopped at St John’s Road, Sea Point the atmosphere was reminiscent of a big city.
There is nothing quite like Cape Town on a warm summer evening.

With the smell of the ocean on the breeze and Table Mountain lit up it was a spectacular backdrop, they experienced a whole new side of the city.
It had a lot of pubs, music clubs, coffee shops and restaurants along the Main Road, Sea Point’s vibrant nightlife creates a carnival atmosphere.
It was a pity they came at night as they had a Sea Point swimming pool overlooking the shoreline. Cape Town had a colorful mix of locals and tourists soaking up the sun.

Raman wished he had known of this place sooner as he would have like his family to play in the crystal-clear water.

He walked to one of the small shops and bought some ice cream for Ishita and Ruhi, the whole city was so laid-back ….as if they had no sense of time.
Ruhi went to chase some seagulls and Raman and Ishita stood watching their little girl carefree wondering on the beach picking up shells.
Thanks Raman this was a great idea, Ishita said.
They looked on over the Atlantic Ocean as the sun begun to set.

Credit to: Monique

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