Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Ishqbaaz crossover (Episode 1)


Hey guys, this is a new fan fiction, I am bringing characters of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Ishqbaaz together. Tell me if u liked it or not

The episode starts with Rudra in a hotel room sleeping with a girl. They had a one night stand. Rudra’s cell phone rings, he picks it
Rudra: Hello…who is there ?
Om: Rudra, its Om, where r u ? Dad is calling u.
Rudra: But why ?
Om: We have to make some plans regarding Shivaay and Tia’s wedding. Everyone is here except u, Tia’s family has also come.
We r waiting for u and dad is also getting angry, please come fast.
Rudra(shocked): What? Oh, I forgot about it, Im coming fast.
Om: Btw, where r u actually ?
Rudra: Uh, Im in Tipton Hotel with Shivaay Bhaiya’s secretary.
Om(shocked): What? r u mad? Do u know what will happen if Shivaay will get to know about this ?
Rudra: Please Om, dont tell anything to Shivaay Bhaiya, He will kill me.
Om: Okok, just come fast.
Rudra: Ok bhai, Im coming.
Shivaay’s secretary wakes up.
Girl: What happened dear, whose call was it?
Rudra: Nothing darling, I need to go home, dad is calling me .
Girl: Okay, but please dont tell anything what happened between us to ur brother Shivaay.
Rudra: Dont worry darling, I will not tell him.
They kiss each other and Rudra leaves.

In Bhalla house, Raman and Ishita r in their bedroom, Ishita is doing some work, Raman comes from behind and grabs her.
Ishita: Raman, what r u doing ?
Raman: What ? Im romancing my wife.
Ishita: I am doing work, please dont disturb me.
Raman: I missed u and Ruhi a lot in past 7 years.
Ishita: please, dont talk about what happened in the past, we r now together and Ruhi is also with us, we should feel happy that our
family is together again.
Raman and Ishita r about to kiss each other, when Ruhi enters.
Ruhi: Ishimaa , I….
Raman sees Ruhi and leaves Ishita. All feel awkward seeing each other.
Ruhi: Sorry, I’ll come later.
Ishita: No Ruhi, tell me what happened ?
Ruhi: Ishimaa, I and Pihu r feeling very hungry, we r waiting for breakfast.
Ishita: Ok dear, u go and wait, Im coming after finishing this work.
Ruhi smiles and leaves. Ishita looks angrily at Raman.
Raman: What?
Ishita: I told u Raman, someone will see us, atleast u should have closed the door.
Raman: What? When did u told me that ?
Ishita leaves angrily.
Raman: Oh God, this Madrasan !

Rudra arrives in the Oberoi Mansion.
Rudra: Hello everyone, I am sorry for being late.
Tej(angrily): Where were u, we were waiting for u for 2 hours.
Rudra: uh, Sorry dad, I was in my friend’s house.
Shivaay: Bade papa, lets forget about it, we should start.
Jhanvi: I wanted everyone from Oberoi family here because I thought everyone has the right to give some ideas about Shivaay’s wedding.
Tej: So everyone knows that we r here for Shivaay and Tia wedding plans, After all its Oberoi’s grandson
wedding. The wedding should be so much grand that whole India should know it.
Tia: Hey, I have an idea, why dont we have a destination wedding, it will be so romantic.
Rudra: yeah, so romantic.
Shivaay angrily looks at Rudra, Om smiles.
Shivaay: Tia,its a great idea, but where the wedding should take place.
Dadi: What about Agra? Near Tajmahal.
Shakti: Yeah mom, it will be really good.
Tej: I think the wedding should be in a foreign country.
Shivaay: Yeah Bade papa, It will be really good.
Om: I think Paris will be a good place, iafterall its city of love.
Rudra: Wow Bhaiya, it will be so romantic.
Shivaay: So its decided, our wedding will take place in Paris, Do u have any problem with that.
Tia: No Shivaay, I am very happy.
Pinky: Oh my mata, And what about bringing a celebrity? I mean, what is a grand wedding without inviting a celebrity.
Rudra: u r absolutely right, choti ma. I think we should bring Salman Khan. He should perform in the function.
Tej: Salman khan is currently busy shooting for film so we cant call him.
Om: I think Tia should decide which celebrity should come in our wedding, right Shivaay?
Shivaay: Yeah right.
Tia: I think we should call Ruhaan the rockstar, I love her songs and I am a big fan of her.
Rudra: Wow Tia, I am also a big fan of Ruhaan.
Om( whispering to Rudra): Wow, u and Tia agreed at same thing.
Shivaay: Great, So its decided, we will invite Ruhaan in our wedding. I will personally meet her and talk to her.

To Be Continued………

Credit to: Luna

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