Yeh hai Mohabbatein (Heart Relationship) Episode 4


The episode starts with 15 years ago:
Amma: Ishita wake up, you will get late for college,
Ishita wakes up and smiles at the sun, she gets out of the bed and picks out her dress, she goes to the bathroom and gets changed. She comes out wearing Long pink knee lengthy anarkali dress with leggings and scarf pinned of her shoulder, she opens her hair and has two curls sticking out and she brushes off the back, she wear a diamond plastic small bindi and pink lipstick with pink eyeshadow and black eyeliner along with Mascara. She comes down stairs and sees Vandita,
Ishita: Akka, are you ready?
Vandita: nods, I fell sorry for you ha Ishu, you have to start the first year of college and I’m finished!
Ishita: Akka I’m in the second year and nearly finished, and second year is the last year!!
Vandita: Ishu, I’m married, I need to find work!
Ishita: I feel sorry for Bala Jeju! But he’s having his first child next week!
Vandita: I’m two years older than you!
Ishita: Your so old Akka! I’m 18 and your 20!

Vandita: I’m not that old!!
Amma: Stop wasting time and go!
Ishita: Yes let’s go!
They leave with Appa!

Ishita reaches the college and goes inside, Vandita shouts good luck and leaves, she reaches her class.
Teacher: Welcome Students!
Ishita smiles, she sits next to Veronica.
Ishita: Is this all girls college?
Veronica nods.
Veronica: We met before right?
Ishita: Yes!
Veronica: Ishita?
Ishita: Yes Veronica!

They both laugh and hug each other.
Veronica: I can’t believe it’s the last day of college!
Ishita: Is it graduation day today?
Veronica nods.
Ishita: I forgot to tell Amma and Appa!
Veronica laughs and Ishita does too.
Teacher: Okay students, please get ready for Graduation!! Your parents are coming!
Ishita: Ma’am I forgot today was Graduation.
Teacher: It’s okay I let your parents know.
Ishita: Thanks Ma’am
Ishita smiles.
Veronica: I will miss you Ishita, but we will keep in touch na??
Ishita: Do you think I will be able to forget you?
Veronica: No because your my Maa na?
Ishita: Haa DaadiAmma!!
The laugh.
They go to the changing room to get ready for Graduation.

Veronica: Are you going to become a dentist?
Ishita: Obviously, are you?
Veronica: Yeah, we done all our training and finished our course so we will get a job easily.
Ishita: I want to work in a Clinic

Veronica: I’m working in a Hospital as orthodontists!
Ishita: I can imagine you as a DR!!
Veronica: The famous one!
Ishita: Yeah sure.

They get ready for graduation and come out, they receive their Degree and Amma is looking on proud, Ishita sees her and smiles holding her degree. The ceremony finishes.
Veronica and Ishita walk upto their parents,
Veronica: Aunty, Ishu is very ambitious.
Ishita: And Veronica is passionate!
Amma: I’m so happy for both of you
Veronica’s mum: I know, I can’t believe you two passed.
Ishita: Ho Aunty, didn’t you expect us to pass?

Amma and Veronica’s mum laugh.
Amma: Okay we will leave and you enjoy the party!
Ishita: What Party?
Veronica: Didn’t you hear, there is a party with the boys college. I’m not going.
Veronica’s mum: Why beta go na?
Ishita: Aunty I don’t want to go either, there will be too many boys and instead of this Party, why don’t we have one of our own?
Veronica: That sounds good.
Ishita: So shall we go eat Ice cream?
Veronica nods.
Veronica’s mum: you two go, I need to go to work.
Amma: Same here, I got work pending at home.
Amma and Veronica’s mum leaves.

Ishita: Shall we go then?
Veronica: Inform the Principle then!
Ishita: Let’s go, it’s free time anyways.
Veronica: Okay, let’s go.
They leave the college, Ishita walks forward and Veronica goes to attend a call. Ishita clashes into a guy.
Ishita: Sorry.
The guy: No it’s my fault, I didn’t look.

He looks up at Ishita and gets memorised, Ishita looks at him.
He says: Hi my name is Raman Bhalla, and you are?
Ishita: Um…hi?
Raman: Did I get your dress dirty?
Ishita nods no,
Raman: Are you from this girls college,
Ishita nods yes.
Raman: I’m from the boys, I had to stay another year back because….
Ishita looks at him,
Raman: You must be thinking that I talk too much right?
Ishita: Hi I’m I…Suhana!
Raman: Hi Suhana…..
Ishita: Suhana..Balachandran.
Raman: Okay, so coffee?
Ishita: Um… My friend is waiting for me so sorry not today.
Raman smiles,
Raman: It’s okay Friends?
Ishita: Sure
Raman leans his hand forward and Ishita shakes it.

Ishita gets a message and opens it,
It says- Sorry Ishu, I left suddenly, I got a call for an interview and I had to run because it was ya 12:45 and its 11:54 now! Sorry.
Ishita: Ayyo, Veronica ditched me!!
Raman: What happened?
Ishita: Nothing!
Raman: I heard, so coffee?
Ishita thinks: Okay sure!!!!
Raman: Okay, let’s go, wait here I’ll go get the bike.
Ishita smiles and nods.
Raman goes and calls him self lucky.

Raman comes back on a black bike and Ishita gets impressed,
Ishita: Impressive, you know what, you remind me of Sharukh Khan.
Raman smiles,
Raman: Even my mum says that. But how do I?
Ishita: Your hair, dressing style and attitude!

Raman: Come and sit down.
Ishita: Okay.
Ishita goes and sits behind Raman, he drives and they reach a coffee shop.
Raman: We are here, you wait here and I’ll go park the bike.
Ishita gets off and Raman goes to park his bike. Ishita waits and Raman comes running.
Ishita: You took ages, I thought you would leave me like Veronica did!
Raman: I’m not like that and I took ages because there was no parking space.
Ishita: Okay shall we go in?
Raman nods and they go in, the find a table and sit down.
Raman: So Ms Suhana, where do you live?
Ishita: I live near by.
Raman: Me too, I live around here.
Ishita nods.

Raman: Sorry, what would you have?
Ishita: 1 Cappuccino with 1 sugar,
Raman: Okay, Waiter??
The waiter comes,
Raman: Can we please have 1 Cappuccino with 1 sugar and 1 Black coffee with no milk and no sugar.

The waiter leave taking their order.
Ishita: Yuck….Black coffee with no milk and no sugar?
Raman: My favourite.
Ishita: Don’t tell me Sharukh Khan likes this and you made it your favourite too.
Raman laughs and nods no, Ishita smiles.
Raman: Would you have any meat with it?
Ishita: Eehh No! And BTW I’m veg!

Raman: Your Veg??
Ishita nods,
Ishita: Yeah, what’s wrong with being a Vegetarian?
Raman: I feel sorry for you all Vegs, you miss out on delicious types of meat!!
Ishita: I keep healthy!!
Raman: Im a non-Veg!
Ishita: You all eat animals!!
Raman: They taste delicious!!
Ishita: Are you North Indian?
Raman: Yes I’m a Punjabi and let me guess your a Madrasan?
Ishita: South Indian not Madrasan!
Raman: Same thing! And I will call you Madrasan!
The waiter comes with the coffee, he places them on the table and leaves.
Ishita: Let’s see the black coffee.
Raman shows it to her,
Ishita: How can you drink this yaar?
Raman: you have to get used to it Madrasan!
Ishita glares: Ha ha very funny!!

Raman: At least I made you laugh!
Ishita: What was your name again?
Raman: Raman Kumar Bhalla!!
Ishita: Are you sure? Because I thought it was Ravan Kumar!!!
Raman: Haha very funny!!!
Ishita: Thank god I made you laugh!
They look at each other and burst out laughing.
They drink coffee and chat and laugh, Yeh…hai….Mohabbatein….tune……plays…..

Precap: Ishita and Raman get shocked to know that they live in the same colony and same apartment and opposite each other.

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Credit to: Sunshine

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