Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 19)


The 2nd day of the convention Ishita went to the seminar.

Although she was there, she still wondered about the night before.

Subhu’s surprize visit.

Raman’s drunk call.

She tried her best to make notes and jot down as much as she could.

Today was going to be a long day. She said to herself.

Speaker after speaker came and presented their part of the seminar and soon Ishita was captivated by all the information.

Raman had trouble focussing during the day….all he could think about was who the guy was that answered Ishita’s Hotel room phone.

A very agitated and grumpy Raman lashed out at one of his employees and he decided to call it a day. He informed his secretary to cancel all his meetings and appointments for the day.

As he walked out of the office his phone rang.

Yes Mihir, Raman said.

Listen I’m taking the day off, I have something that I have to sort out. Please take the lead in the meeting with Mr Patel & Associates. I will email you the presentation that I have updated.

Ok Raman, that won’t be problem .Mihir answered.

Raman needed to make sense of everything and decided to go take a drive to put everything in perspective.

Ishita was glad that the day finally got to end as she made her way to her room. She quickly checked her phone for any messages from Raman but was surprized to see that she had no missed calls or messages from him just the one message from Mihika asking how her time in Kolkata was.

She then decided to phone Raman as she knew by now his anger would have subsided but it went straight to voice mail.

She tried again, still voice mail .Maybe I should try the office she thought but sadly then she reached his office his secretary said that he was out of office for the day.

He was impatient as he was waiting ……..

Raman caught a flight the afternoon to Kolkata.

He needed to find out what the story of this man in her room was.

Raman wanted to speak to her in person and this couldn’t wait until she got home, as he knew Ruhi would have taken all her free time and would be sleeping with them.

He persuaded the staff to let him in her room as the name Raman Kumar Bhalla opens many doors.

As he waited in the room his mind played games with him asking many questions about what happened in this room last night.

He decided to freshen up as he didn’t know how long she was going to be. The shower was refreshing but the mere thought that someone else was with his wife made Raman furious.

Ishita was really tired and a little down as she haven’t spoken to Raman.

Raman just finished in the bathroom and got dressed. The sound of the door opening and closing alerted him to the fact that Ishita had come.

Like a lion waiting for his prey Raman skilfully hid behind the bathroom door for the right time to come out.

Ishita opened the door to her room and went to sit on the bed as she picked some food from the menu to order.

A soft voice that was all too familiar to him, the voice he missed so much floated through the air breaking the silence.

She gave her order through to the front desk and as she put down the phone she noticed something from the corner of her eye.

Raman carefully sneaked behind the couch. When Ishita went to the bathroom, he made his way to the lounge area of the room.

Ishita didn’t see the need to get dressed and just put a robe.

After what seem to him like forever his South Indian beauty strolled in the bedroom quite leisurely. There was a knock at the door and she quickly walked towards the door .Her order was ready and she could barely wait to get her hands on the delicious food.

She paid the waiter unaware of her surroundings. With her back facing, she closed the door.

Raman stealthily moved closer to her, she turned around to find a very serious looking Raman looking back at her.

Raman what are you doing here? She asked surprized.

She walked over to the table to put down her food.

Why he said am I disturbing your secret rendezvous with your lover? He said his fire burning her as he looked at her.

No, Raman it was just a misunderstanding she tried to explain.


There was a man in your room late last night answering your phone.

Raman moved closer to her pushing her against the wall.

What am I supposed to think Ishita.

You are MY WIFE.


His voice was low and his anger could be heard in his voice.

Raman, Subhu came here unannounced……and I was busy with paying the waiter.


Your ex-boyfriend Subhu.

The one that broke off your engagement and broke your heart?

Yes. That Subhu.

I don’t know what he wanted and I kicked him out when I finished paying the waiter.

I don’t know why answered the phone.

My phone’s battery died, so when I called you again from the hotel room phone you didn’t take my call.

Did he touch you, Raman asked.

Look at me, Ishita .Raman yelled.

He pulled her closer his hand roughly grabbing her by her arm and shaking her.

No Raman!

Ishita said as she looked deeply in his eyes .
Her eyes showed that she spoke the truth.
He always knew when she lied as her eyes was a dead giveaway.

I love you Raman…..

I would never do something like that to you.

You mean the world to me.

If I had a taste of perfection why would I want second best…..she said with her one eyebrow raised.

That confession was all he needed to hear to put his doubt to rest.

She moved in to kiss Raman. Her lips grazed his, teasing him in the anticipation of a kiss.

The mere touch of her lips burned him .

She always knew how to excite him as she moved in closer and properly kissed him.

Her kiss ignited his desire as she pressed her femininity against him.

She whispered in his ear,
“Baby I’m yours ”
Her voice over flowed with a yearning he all too well knew. Ishita gently nipped his ear whilst running her fingers through his hair.

Her feather like touches send sparks through his body.

Hum tere bin ab reh nahin sakte

Tere bina kyaa vajood meraa

He expertly loosened the string of her robe letting it fall to the floor.

Tujh se judaa gar ho jaayenge

To khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

There was nothing more that he wanted to do, then just to declare his love for her then and there.

Kyonki tum hi ho

Ab tum hi ho

Zindagi, ab tum hi ho

The atmosphere in the room was electrifying.

Chain meraa dard bhi

Meri aashiqui ab bhi, tum hi ho

Their touches ignited their passion for each other like never before.

Teraa meraa rishtaa hai kaisaa

Ik pal door gawaaraa nahi

The fire that was within their hearts was set alight.

Tere liye har roz hain jeete

Tujh ko diyaa meraa waqt sabhi

Slowly the flames of desire began to flicker as their hearts kindled their love.

Koi lamhaa meraa naa ho tere binaa

Har saans pe naam teraa

That was once a contained fire developed as they feverishly devoured each other.

Raman’s hunger for Ishita took over his body.

Tere liye hi jiyaa main

Khud ko jo yoon de diya hai

He ached as his passion was now an out of control fire.

Teri wafaa ne mujh ko sambhaalaa

Saare ghamon ko dil se nikaala

Her fingertips were like burning ambers teasing him to the brink of no control.

Tere saath mera hai naseeb judaa

Tujhe paa ke adhoora naa raha

Silhouettes of their two bodies mingling transformed into one.

One mind

One body

One soul……..

Kyonki tum hi ho

Ab tum hi ho

Zindagi, ab tum hi ho

Chain bhi, meraa dard bhi

Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Their love was like an inferno, burning uncontrollably.

Credit to: Monique

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