Yeh Hai Mohabbatein-Ishra [epi-3]


Hi everyone. m khyati and m back with the 3 epi of my ff. Thnx for reading my story and liking it. so here we start-

The epi starts with ishu showing the house to ruhi and sarika.
Aliya- Amma ruhi will sleep with me and sarika aunty will sleep with u.ok
Ruhi-ok Ishimaa but how come r u here? Why aren’t u living in delhi?
Ishu- After ur death raman blamed me for everything happening. He called me baanch, a bad omen etc. etc and he threw me out of his house. I tried a suicide attempt by jumping from the same cliff where ur car crashed but mani saved me. Then I again came in front of a truck but again mani saved me. In that saving, mani got fracture in both his legs so we came to australia for his treatment. Aliya and vivaan are neice and nephew of mani. I took care of them as my own children so they call me amma.
saying this she starts crying.
sarika- raman did very bad with u. He shouldn’t have reacted like this.
Ruhi was enraged.She said- But didn’t anyone tried to stop papa.
Ishu- Everyone did but he did not listen to anyone. He even snatched the baby from me.
ruhi was shocked and dumbstruck at his papa’s behaviour.

A high class office is shown.
Raman- Mihir what about the deal with the Australian company?
Just then romi comes in he says- Bhai we have it next week.
Raman- Ok u both will also go with me for the deal so ready the papers and correct the old papers till the time I will check this file.
Mihir- Ok. U don’t worry. [They both go] Raman takes out a photoframe. The pic is of ruhi and ishita. He says to himself- Because of my foolish behaviour I list my soul and my life.
Saying this He breaks down.

A man is shown in a suit. He calls out “ishu”.
yes the man is none other than mani.
Ishu- u came early mani. come I will show u a surprise.
She closes mani’s eyes and shouts”come”
Ruhi and Sarika come. She removes he hand.
Ishu introduces ruhi and sarika and then the whole story is told to mani.
Mani- So what have u thought ishu?
Ishu- we r going to india next week so I will leave ruhi there with bhalla family.

Then a house is shown. pihu,rohan,ruhanika are -playing.
Shagun- offu,u all came just now from the water park aren’t u tired?
all of them together- no
Pihu just became sad and sid “m missing ishimaa”
Shagun consoled her. They again started playing.

Then a hostel is shown. Two boys r shown talking.
One is adi and the other is vivaan.
Vivaan- so adi bro if u r not going to india u can come to my house.
Adi- sure thnx
Vivaan tells him about his amma and appa.
After that they sleep.

Precap-adi and ruhi meet but donot recogonize each other.
Frnds I won’t be able to post any epi from 19 to 25 june. sorry for that and plz comment on my ff

Credit to: Khyati

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  1. Oh Khyati that’s so sad u will not be able to post for some days . But todays epi was very gud

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  3. Nice episode & plzz try to update it

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