Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Heart Relationship) Episode 6

The episode begins with Raman shouting at Romi,
Romi: Bahi chill!
Raman: What chill, is this the grades you get for school?
Romi: Bahi the exams are in 4 months.
Raman: You need to revise and I want these marks going up or no 16 birthday party for you next month!
Romi: Bhai….
Raman leaves and goes to his room.
Romi: Bhai bi na.. Too much to handle!
Toshiji: He did good beating you otherwise how would you get your brain back?
Romi leaves looking upset.

Romi walks out and bumps into Ishita,
Romi: Sorry,
Ishita: It’s okay
Ishita looks at him,
Ishita: Are you okay?
Romi: Hmm.
Ishita: You don’t look okay. What’s your name?
Romi: Romi Bhalla.
Ishita: Your Ramans brother?
Romi nods.
Romi: He always beats me up.
Ishita: Let me guess, for low academic marks?
Romi smiles and nods.
Romi: Yeah, I’m struggling in the subjects.
Ishita: If you want I can help you revise and learn!
Romi: I’ll think and tell you tomorrow.
Ishita smiles: Okay Bye!
Romi waves and Ishita leaves and Romi gets thinking.

It’s night, Bhalla house:
Raman texts Ishita and Ishita looks at it, they both start texting and sending emojis, Ishita blushes and Raman smiles, he then thinks why he enjoys it and what is this feeling.

Ishita texts bye and he texts bye too, then Ishita smiles and goes outside, Raman meets her there and she looks on with a smiley face.
Ishita: What are you doing here?
Raman: I couldn’t go to sleep, so I came out here. Aren’t you cold?
Ishita: No, it’s actually fun without a jacket or shawl or any jumper.
Raman: Your going to catch a cold!
Ishita: I’m not!
Ishita slips and Raman holds her, they both share an eye-contact and Yeh…..Hai…..Mohabbatein…..tune…Plays……..
Raman comes close and Ishita closes her eyes, Ramans closes his eyes and his lips touch Ishitas cheeks, Raman smiles and moves back, Ishita stands and looks down.
They both look at each other and start laughing.

It’s morning:
Toshi Ji: Raman!!!!
Raman wakes up and smiles remembering what happened yesterday.
Raman: I’m awake Mummy Ji!
Raman gets up and goes to the bathroom, he looks at his phone and sees a message from Ishita, he smiles and says Mission started!

Ishita comes out wearing a blue long dress with scarf pinned on her shoulder.
Ishita: Good Morning Akka, Amma and Appa!
Amma smirks and Ishita looks at her,
Ishita: What happened?
All of them smile and don’t say anything.
Suddenly a girl covers ishitas eyes, Ishita touches it and smiles.
Ishita: Mihu!?
Mihika: Surprise Akka!
Ishita hugs her,
Ishita: What are you doing here?
Mihika: Ho, Akka!
Ishita: I mean that you have your exams and you need to study!
Mihika: I’m doing my exam here!
Ishita: You shifted here?
Mihika: Appa let me, after Maa died Appa was too busy with his work and he said I should go to PeriAmmas house.
Amma: He made a good decision, Soumya would love it too,
Amma gets emotional,
Mihika: PeriAmma, Relax, Maa wouldn’t like it if you cried would she?
Amma nods no
Mihika: Now come relax!
Amma smiles and makes her sit down.

Vandu: Hows School going on?
Mihika: Good, as usual!
Ishita: Have you found a school yet?
Mihika nods and gives Ishita the letter.
Ishita: You already got admitted?
Vandita: She’s fast.
Ishita and everyone laugh.
Amma: Where are you going?
Ishita: Out.
Amma: With who?
Ishita: Raman
Amma: That Panjabi?
Ishita: Amma! And yes!
Mihika: Who’s Raman?
Ishita: Bye and we are only FRIENDS!!
Ishita leaves.

ToshiJi: Where are you going Raman?
Raman: Maa, I’m going out.
Toshiji: Where?
Raman: I’m going to eat breakfast with Ishita.
ToshiJi: Vo Madrasan
Raman nods yes.
ToshiJi: I’m telling to Raman, Stay away from that Madrasan!
Raman leaves and Toshi Ji look on angry.

Raman and Ishita meet and smile at each other. They go out and start walking,
Ishita: This is such a rubbish plan.
Raman: Oh really, do you have any?
Ishita: I don’t at the moment!
Raman: Well you texted me that your in!
Ishita: I had no other choice!
Raman: Watch when my plan works!
Ishita smiles: Can’t wait to see it fail!
Raman: Fail? Naa I will win this and you.
Ishita looks at him and Raman smiles.
Ishita: What’s plan B?
Raman: I’ll tell you when we are stuck or exposed!
Ishita: I feel like you don’t have a Plan B!
Raman looks away. Ishita smirks
Ishita: You don’t have Plan B, do you?
Raman: Um..look there is a puppy!
Ishita laughs and Raman looks at her.
Raman: So we have to stay out for 4 hours and then laugh and hug when we get back home.
Ishita: Okay, that’s okay with me!
Raman smiles and they leave.

Precap: Raman punches a boy.

(I’m sorry I haven’t updated it, I have my exam coming up so I didn’t get enough time, hope you enjoy❤️)

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