Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Ishqbaaz crossover (Episode 2)


Recap: Shivaay decides to invite Rockstar Ruhaan in his wedding to perform.

The episode starts with Adi thinking about Aliya in his room. Ruhi enters.
Ruhi: Adi bhaiya, what r u thinking ?
Adi: uh, nothing.
Ruhi: u r definitely thinking about something. Im seeing from few days u r not talking to anyone, living in ur own world. Is everything alright.
Adi: Yeah Ruhi, everything is fine, what will happen ?
Ruhi: I dont think so.
Adi: Ruhi,if anytthing happens to me I will definitely tell u.
Ishita enters
Ishita: What both of u r talking ?
Ruhi: Ishimaa, Adi bhaiya is hiding something from us.
Ishita: Yes Ruhi, u r right he is not even telling me.
Adi: No Ishimaa, I am not hiding anything, why u all r behind me.
The door bell rings. Ishita goes to open the door and finds Shivaay standing outside.
Ishita: Yes, who r u ?
Shivaay: Umm, Im Shivaay Singh Oberoi, owner of Oberoi Industries, u must have heard about it.
Ishita: Yeah, I have heard, please come in.
Shivaay enters. whole Bhalla family comes and greets him.
Shivaay: Actually I came here to meet Ruhaan. I have a deal for her.
Ruhi: Deal for me ?
Raman: What type of deal ?
Shivaay: I want Ruhaan to perform in my wedding.
Ruhi: Uh, perform in ur wedding ?
Ishita: But where ur wedding will take place, Mr Shivaay ?
Shivaay: In Paris, though its not yet decided in which hotel. My fiance is a big fan of u Ruhaan and wanted u to come to our
Ruhi: Mr Shivaay, I need to think about it.
Shivaay: Ruhaan, I will give u 5 crores for performing in my wedding, even if u want to increase the fees u can tell me and ur parents can also
come to the wedding.
Ruhi: Its not about money Mr Shivaay, for a long time I have not performed in a concert or wedding. So I need some time to think, I will tell
u later.
Shivaay: Ok fine, I should leave now, Thankyou
Raman: Ok Mr Oberoi, Let me drop u to outside.
Shivaay leaves.

Om is standing near the beach seeing towards the sea. Ishaana enters.
Ishaana: Hi Om.
Om(surprised seeing Ishana): Oh, hello.
Ishaana: what r u doing here ?
Om: Seeing the sea. seeing that boat. u know what, we r like that boat to each other. Now we r together, but we dont know if we will be able to meet
each other in future.
Ishaana: Why r u thinking like that ?
Om: Fate is cruel, and in my case its very cruel.
Ishaana: ok, Lets forget about it. I was thinking that we became so good friends in such a short time.
Om: Yeah, u r right, I dont have many friends but when I be with u I really feel good.
Ishaana: I am also very happy by getting a friend like u.
Om: I need to go, I have some work.
Ishaana: Ok ,bye Om.
Om: Bye

In Bhalla house, Ruhi is sitting in her room. Raman and Ishita enter.
Ruhi: Papa, Ishimaa, what happened?
Raman: Ruhi, we wanted to ask u that why u didnt said yes to Mr Shivaay, u should perform in his wedding.
Ruhi: Papa, I dont want to go to Paris now, I want to stay here with u all. After so many years we r together. I dont want
to start my work so soon, I want to enjoy the moments of happiness with both of u, Pihu and Adi bhaiya.
Ishita: But its just one week, after that we will be back here, I think u should go and we will also go with u. Listen Ruhi, u r a
we r not forcing u, if u dont want to go then its alright.
Ruhi: No Ishimaa, I think u r right. I will go, but u both and Aliya should also come with me
Raman: Ok Ruhi, I will talk to Aliya.

Shivaay comes back to Oberoi Mansion and sees Anika talking to Dadi.
Shivaay(thinking): I dont know why Dadi made this girl my wedding planner, she has became a pain to me.
Shivaay goes towards Anika and Dadi.
Dadi: Oh Shivaay, Its good that u r here. Anika, u recheck the list that all the items needed for Shivaay’s wedding is there or not, and
take the money from Shivaay, I need to go.
Dadi leaves.
Anika: So Mr Shivaay ingh OberoiS, will u again give me a blank cheque or this time u will fill it ?
Shivaay angrily looks at Anika while Anika smiles.

To Be Continued………

Credit to: Luna

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