Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Heart Relationship) Episode 7

The episode begins with Ishita going to the ice cream vendor, Raman looks at her from far and smiles, a man comes and touches Ishitas hand, she jerks it away but he pushes himself into her, Raman sees this from far away,
Ishita: Excuse me!!
Man: What?
Ishita: How dare you touch me? Who do you think you are?
Raman comes there,
Man: I didn’t touch you!
Ishita: Oh really? Did your ghost come and touch me? I would’ve slapped you but I don’t want to get my hand dirty!
Raman in his head: Only one of her can take him out.
He laughs and Ishita sees him,
Ishita: Raman! Do you find it funny?
Raman: No I was…
Ishita: What?
Raman looks at the man,
Raman: What were you doing?
Man: Nothing!
Raman punches him, he starts bleeding from the nose,
Man: Sorry, I won’t do it again and I promise I won’t do it to anyone else.
Man runs away, Ishita smiles,
Raman: Happy now?!
Ice cream man: Here’s your ice cream.
Ishita takes it and starts walking away,
Raman: Won’t you pay Madrasan?
Ishita: I already paid!
Raman looks at the ice-cream man and he nods yes. Raman follows her.

Ishita and Raman walk, they see a dance concert,
Ishita: Raman, let’s go!
Raman: Where?
Ishita grabs Ramans hand and takes him there.
They enter a crowd and start watching people dance, the song finishes and the Anchor comes out.
Anchor: Sorry, we won’t have bahartanatyam dance today.
The crowd get upset,
Anchor: we have no one to dance on it. Would any of you want to?
Raman thinks, Raman looks at Ishita.
Raman: Ishita, you must be good at Bahartanatyam Dance, your a Madrasan and they know it!
Ishita: Yeah and I’m not going up there!
Raman smiles, he waves his hand and the Anchor sees him, Ishita tells him to put his hand down but the Anchor calls them on the stage, Raman grabs Ishitas hand and takes her up the stage.

Raman: Ishita will Dance
Anchor: That’s great but does she know it.
Ishita nods no,
Raman: Of course, she’s a mad…South Indian and they are trained in Bahartanatyam dance right?
Anchor: Absolutely correct,
Raman: She is Tamil too
Anchor: so ma’am would you do it?
Ishita: Um…
Anchor: Ma’am please, the audience are waiting to see you.
Ishita nods and goes to get changed, Raman goes into the crowd and stands at the front.
Anchor: Please welcome, Ishita Iyer!!
All clap and Raman is memorised to see Ishita in Bharatanatyam dress, the song starts playing and Ishita starts dancing, Raman smile seeing her, Ishita looks at Raman with evils and Raman smiles and winks at her.

Ishita finishes dancing and everyone clap, the judge gives her a gold medal and Ishita gets happy.

Ishita gets changed and comes out wearing the gold medal around her neck, Raman sees her,
Raman: Zyada khush hone ki zaroorat nahi hai Madrasan! (You don’t need to get too happy Madrasan!)
Ishita: Why wouldn’t I be?
Raman: Where’s my thank you?
Ishita: What?
Raman: Because of ME you got this medal.
Ishita thinks and smiles,
Ishita: Thank you!
Raman: What? I didn’t hear you!
Ishita moves closer to Ramans ear,
Ishita: I said THANK YOU!!!
Raman moves back and touches his ears, Ishita laughs.
Raman: Madrasan! Couldn’t you say it nicely and quietly!
Ishita: I tried earlier but you seemed to have some problem in hearing.
Raman glares at her then they both share an eye lock, YHM….tune….plays…

Precap: Mrs Bhalla sees Raman and Ishita hugging and fumes.

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