Yeh Hai Mohabbatein-Ishra [epi-6]

Hi everyone. M khyati and m back with the next epi. Sorthe epi for posting the epi late and thn for commenting. so here we start-

It’s early morning. Ishu, Simmi,Mrs. bhalla and mihika r in the kitchen. They r preparing breakfast. All the children come.
Ruhi- What do we have in breakfast?
Mrs. Bhalla- Aloo ka parathan aur lassi. Theek hai puttar.
All the children look at each other and then wink. They take everyone aside except ishita and whisper something in their ears. Everyone smiles.they come back to the kitchen.
Simmi- Bhabhi we will not eat paranthas but we will have dosa and sambar for breakfast.
ishu gets shocked but agrees. She readies the breakfast and spreads it on the table. Shagun comes from somewhere.
ishu- Shagun where u went early morning.
shagun- Actually I went for some ngo work. It was urgent.
shagun was astonished to see the breakfast. Ruhi and others took her aside and whispered something. she smiled and agreed.
Raman, Romi,Mihir, Manoj and Mr bhalla come for breakfast. they sit. everyone starts eting except raman.
Raman- What is this maa. Why south indian food? no paranthas? Zaroor is madrasan ne sabko blackmail kiya hoga. Madrasan kahin ki! Main ye sab nahi khata.[This madrasan would have blackmailed u. I don’t eat all this.]
Ishu- OH mister mind ur language ok. I was told by simmi to cook south indian food.
Raman- U woulod have forced her to say that. don’t blame others.
Ishu- U r the most unkind, selfish and mean man I Have ever seen.
Raman- Oh like u r the world’s most kind woman. Just get lost. Go to hell I don’t care but don’t stay here.
Ishu gets angry and shouts at raman- What do u mean ha?
they both leave. Others have breakfast and they to leave. Shagun, simmi, mihika, mrs. bhalla, ruhi, adi and pihu look at each other with sad faces and a dissappointed look. Aliya and vivaan come there. Shagun asks them to eat breakfast. They have breakfast and the children take them to adi’s room.

At raman’s office-
Raman and Mani r talking about the deal. They sign the contract papers for merging the companies. Raman gets a call.
Raman- Hello.
Man on the other line- Be prepared for a huge loss in the next week mister bhalla.
Raman cuts the line and tells about the call to mani, Romi and mihir. they all get tensed.

A big bungalow is shown.
Man- have u ordered the injections and poisons.
Woman- Yes u see now what I will do with them. Mr. raman now no one can save u from being destroyed.

All the bhalla women including sahgun r talking with mrs. iyer.
Mrs. bhalla- how to reunite ishita and raman.
Mrs. iyer- we have to think something.
Suddenly shagun gets an idea and tells her idea in whispers.

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