Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 23)


Raman and Ishita’s love grow with each day they spent together. Little did they know what was waiting ahead for them.

The week after Ruhi insisted that she sleep with them …..
Raman agreed but wasn’t happy about not having alone time.
Much to Ishita’s amusement.

Ishita was finding it hard to make time for Raman and Ruhi during the week.
Her working a lot of late nights and early mornings made that she had little time for Ruhi.
So she decided to plan a few days for Raman and Ruhi at a resort. Ruhi loved the water and she wanted to spoil her little girl a little bit.
Raman had a business meeting in Cape Town and she thought that she and Ruhi could go with and spend a few extra days with him.

The Protea Hotel North Wharf, Cape Town was going to be great as it was far so they had no interruptions she said.

South Africa was going to be fun she reasoned with herself. They already had their passports ready and some strings were pulled as Raman knew some minister to rush their visa application.
She felt that the coming months she would have work something out with regards to her time management.

You don’t look like you used to, you look very tired, said a concerned Raman.
Most nights you work and I like I told you before I don’t like you working late there.
I would rather sit at your office and work.
Give me a minute, Ishita said while going through her bag for who knows what.
She has become very forgetful of late, much to Raman’s annoyance.
Go put your stuff in the car so long, I will be there shortly.

(Cape Town)
I need a distraction from Ishita she is driving me insane. Ishita wore some jeans and a kameez, which was fitting her body like a glove.
Her hair was loose and hanging over her left shoulder.

Raman was struggling to keep his eyes on the road…..
Ishita was looking out of the window fascinated by the scenery while showing Ruhi something outside.
Raman just put on the radio to take his mind off his wife .As he was fighting temptation.

They constantly kept locking eyes……

The beach was fun, the only problem was the water was very cold…..
So they decided to go the heated pool at the hotel.
Raman went to the lobby to arrange food for them.
He was looking forward to swim a few laps to cool off and gather his thoughts.
Their room was on the rooftop with a sliding door to the pool area. The pool was reserved for them for 2 hours and after Ruhi kept on insisting Ishita just gave in to her.
Ishita thought would be fun for her and Ruhi to swim so she changed into something more appropriate as Ruhi couldn’t wait for Raman anymore.
Walking in the suite he heard some splashing and laughter.

Ishita was sitting on the edge of the pool playing with a plastic ball with Ruhi.

He couldn’t believe his eyes ….
Why did she have to wear that today? Raman thought.
Ishita was wearing a kaftan with a swimsuit under it.
Showing off her sculpted legs……bold very bold,Madrasan Raman thought

Ishita can you come here for a second Raman yelled from room.
Ishita jumped up and nonchalantly walked to the sliding door.

He pushed her against the wall…..
There’s no way in the world, I could keep my hands off you, Ishita.
Whatever did you think? Raman asked.
I’m only human and I’m about to lose my mind.

Ruhi is going to see Raman…..
You know you can’t resist my charm, he said while nuzzling her neck.
Seduction is an art that I have mastered, Madrasan. He winked at her grinning.

You might as well admit it, Ishita.
I saw you looking at me, checking me out.
Ishita, Can you blame me?
It’s obvious you looked so so……..
He moved in to capture her lips…..
Raman you can just forget it, she said pushing him away quickly running outside.

(Later that night)

Raman was woken up by a kicking, Ishita.
Don’t leave me here with nothing……
You owe me that much, Ishita yelled.

Ishita, Wake up!
Wake up, Ishita.
Raman tried to wake her …..Her face was stained with dried tears.
What’s wrong Ishita…a concerned Raman asked.
I just had a bad dream that’s all, Ishita said.

Lie with me and just hold me, Ishita spoke her voice was soft and gentle.
Raman kisses her forehead and looked at Ishita …
Something was bothering her that much was clear from the expression on her face.

Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?
The question was out of the blue and caught Raman off guard.
Why would you ask such a question?
I had a terrible dream that you have left me for someone else, like one of the girls that was at the beach earlier today.

I saw you looking Raman.
And I know I have put on some weight of late…a clearly upset Ishita said to Raman’s amusement.
You keep reminding me that I’m fat,so ….
I just tell you that to tease you……you are perfect, Ishita
Every. Single. Part .Of .You.
Raman said while trailing his hands all over her body.

You know what Ishita, you’re truly something special.
You’re a dream come true, Raman said while stroking her hair.

You really ought to know how much you mean to me,Ishita
You know that I will, He stated.
You know Ishita to think that I’ve cried myself to sleep most nights before you came to my life.
Sometimes I felt so alone.
It’s unbelievable how I used to say that I’d never fall in love again.
See, I found my way to you.
It feels like the sun always shines when I’m near you.
With you, it never rains
It’s just blessing that I have found somebody like you
And every time I think of it
I pinch myself because I don’t believe it’s true sometimes.
So incredible the way things work themselves out…
To think it was just an arranged marriage for the sake of my daughter’s custody.
You came and breathed new life into this lonely heart of mine,Raman said placing Ishita’s hand on his heart.

You are such a great mother to Ruhi and help my family with whenever you can.
I thank God that I’ve got someone like you that loves me for me and my daughter unconditionally.
But it’s been worth the wait….
She was lost in his eyes….it was evident that he loved her.
And in that moment it felt like heaven to Ishita.
She gave him a soft kiss on his lips and cuddled a bit closer to him.

Just lying there in his arms …she felt loved, safe and wanted.

Credit to: Monique

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