Yeh Hai Mohabbatein-Ishra [epi-4]

Hi everyone m khyati and m back with epi 4 of my ff. m posting the episodes fast bcz I won’t be able to post any epi during 19 to 25 june. sorry for that. so here we start with the next epi-

A market is shown. two boys and two girls talking to each other r shown. yes the boys r adi and vivaan and the girls are ruhi and aliya.the boys and the girls are walking on the opposite side.Suddenly the four hit each other: ruhi and adi,vivaan and aliya.ruhi falls and aliya helps her get up. Adi and vivaan laugh. ruhi gets angry.
ruhi- Don’t u have eyes. Can’t u walk nicely without hurting anyone.
adi- Oh hello. can’t u walk properly. U girls are always talking blah blah blah..
aliya and vivaan were laughing silently.
Ruhi- why r u laughing di
Adi- and why u vivaan..
aliya and vivaan in chorus- coz we r brother sister.
ruhi-he is vivaan!
adi- so she is aliya.

“yes” aliya and vivaan in chorus.
adi to ruhi- hi m adi..aditya raman kumar bhalla.
ruhi gets dhocked and teary eyed.
Aliya- Oh my god u r adi.
adi was confusedhe said- yes, why?
ruhi- adi bhaiya.
adi- ruhi…
ruhi- yes adi bhaiya m ruhi raman kumar bhalla.
adi and ruhi hug.
adi- u know ishimaa is dead
ruhi smiled and said-no adi bhaiya she is alive.
adi was shocked. Ruhi, aliya and vivaan took adi to mani’s house.
at mani’s house-
Ruhi- ishimaa I have a surprise for u.
aliya closes ishita’s eyes and shouts”1..2..3″ and removes her hand.
ruhi- he is adi bhaiya ishimaa..

adi and ishu were shocked. they both hug and cry happily.
adi- how r u alive ishimaa.
ishita narrates the whole story to adi.
vivaan- amma mujhe bhul gaye.
ishita hugs vivaan.

After 1 week ishu, mani, ruhi, adi,aliya and vivaan land in india. they book 2 hotel rooms.
Ruhi- Ishimaa when will we go to bhalla house.I wan’t to meet everyone their.
Ishu- u can go their tomorrow.
Adi- What do u mean by ucan go.. u will also go ishimaa.
ishu- No I will never go in that house. That Raman Bhalla made me away from everyone from u and from my little angel who was born….
Adi- Pihu.. her name is pihu. she knows about u and shagun mumma and manoj uncle r married.
Ishu- adi, ruhi and pihu…. nice.
the three hug each other and sleep.the next morning they go to bhalla house-
Ishu rings the bell. Romi opens the door and gets shocked.
Romi- ishita bhabhi…. and gets teary eyed
ishu- romi,here is our ruhi.
ruhi- romi chachu… and hugs her.

romi takes them inside and calls everyone. everyone gets surprised seeing ishu. everyone gets happy. pihu comes and hugs her.
pihu- Ishimaa… where u went leaving me. now u won’t leave me again na.
ishu sits on her knees and cubs her face.
ishu- see ruhi she is ur shadow.
ruhi- yes ishimaa.
the bhalla family get shocked.
adi- yes she is r ruhi.
everyone happily cry.mihika hugs ishita and ruhi. everyone hugs ishu and ruhi.

Precap-ishru and raman meet

there would be no episodes after this one till 25 june 2016
M making them meet fast bcz there will be many prblms in their reunion as ishu will not be able to forgive raman and their will be a shocking twist

Credit to: Khyati


  1. varshini

    very very nice . loved adi and ishita’s reunion , update as soon as possible , will be waiting for ur ff

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