Yeh Hai Mohabbatein-Ishra [epi-9]

Hi everyone. M khyati and m back with epi-9 of my ff. sorry for posting the epi late but my exams have strted so that is why. Its my humble request to everyone of u to comment on my ff. u can write negative as well as positive comment there is no such issue. So here we go-
Recap- everyone is discussing and having fun time.
They get back to their work. The ladies in the kitchen, romi and mihir do some office work on laptop. All the kids exept ruhi and adi show the pictures and tell everything to rinki. She feels happy after meeting her family after a long time. Ruhi goes to sit in the balcony and adi follows her.
Adi- what happened ruhi? Why r u looking so sad and disturbed.

Ruhi- I feel like something bad is going to happen with ishimaa…….I feel like her life is in danger.
Adi gets shocked and worried for a second but then smiles.
Adi- see ishimaa is their. Down their.
Ruhi- yes….thankgod m proved wrong.

They were about to shout ishimaa… then suddenly a car comrs and kidnaps her. They both get worried and ruhi faints. Adi goes and calls everyone. They take ruhi inside and adi tells what happened.
Mihika- what? Akka is kidnapped!
Mrs. Bhalla- bhalla ji ab kya hoga?
Then raman comes and everyone tells him what happened. He gets concerned but tries to hide his feelings.
Raman- so what u all find her. I don’t even want to see her face.
He goes to his room. In his room-
Raman- mihir do anything find a red coloured car which has just passed our house. Do fast.
He goes out. Everyone is sitting sad and worried. Ruhi is continously crying.
Raman- kamal ke log ho yaar. Itnti fikr hai toh number plate ke through rto se gaadi ka pata lagao. Ruhi,adi gaadi ka number dekha?

Adi- yes..yes..yes… gaadi ka number tha- HR51 AA 3007. Ruhi lets go to the rto.
They both go. Raman goes to his room. He again calls mihir.
Raman- mihir, find out about the car with the number plate-Hr51 aa 3007 from the rto and trace it. Do it fast. And do not ask any questions.
After sometimes raman gets a call from mihir. He picks the call and gets tensed. He goes downstairs and sits in his car.
Raman- will this device work.

Mihir-haan bhai. It will
Raman- ok thnx bye.
Raman enters the car number plate in a device attached in his car. Gps starts working and traces the location. Raman sees it and starts his car. He goes on the way suggested by the device. Mihir is shown. He is tensed. He picks his phone and calls romi.

Mihir- romi. Yaar raman was asking to trace a car with the number plate- HR51 AA 3007
Romi- really. Arre yaar. Bhabhi got kidnapped by someone who made her sit in the car forcibly. The number plate of the car is this.
Mihir- ooh I see. Tabhi raman itna tensed lag raha. Well,bye. Hope bhabhi is fine
Romi-haan yaar.
They cut the call. Romi gets glad by the news and tells it to everyone. They all get glad and happy
Mrs bhalla prays for ishita’s wellness.

Precap- ishita is ties to a chair. Raman comes callling ishita….

Sorry guys for the soo late update.plx comment as ur comments motivate me. Pls guys do comment.

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  1. wonderful as usual . don’t worry about comments , there would be many silent readers

  2. Love it and please post it as soon as possible can’t wait for next episode

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    1. thanku varshini,lisa and reshma for ur comments

  4. Its nice dear…Preacap is superb…Waiting for next one..What about ur xams?

  5. Episodeis superb….vry gud precap….. waiting for nxt episode…..nd bst of luck for ur xams…hope they r going well…

  6. WONDERFUL yaar and BEST OF LUCK for your exams <3

  7. Sarayumane

    episode is very good as well as the precap

    1. thanks KV, megha,AK and sarayumane. my exams r going well. my last exam is on 14 july.hope they end soon. anyways thanks. I will try to post as soon as possible

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