Yeh Hai Mohabbatein-Ishra [epi-1]

hi everyone. I am khyati and m back with epi 1 of my ff.thanku everyone for ur lovely and motivating comments. There is a small change. Now reunion would be like this- 1. ishru 2.ishruadi 3.ishruadi and raman.
so here we go-

A beautiful house in a society is shown with the name plate of Bhalla’s. A man is shown sitting at the table for breakfast with a child:Pihu, shagun, manoj, mr bhalla, mrs bhalla, romi and mihika and the man is none other than raman. He had a frustrated look on his face. After the breakfast was over, he went to his office.
Mrs bhalla- I wish ishita and ruhi were alive. Our lives would have been more happy.
Shagun-u r right mummy ji
Manoj- Shagun m going to the office,byr.
Manoj and romi leave. Raman had already left.

The scene shifts to Australia.
A mansion is shown with a lady in a sarree cooking food. She shouts aliya, mani come down for breakfast. they come down.
Mani- ishu we have to go to india for a deal after a week
Aliya- I would be going to india! wow
Ishu-ok mani.

Then a flat is shown. A girl is getting ready for school.
girl- sarika mom where is my lunch
yes the girl is none other than ruhi
Sarika- here it is ruhi. sambar and dosa.
ruhi takes the lunch and goes
Sarika to herself- I wish we could go back to india.

The scene shifts to india.
Shagun- wake up rohan and ruhanika.
pihu comes shouting “shagun mumma”
shagun-yes pihu what happened
pihu- shagun mumma let’s go to water park today is saturday plzz with rohan and ruhanika.
rohan and ruhanika [together]-yes mom plz
shagun- Okk we will go.

the scene again shifts to australia.
A school is shown.
ruhi comes and shouts aliya.
aliya- hi ruhi how r u
ruhi- fine
aliya- u know m going to india. with my amma and appa
ruhi gets sad but hides her emotions
ruhi- but u said ur mom and dad died a long ago
aliya- yes they did. My appa is my uncle and my amma is my appa’s best frnd whom he saved seven yrs ago.
ruhi- can I meet ur amma. actually i got seperated from my mom and dad seven yrs ago.
aliya-yes u may surely.
they go to their class bcz the bell rings

Precap- ruhi and ishita meet. ruhi recogonizes her at once.

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  1. very nice , waiting for next epi

  2. So nice episode bettar than yhm serial

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