Yeh Hai Mohabbatein-Ishra [epi-7]

Hi, and Everyone. M khyati and m back with epi -7 of my ff. Guyz pls comment as ur comments r v important to me. So here we start-
All the ladies r discussing their plan.
Shagun- Adi, Ruhi .. Everyone come out.
All the children come out. Shagun tells them the plan. Mihir, Romi and manoj come. Shagun tells them that I called u alll. Come and sit. They tell them their plan.
Romi- Na it will not work.
Mrs. Iyer- ayyo! Why r u saying like that?
Romi- Because bhabhi also hates bhai!
Aliya- Yes romi uncle u r correct. Amma did not wantd to come to india but she had to cause of ruhi.
Mihir- so what to do now?
Ruhi- I have a plan.
She whispers the plan. Everyone agrees. Suddenly the bell rings. Mihir goes and opens the door. A lady walks in. everyone gets shocked seeing her mainly mihir and mihika. Her face is shown. She is none other than Rinki[ Yes she is alive in my ff]. Mihir hugs her. They both cry. MRs. Bhalla hugs her and cries. Everyone hugs her. They all ask how is she alive.
Rinki- when Mihika shot me by mistake, I fell down. She rushed to me and took me to hospital. Their I was kidnapped by someone and the kidnaper told the doctor to say m dead. The kidnapper kept another dead body and threw acid on the body’s face so my death was a mmystery. Then Nidhi came in ur lives and the mystery of my death remained as suchh. I lost my memory. The person who kidnapped me made sure that I do not regain my menmory but I did when I reffered to the site of bhalla industries. So I came here. Mihir Plz save me plz.
Mihir gos and hugs her and says that no one will harm u. Everyone takkes rinki to the room and the kids prepare dal makhani and south indian food.
In the room everyone tells what happened seven yrs ago and what is happening.
Rinki- Where is bhabhi. I want to meet her.
Mrs. Bhalla- She is in her clinic.
The children bring food and make rinki eat thr food.

A bungallow is shown-
The man and woman r again shown-
Man- what about the schedule of bhalla family members?
Woman- It is ready and any special corrections if need to b would be done. U don’t worry.
A man comes their running.
Man2- She escaped.
Woman- Who escaped Aakash?
Aakash- Rinki. She escaped.
Man- Oh no. shittt!
Woman- don’t worry we will find her. Aakash u come with me.

Precap- Raman and ishita r shown with a worried look

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