Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 20)

She would be coming home later that day ….he thought.
Raman hated to leave Ishita as he wanted to stay with her in bed.
In her arms forever but he had some meetings in the morning he needed to attend.

Ishita woke up, she grabbed her phone …
Big neon numbers flashed 1:30   across the screen.
Just then she felt alone and missed Raman next to her ……
After Raman left Ishita felt incomplete…..
Like there was something missing.

Raman’s possessiveness was something that Ishita liked.
She liked the fact that the mere thought of some other man near her made him lose his mind.

She decided that she needed to be more affectionate and initiate the romance more often.

They slowly started to learn each other’s likes and dislikes what turned each other on.
The experience of exploring their s*xuality was interesting to say the lease.

Raman was coming to know that his wife was one in a million.
Ishita on the other hand was amazed by the things that she was capable of doing.
When she was with him she was  totally other person, like her mind and body worked on different  standards and rules.

At least she wasn’t going to be away from him that long……….I’m going to see him later she thought.
It was almost time to go home as she meaninglessly wondered around a few of the stalls that she previously didn’t get a chance to see.
She looked forward to be home with her family, especially Raman.
This time being away from Raman felt like forever……she has gotten use to that.
Although he left last night she missed his warm body next to hers the morning when she woke.

He just has this all-consuming presence that drew her in………making her forget of everything and anything around her.
Thank God, she sighed as she got off the plane…..
She inhaled the Delhi air and was relieved that she was home at last.

As she stepped out of the out of the car, her heart started to beat faster…..

The nearer she got to the house the faster her heart began to beat…….

With each step she took ….

The mere thought of him, gave her goosebumps……

She wanted him……

To be next to him.

Ishita liked his bold display of ownership……

That she was his.

As she stepped in the house she was greeted by the whole family and even Amma and Appa,Vandita and Bala.

But Raman was nowhere to be seen.
After the whole family greeted and asked question on her trip Ishita took leave and went to her room…..

A strange feeling came over her…….
Where could Raman be…….
Why wasn’t he home yet………

Ishita was sad as she was so excited to see Raman and now he didn’t even bother to come and greet her.

Raman decided to do something special for Ishita .
He arranged for a quiet dinner in their room and asked Simi to look after Ruhi for the evening.

A heart made up of rose petals aligned the path to the bathroom and from the corner if her eyes she could see a neatly made table with food .

Her phone went off and as she checked her messages, she saw that it was from Raman.

A bath is ready for you ,my love.

She followed his instructions to the tee as she walked into the bathroom .
The bubble filled bath was great as she was tired and needed to unwind.

But where was Raman the suspense was killing her.
As if he was reading her mind ,Raman slyly stood leaning in the door.

So my Madrasan …..what do you think? He asked.

When she got out of the bath ,she made her way to the room she saw a new western style dress lying neatly on the bed.
His favorite color ,she noted.

With a note …

Please wear this, my love

The last part was simple but meant so much.

All I want to do is just undress you.

Although only a few words were written…….

A blush came over her his at bold statement.

Something that she yearned for…..

No craved.

What happened to her lately, she thought.

After he peaked in at the door, he disappeared and she wondered what happened to him.
When she returned after dressing she found her man, her Raman seated at table waiting for her……

Come Ishita ,come here .
I have ordered a meal for us.

They shared perfect dinner …just the two of them.
Without interruptions.
Which was strange as Raman usually gets phone calls or messages .
The food was divine…….she cherished all the effort that he put in.
Talking and enjoying each other company.

She couldn’t wait anymore she said wanted him now.
Raman take me to bed, she pronounced.
And he did exactly that.
He undressed her…….
But he climbed in next to her…….
Good night He said with a grin.
Leaving her high and dry.

Raman wanted her to bed for it and seduce him……..He wanted her to make the first move.
As the plan he set in action was finally in full swing and she became more open and relaxed with him.

He could feel that she was annoyed with him.
He pretended to sleep…as she mumbled something in frustration.

Raman almost burst out with laughter.
Self-control, Raman, Self-control he repeated mantra in his head.

Next day

Ishita was moody the whole day……
She hated the way that not having him had on her.
She almost snapped at Sarika for no apparent reason.

When Sarika brought in a bouquet of red roses.
Ishita’s eyes lit up….like a kid opening up a gift.

Not long after that …..Sarika came in again.
With a gift……and a note again.

All her favourite….snacks……
Tonight your mine…

Ishita took her phone to thank Raman.

Thanks ,Raavan Kumar she replied.

She couldn’t wait to get home.

She finally found someone….someone to share her life..
Someone who made her complete.

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