Yeh hai Mohabbatein (Heart Relationship) Episode 5


Ishita: It’s getting late so I will leave,
Raman: Do you want me to drop you?
Ishita: No I’m fine
Raman: Are you sure you would manage?
Ishita: Yes and thank you, I enjoyed this day.
Raman smiles,
Raman: I knew you would enjoy it, after all you were with me!
Ishita: Yeah, even I don’t know how I managed to enjoy this day with Ravan Kumar!!
Raman: I know, you Madrasans are quite boring but your a unique one!
Ishita smile: Okay I’ll leave, bye!
Raman: Bye!!
Ishita leaves and Raman looks at her and smiles.

Raman reaches home,
Toshi Ji: How was the last day of college?
Raman smiles: It was awesome
He thinks about Ishita and Yeh….hai…..Mohabbatein…..plays…
Toshi Ji: Are you okay Raman?
Raman(lost): What will happen to me?
Toshi Ji: Raman Putar!!
Raman gets into his senses and looks at Toshi Ji,
Raman: I’ll go get changed!
Toshi Ji nods and Raman leaves and she laughs after he’s gone.

Iyer House:
Amma: How was your day today?
Ishita: It wasn’t too bad Amma,
Vandita: Oh really??
Ishita: Akka!!
Amma: What did you do with Veronica?
Ishita: Veronica Ditched me!
Vandita laughs,
Vandita: Poor Ishu got ditched!!
Ishita: Amma tell Akka na!
Amma: Vandu! Control.
Vandita: Sorry Amma!
Ishita: I think you were meant to Say Sorry Ishu.
Vandita: No, Amma!
Ishita: Anyways I had a coffee with someone!
Vandita: Who?
Ishita: There was Someone generous!
Ishita leaves and in her room she thinks of Raman and smiles.

Bhalla House:
Raman comes downstairs, he sees Toshi Ji sitting on the sofa and sits next to her.
Raman: What happened Maa?
Toshi Ji: Don’t even ask Raman Putar!
Raman: Why Maa at least tell us what happened?
Toshi Ji: Our Neighbour, she’s getting loud.
Raman: Are they new?
Toshi Ji: I don’t know, but she starts the fight everyday, Brainless Madrasan!!
Raman: Madrasan? I met a Madrasan today!
Toshi Ji: Stay away from them or they will grind you with bitter ground(Korele)
Raman: Maa, we are new too! Maybe you did some thing!
Toshi Ji: You blame me as well like your father!
Raman: Okay Maa I will talk to them!

Iyer House:
Amma: Stupid Punjabis, what do they think of them selfs!
Ishita comes down
Ishita: Why are you shouting Amma?
Amma: Nothing!
Ishita: Amma tell me!
Vandita: I’ll tell you Ishu,
Flashback starts when Amma and Toshi Ji are buying groceries, Amma finishes buying hers and walks away, Toshi Ji comes and Pushes her,
Amma: Ayyo, My vegetables!!
Amma Looks at Toshi Ji,
Toshi Ji: I was in a hurry!
Amma: You could’ve waited!
Toshi Ji: You were taking ages and I slipped of this rock!
Amma looks at the rocks, she bends down and picks up the vegetables.
Toshi Ji leaves, and Amma leaves too,
Amma: What does she think of her self?
Toshi Ji thinks Amma is following her and shouts,
Toshi Ji: Oye!!! What are you doing?
Amma: I’m going home!
Toshi Ji: Your following me!
Amma: I’m not this crazy to follow you! I live on this floor!
Toshi Ji: Madrasan!!!
Amma: What did you say? You are Panjabi!! And how can I forget they are stupid!!
Toshi Ji: Oye!!! Don’t you dare to speak against Panjabis, we are the best unlike you Madrasans!!
Amma: I’m South Indian!!!
Toshi Ji and Amma glare at each other and go into their own houses.
Flashback ends and Ishita laughs,

Amma: Ishu you thinks it’s funny?
Ishita: No Amma I find it cute!
Amma: Ishu!!
Ishita: Okay Amma I will talk to them!
Amma: Don’t they are poisonous,
Ishita: Amma!! I met a Panjabi today he’s not too bad!
Vandita: So that boy was a Panjabi!
Ishita smiles and walks towards the door, Ishita opens the door and Raman opens his, they both get shocked to see each other,
Raman: Madrasan?
Ishita: Ravan Kumar?
Raman: So we are neighbours?
Ishita: And we live in the same floor?
Raman: Same apartment?
Ishita: Same building?
Raman: So your the Madrasan family?
Ishita: And your the Panjabi?
They both laugh, Amma and Toshi Ji come out and stare at each other.
Toshi Ji: What happened?
Amma: Why are you laughing?
Raman: Maa they are not that bad!
Ishita: That’s true Amma, I think you should make up.
Toshi Ji: Never!
Amma: Ishu are you mad? Friends with this Stupid Panjabi?
Toshi Ji: Oye! Who are you calling stupid? Have you seen your self? Brainless Madrasan!
Ishita and Raman look at each other.
Ishita: Amma Calm down,
Raman: Haa Maa, don’t shout.
Amma: Ishu Never!!
Amma leaves and Toshi Ji leaves,

Raman: Ishu?
Ishita: Uh…
Raman: So your not Suhana Balachandran?
Ishita nods no.
Raman: Let me guess Ishita Iyer?
Ishita nods
Ishita: How did you figure out my first name?
Raman: There was a letter for you and it accidentally came to our house and that’s when I saw it and I figured out Ishu would be Ishita!
Ishita: So smart of you, Ravan Kumar!
Raman: Thank you Madrasan!
Ishita: Our Families are against each other so how will we meet?
Raman: Hiding! And Papa and your Appa are friends so it wouldn’t really matter!
Ishita drops her keys, she bends down to pick it up, she gets up and slips and Raman holds her! They have an eye-lock and Yeh….hai…..Mohabbatein….plays….
Raman: Careful Madrasan!
Ishita: Thank you Ravan Kumar!
They both smiles and Raman makes Ishita stand up!
Raman: I have a Plan!
Ishita: What?
Raman: Let’s Fall in love!
Ishita: What???
Raman: Yeah and when our parents find out they will become friends and then we will tell them that it was a joke and they won’t say anything!
Ishita thinks: Are you sure? What if it doesn’t work?
Raman: Then we have plan B!
Ishita: What?
Raman: I won’t tell you yet!
Ishita: I need time!

Raman: Take as much of time you need.
Ishita: Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow!
Raman: Wait Madrasan, you haven’t gave me your number!
Ishita: My number?
Raman: Yeah, so you can text me wether yes or No!
Ishita smiles: Good excuse Ravan, but anyways 9226746329.
Raman: 922674632?
Ishita: 9
Raman: Thanks,
Ishita gets a message and it says ‘Hi it’s me Ravan Kumar!!’
Ishita smiles and leaves Raman smiles and rubs the back of his hair.

Precap: Raman and Ishita text and Ishita blushes, Raman says to himself: What is this feeling that I never had before? Yeh hai Mohabbatein plays.

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Credit to: Dunshine

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