Yeh hai Mohabbatein (Heart Relationship) Episode 8

The episode starts with Ishita looking away,
Raman: What happened Madrasan?
Ishita: Nothing, Amma would be so happy to see this medal.
Raman: Every mother has to be happy to see their child’s success.
Ishita: True, by the way, when are we going home?l
Raman: In 1 hour.
Ishita: So we still have an hour left?
Raman nods,
Ishita: Then spend it wisely!
Raman: What happened to you?
Ishita: What?
Raman: You want to spend more time with me?
Ishita: Um….
Raman: It’s okay, I know you want more fun!
She laughs and he smiles,

1 hour later:
They reach the compound, he sees Amma outside sitting on the bench and Toshi Ji near the stairs, he walks fast holding Ishitas hand, he hugs Ishita and Amma and Toshi Ji look, Ishita is shocked and she asks Raman what he is doing, he smiles and says look up and you will see, she looks up at sees Amma and Toshi Ji and smiles and hugs him back.

Toshi Ji and Amma look on, Amma stands up and Toshi Ji walks forward,
Amma: Ishu!
Toshi Ji: Raman!
They both break the hug and look at Amma and Toshi Ji,
Raman: Maa, you?
Ishita: Amma I was….
Amma glares at Ishita, Ishita puts her head down,
Toshi Ji: What is this Raman?
Raman: Maa….
Toshi Ji: Come with me now!
Amma: Let’s go Ishu!
Ishita leaves with Amma and looks back and smiles, Toshi Ji gives the evils to her and thinks: I will never let my son fall in love with that MADRASAN!!
She walks and Raman follows on, in his head he thinks he successfully created a misunderstanding where Amma and Maa will come together to separate us.

Bhalla house:
Toshi Ji: What do you think your doing?
Raman: What Maa?
Toshi: You clearly know what I mean!
Raman: I don’t Maa
Raman leaves and smirks, Romi comes there,
Romi: What happened Mummyji?
Toshi: Nothing!
Toshi Ji leaves, Romi stands there thinking what was need for all of this even if there was nothing, he leaves.

Iyer house:
Ishita: Amma, it’s not what you think, we….
Amma: What I saw was not good Ishu, you can never be with that Punjabi!
Ishita: Amma….
Amma: No Ishu, you can’t,
Ishita leaves and then smirks, Appa comes there and sees Amma upset,
Appa: What happened Madhu?
Amma: It’s Ishu
Appa: What did she do?
Amma: In Will tell you later Vishwa
Appa nods and Amma thinks.

Raman and Ishita come out and start laughing,
Ishita: Not bad Ravan Kumar
Raman: Well finally you appreciate and it’s my plan Madrasan, so it had to work!
Ishita: Now what?
Raman: Just watch Amma and Maa!
Ishita: Amma?
Raman: Yea, I can call her Amma na?
Ishita smiles and nods.

Ishita wakes up and sees a present, she thinks who sent this, Ishita goes near it and sees a tag, it says: Open me so it could lead you to what I want!
Ishita thinks, she opens it and screams and throws it, a man comes out of the curtains and starts laughing, Ishita looks at him with anger,
Ishita: You!!
Ishita gets up and starts chasing him, he runs and hides behind Amma.
Ishita: Amma, he scared me!
Man: Ishu, look huh, you are a coward!
He laughs and she continues chasing him with anger,
Ishita: Sidd!!!!!!
Sid: Ishu!!!!
She glares at him,
Ishita: You watch Sid, let me get changed!
Ishita goes, Vandu comes there,
Vandu: Ahh, Sid?
He looks at her and smiles,
Vandu: It’s been ages since we saw you, when did you come back?
Sid: Yesterday, I found out Ishu was here too, so I came.
Amma: Good you agreed to come,
Amma in her head: If you didn’t then there would’ve been a disaster.

Amma: Come sit down Siddharth.
Sid: Ji Amma.
He sits down, Ishita comes out,
Amma: Ishu, takes Sid out and show him around.
Ishita: I’m not taking that out!
Amma: Ishu!
Ishita: Okay fine, I’m going Amma.
Amma nods and Ishita and Sid leave.
Sid: Wow yaa Ishu, you became fit from fat.
Ishita: Finally, exact after three years you called me fit.
Sid: I wasn’t going to lie!
Ishita: Now you remember me?
Sid: I’m sorry Ishu, I didn’t get time.
Ishita: Yeah sure!
Sid (acting): Your going to break our 15 years of friendship over this??
No Ishu!! I won’t let you!
Ishita: Stop you Drama!
Sid laughs. Ishita looks at him and he stops,
Sid: What else do you want me to do Ishu?
Ishita walks, Sid gets down on his knees and says Ishu, she looks back and sees him, Raman reaches there and sees them,
Ishita: Get up Sid!
Sid: First forgive me!
Ishita: Sid!
He looks at her, Raman walks up to them,
Ishita: Okay Fine, now get up!
Sid gets up.

Ishita looks at Raman and smiles,
Ishita: Sid, this is Raman and Raman this is Sid, my best friend.
Raman: Hi
Sid: Hi
They both shake hands.
Amma looks from upstairs in the balcony and smiles.

Precap: Raman and Ishita spend a night together (without Sid or anyone)

Sorry for the late update, my laptops battery died and I couldn’t find the charger and now I did, I hope you enjoy it and I’ll try my best to finish the FlashBack As soon as possible?

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