Yeh Hai Mohabbatein-Ishra [epi-2]

Hi everyone. I am Khyati and m back with epio 2 of my ff. thnx everyone for commenting and liking my here we go-

A school is shown.
Aliya-come ruhi. I will take u to my home.
ruhi- oh! thnx
aliya- Ruhi be careful. Don’t take the name of raman bhalla in front of her. She get super duper angry.
ruhi wondering why said ok

A water park is shown.
shagun-come rohan,pihu and ruhanika. we will have lunch.
pihu- shagun mumma what is in lunch?
shagun-sambar and dosa.
all the three kids together-wow!

then a beautiful house is shown.
a girl is calling out “amma”
yes the girl is aliya and its mani’s house.
a lady comes down. the lady is shown to be ishita.
Ruhi is shocked seeing her.
aliya introduces ruhi to ishita.
Ishita gets teary eyed.
ishu- Ruhi…

she sees the mole and touches her face and hair.
Ishu- what is ur full name ruhi..
Ruhi- ruhi…ruhi bhalla.
ishita gets shocked.
ruhi- yes ishimaa, m ur ruhi. Ruhi bhalla. Daughter of Raman kumar bhalla and ishita raman kumar bhalla.
Ihita cries with happiness and ruhi also cries.
ishita- u r alive.
ruhi- yes ishimaa. nidhi died and ashok sent me to australia with sarika. She has changed ishimaa. She took my care as her own daughter. We are trying our best to return to india but that ashok……
Ishu- don’t worry. first take me to ur house where u and sarika r living.
ruhi yes ishimaa.
ishu wil u come aliya.
aliya yes. I will tell to appa and then come.

a flat is shown.
ishita, ruhi and aliya are shown. Ruhi rings the bell. sarika comes and opens the door and gets shocked.
sarika-ishita…. come inside.
they go and sarika brings water.
ishita- Thanku sarika for taking care of ruhi.
Sarika- What are u saying ishita. I committed so many sins. I needed to repent.
they have a talk. Ishita asks then to pack their backs as ruhi and sarika will live with ishita, aliya and mani now.
they pack everything and go to mani’s house. Ruhi is super duper excited and happy.

Precap- vivvan and adi convo.

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