Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 22)


Next day
Call in sick, Raman nagged. I need to get a little bit more of your love.
No Raman, I have work …. Ishita protested
And what will the family say? She asked scared.
I don’t think they know Raman replied eagerly…reaching up to pull her back to bed but failing to do so.
You know Ishita it took me awhile to find you and nothing in the world will ever keep me away from you he said as she blew a kiss to him walking out of their room.

As usual Ishita had a long day and after a long day at work she was called back for some sort of emergency at ten.
She left Ruhi at Amma’s as Raman was not home yet.
Even when we’re apart I know my heart is still there with you Ishita said to her sleeping daughter.

Later the night
Raman came home from a meeting in another town to find that Ishita was not home again.
The late nights was getting to him.
Not having her next to him…he needed her to fall asleep.
He went to the cupboard and took out one of his favourite bottles of liquor.
He sat there drinking until he was unable to stay awake anymore.

Reaching for his phone…Raman looked at the time.
It’s a quarter after elven and Ishita is still not home
I’m all alone and I need her, Raman said frustrated.
As he lay in bed he remembers her touch………
Oh her touch
God I miss her, he said aloud.

I’m a little drunk and I know I said that I wouldn’t call her every time…..
But I’ve lost all control.
She took his call and said that she will be home at twelve as she wanted to do the paperwork as well……

I know it’s late but I have to go to her he thought.
He hoped on the back of Romi’s bike as his parents went out with his car to a nearby temple.
As he drove to her …he was lost in his thoughts and Ready for love.

She was surprized when he came to pick her up…..What are you doing with Romi’s bike, Ishita inquired.
Well my parents took my car to go to temple, God knows where and Romi said it was fine.

I didn’t know you could drive bike…she said insinuating that he was incapable of driving a bike.
He skilfully drove the bike to impress her..
Going faster causing her hair to blow in the wind…… her irritation.
She reached to contain them with a hair band when she heard his voice low and authoritative.
Let the wind blow through your hair ……
Her fragrance played with his senses, turning him on.

Raman she said startled as he drove faster and faster.
Don’t say a word, just hold on tight, Ishita
Her skin’s so soft it gave him goosebumps all over.

Ishita was visibly not impressed with Raman driving reckless, as she knew he was drunk.
She angrily thanked him and walked to the flat not bothering to wait for him.
Ishita went to the bathroom to freshen up as she longed for a long hot shower.

You may have escaped me now but if you keep the door unlocked, be ready he thought.

Raman walked to the door and felt on the handle …
Open ……he said.
Ishita was overtired and lost as she enjoyed the hot water on her skin that she didn’t hear Raman coming in.
Raman moved in behind her hugging her from behind.
You got my heart, my soul…everything.
I want to be the one who takes you from all the things you see.

He caught her off-guard and she quickly jumped out of the shower…grabbing a nearby towel.
Everything just revolves around you, she scolded him.
Just let me finish here she said motioning him to go inside.
Take a towel Raman…she said pointing to the pile of towels on the chair.

Good things come to those who said she said……but don’t worry I’ll give you every little piece of me.
She winked at him and closed the door behind him.

Her lips couldn’t wait to taste his skin she said touching her lips as she too was hungry with desire.

Tonight was different……
She walked towards Raman who was sitting up in bed
She was different, more confident in her own skin.
Leaning in she whispered in his ear.
I’m going to wait on you hand and foot, like the king you are to me.

The look in Raman’s eyes showed that he was surprised
Just lay back and let me show you…those words send him off the deep end.

The way you hold me, make me never want to let go of you
I have a hunger for your love. Raman she said while placing soft kisses on his chest.

After a while Raman has had enough of her teasing he flipped her over.
Can I touch you there; he asked….well it sounded more like pleaded. She just nod her head as she was unable speak.
Her body was on fire and she was impatient with a craving that only he could fulfil.
Tonight his touch was a little different, it was more sensual ……he was more focused, paying special attention to her every need.

Show me what you feel…Raman said
I need to know, Ishita

She told him with her eyes ………………
She told him every secret desire she had.
Her desire burned deep inside her……
He felt like he needed to reach the very deepest part of her
Every deep desire she had.
She was lost……..
As she needed him to complete her……….
Their love just took over
The moonlight kissed their skin as he decorated her with soft deliberate caresses same way that the stars adorn the skies.
Her body shook, from the uncontrollable pleasure.
She tried to fight against it.
Don’t stop it, just go with it, Raman ordered her.
I know nobody ever touch your body like me, he moaned.
She didn’t know what to do with herself after that….

I will control your body tonight, Madrasan, he said with a devilish look in his eyes.

With that look she knew she wasn’t going to sleep very soon.

Credit to: Monique

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