Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 21)


Days past and still nothing, this was very irritating for Ishita as she didn’t know what was going on in Raman’s head.

She was going insane as her mind worked over time with doubt.

Maybe I should make a move on him she thought.

Yes, she confirmed.

I will make him beg for it….

Think Ishita, Think.

Yes! She proclaimed as she skilfully planned her approach…..

A smile crept on her face as she was busy planning Raman’s downfall.

Raman was blissfully unaware of his wife’s plan to take him down.

He decided to send her a message.

(Raman to Ishita)Beep!

What’s up?

(Ishita to Raman)Beep!

I’m fine and you?

(Raman to Ishita)Beep!

I miss you, Madrasan.

(Ishita to Raman)Beep!

What time do you get off? I want to see you tonight….

Let the games begin Ishita thought.

(Raman to Ishita)Beep!

I don’t know…Do you want to plan something special?

If you want, I will come home early.

That’s it Raman said to himself…I got her just where I want her.

(Ishita to Raman)Beep!

What time would you be here?

I want to hold you …..

I want to just kiss you now

I want to just touch you

What’s up with Ishita, Raman thought……

My plan worked, he smirked….

(Raman to Ishita)Beep!

I will book a table for us somewhere……

(Ishita to Raman)Beep!

Great idea ….can’t wait.

I hope she dress up for me…he said smilingly.

She always takes my breath away Raman thought.

Ishita got off work early and went straight home. She explained to Vadita to look after Ruihi as her in-laws went to some temple with Pammi aunty and Amma went to Mihika’s mom to visit.

She struggled to decide what to where as she wanted to take his breath away.

Ishita frantically went through her cupboard….

Almost giving up hope when she saw the green western dress Raman and Ruhi bought but she never got a chance to wear it as it was a bit too revealing for her liking.

Yes, she proclaimed.

Just what I was looking for, she said…

By the time this night is over, I will make you beg, Raman Bhalla.

The green dress fit like a glove and she purposely delayed as she knew Raman would come whilst she was still busy getting dressed.

She heard footsteps and immediately knew….

Raman had come home…..She intentionally fidgeted with her hair.

When Raman came in and saw her…..

With that green dress…showing off her smooth silky long legs……

He was almost a goner.

Hi Raman, Ishita greeted him….

She was unable to put her magalsutra on and asked Raman to zip her up…

Raman …..Please put in on me…..I can’t reach the clasp.

Her voice was seductive luring him deeper into a trap initially meant for her.

Raman hesitantly went over to her…..

Her bare neck was inviting him…..

Pleading him to touch it……

His fingers grazed her skin….

The contact made his fingers burn……

He quickly put the mangalsutra on her.

Ishita almost fell to the floor as it’s been a while since she felt his touch….she mentally composed herself as she trying not to give intentions away.

Ishita thanked Raman and walked over to the vanity…..

Raman bit a nearby folder that was on the table……He needed to control his urges……

As the Ishita turned the radio on to alleviate the awkward silence.

Bichhde abhi to ham bas kal parson
Jioongi main kaise is haal mein barson

The atmosphere is the car was electric as no one spoke.

Maut na aayi teri yaad kyon aayi
Hay lambi judai

Saying all they need to say through their eyes.
Chaar dinon ka pyaar ho rabba
Badi lambi judai, lambi judai

He occasionally touched her leg when he shifted the gears causing Ishita to tingle all over.

Honthon pe aaye meri jaan duhai
Hay lambi judai

When the car stopped they got out and made their way to the restaurant.

Ek to sajan mere paas nahin re
Duje milan di koi aas nahin re

Raman ever the gentleman pulled Ishita’s chair out being attentive to her needs.

Uspe yeh sawan aaya

Aag lagaayi hay lambi judai

Her mind was still in the car with the song……as she knew a love like this is hard to find

Chaar dinon ka pyaar ho rabba
Badi lambi judai, lambi judai

She could just sit I like this for eternity.

Toote zamaane tere
Haath nigode, haath nigode

Raman was mesmerized by her subtle beauty…..

Dil se dilon ke tune
Sheeshe tode, sheeshe tode

Her radiant skin glowing which he longed to touch

Hijri ki oonchi,
Deevaar banaayi
Hay lambi judai

God only knew how and what he had to do to keep him from just kissing her there

Baag ujad gaye,
Khilne se pehle

He felt like his plan backfired as he longed for her kisses…..

Panchhi bichhad gaye
Milne se pehle

Dinner went by fast as both of them couldn’t wait to get home.

Koyal ki cook,
Ne hook uthaayi
Hay lambi judai

Raman drove like a bat from hell to get home as his defenses were down an he could control himself anymore

Chaar dinon ka pyaar …………..

Lambi judai.

(Raman and Ishita’s room)

Ishita made her way inside and went to their room…….

She was a tad scared as she saw the look in Raman’s eyes…..

She quickly went to the bathroom to freshen up………

When Raman came in the room Ishita had already gotten in bed …

Looks like she is sleeping he thought as he walked off to the bathroom to get ready for bed.

He got in bed and was beside himself with lust..

Silence took over…

Their bodies saying all they needed to say.

And Raman got closer inching his way to Ishita.

The moonlight gave way for the stars to dance on their bodies

His hands roaming until he met her silky skin…..

She was just wearing her lace underwear…

Ishita knew that he couldn’t resist her in the underwear he so loved.

I want you, he groaned in her ear as he placed kisses all over her.

Raman moved closer till there was on space between them…

He was going to take it slow as he wanted to enjoy he.

Raman please don’t make me wait, Ishista whispered.

Raman wrapped his loving arms around her…

I just want to feel your hands all over me Raman, Ishista hissed.
His kisses giving every indication in the moves he was going to make.

I need you, she muffled through a moan.

He wanted to stay like this forever as she felt like home.

There was magic in the air as they let their love take over.

Heaven’s smiled on the two lovers lost in love

There were endless possibilities…to what the night could bring…

Credit to: Monique

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