Yeh hai Mohabbatein (Heart Relationship) Episode 3


Ishita walks up to Swara, Swara stands there worried.
Ishita: What are you doing out here?
Swara: Maa, I… I was waiting for you
Ishita: but aren’t you missing on your lesson?
Swara: I….
Ishita stares at her
Ishita: Tell me the truth!
Swara tells Ishita everything that happened at it goes in flashback. Ishita gets angry.
Ishita: What is this Swara?
Swara: But Maa don’t worry, Ananya is my friend now.
Ishita looks at her: Get in the car or will you spend your day here?
Swara smiles
Ishita: Don’t assume you won’t get punishment!

Swara: Maa! You ruin the whole fun.
Ishita: When she said things about your father what did you say?
Swara: Maa, your getting late! Let’s go!
Ishita: Where should I drop you?
Swara: At Home where else?
Ishita: Not alone!
Swara: No Maa please!
Ishita: That is your punishment now let’s go!
They get into the car and leave.
Ishita reaches her clinic and asks Swara to come out, Swara comes out,
Swara: Maa, Please I don’t want to, your…your boss will fire you!
Ishita: He wouldn’t, he will love your help and you had this punishment before so there will be no problem!
Swara sighs and goes in with Ishita.

At school:
Amaya: I hope Swara doesn’t get into trouble!
Ruhi: I hope Ananya does!
Ruhi, Adi and Amaya sit down.
Arjun walks up to them.
Arjun: What does your sister think of her self?
Ruhi: what do you mean?
Arjun: You know what I mean!
Adi: Listen, leave them alone!
Arjun: Oh wow, your her brother na? No wonder your protecting them.
Ruhi: Brothers are meant to protect their sister that’s why there is a day called Raksha Bandan! Amu tell them what it means!

Amaya: Raksha means Protect and Bandhan means Bond!
Arjun: Okay Miss Einstein!!
Ruhi: You couldn’t fulfil your responsibility so don’t stop my brother!!
Arjun: Ananya is my friend!
Ruhi: You must have a sister!
Arjun: So what’s it to you?!!
Ruhi: I bet you don’t even protect her!
Amaya: Ruhi!! Leave him!
Adi: Leave them!
Arjun looks at them and goes to Adi.
Arjun: I know they are your sisters but forget them and friends?
Adi: Smiles and says friends.

Arjun: Remember Shop??
Adi gets a flashback of meeting Arjun outside a shop and they become friends.
Adi: I remember.
They shake hands and Ruhi looks on and Amaya ignores them.
The teacher comes in and Arjun sits with Aditya and they start the first lesson.

The boss: Oh wonderful, Swara your here?
Ishita: Yes she is here to help you.
Swara forces her smile and looks at Ishita,
The boss: That’s so kind of you Swara, how about helping Ishita?
Swara: I’m not qualified sir!
The boss: So smart of you! Go to the file room, they need some organisation!
Ishita: Wow, that sounds nice, I’ll go and attend the patient.
The boss nods and Ishita leaves,

Swara: You still remember?
The boss laughs: Who will forget you Swara, everyone knows you, as your the one who knocked the file cabinet down!
Swara remembers pushing the file cabinet and making a mess.
A lady walks by and says Hi Swara, then lots of people walk by and say hello to Swara.
The boss: See I told you!
Swara smiles: Anyways I will have to clean up my mess.
The boss: Good! Arts take Swara to her mess, oh sorry the cabinet room.
She nods and takes Swara there.

Swara enters and looks at it, Swara puts her bag on the table and looks at the mess and gets sad.
Swara: Wow Swara now have fun!! They are so stingy they didn’t clean the mess up since then!
She starts picking papers off the floor and arranging them.
Raman enters the clinic, he thinks to himself that did his tooth have to start hurting?
Raman goes to the reception,
Raman: Is this a Dentist Surgery?
Receptionist: Yes sir.
Raman: I need an appointment urgently.
Receptionist: I will check whose free and I will arrange it but are you new?
Raman: No I came here twice

Receptionist: Sir can I take your name?
Raman: Raman Bhalla
Receptionist: Thank you sir, please take a seat.
Raman sits down.
Swara cleans everything and sits down, the boss comes in and gets impressed.
The boss: Well done Swara, I’m impressed!
Swara: Thank you sir. Is there anything else?
The boss: You can take a break
Swara: This means there’s more to go!
The boss smiles and leaves.

Swara comes out and walks to the vending machine, she puts the coin in and gets Coke out and starts drinking it. She finishes it and her tooth starts hurting, Raman gets up and walks towards the reception and Swara does too, they both clash and look at each other.
Swara: Uncle you? Aaaa
Swara touches her jaw
Raman: You, what are youuuu
He touches his jaw too.
Swara turns around to the receptionist,
Raman: I was here first!
Swara: I wassss!
Receptionist: Swara, does your tooth hurt?
Swara nods
Receptionist: Dont worry, I’ll make an appointment!
Swara: Thank you! Is Maa busyy?

Receptionist: I’ll try!
Raman: Where is the doctor?!
The boss: Swara!!
Raman thinks that they just made her appointment and she got called,
Swara turns around,
Swara: My tooth hurts!!
The boss: Who told you to drink Coke?
Swara: Don’t tell Maaa.
The boss: You can’t even talk, come I’ll check your tooth.
Swara nods and goes.
Raman: This is not fair I….
Dr: Mr Raman Bhalla.
He turns around and goes.

Raman enter and Ishita feels his presence, a lady takes him and says you entered the wrong cabin, Ishita turns around and doesn’t find him, she gets tears eyed.
Raman is being checked, Swara comes in, he sees her and gets angry.
Dr: What happened to you?
Swara: Nothing!
Dr: Swara, you need to drink less fizzy drinks!
Swara: Uncle, I’m fine now!
Dr: Your tooth would have been taken out if I didn’t stop it, but you have to stop!
Swara: Your a life saver!
Dr: Dr Mukherjee(The Boss) sent your report to all the Drs and maybe your mum too!
Swara: He promised he won’t tell!
Dr: What did he do instead?
Swara: He filled it and then he cleaned it!
Dr: This patient has the same tooth as yours and the same problem but I guess he doesn’t drink fizzy drinks but maybe Alcohol?

He finishes cleaning Ramans teeth. Raman thinks that everyone knows this girl and instead of concentrating on me he’s talking to her!
Dr: If you lower you Alcohol intake then your teeth would not be taken out, if this happens again then we have to!
Raman: Okay and thanks Dr.
Swara: Why don’t you take it out?
Raman glares at her.
Dr: He has the same problem as you as well.
Swara: He’s scared of needles?
She starts laughing
Swara: I am little so I get why I don’t like it but he is 30 and he’s still scared.
Swara laughs and he looks at her angrily and Dr looks at her,
Dr: Do we laugh at you Swara?
Swara nods no
Dr: Then?
Raman thinks, Is she that same Swara that misbehaved with my Mum?
Swara: Okay I will leave, bye!
Raman: Thank you doctor.

Raman leaves too.

Ishita comes out, she talks to the receptionist and Raman sees Swara and gets angry, Swara looks at him. He leaves and goes past Ishita, Ishita turns and goes to Swara,
Swara: Shall we go?
Ishita: Have you done your work?
The boss comes there,
Boss: She can go, I’ll let her off because of her tooth.
Ishita looks on and the Boss starts laughing.
Ishita: What happened?
Boss: Nothing!
Ishita: Okay, Swara lets go!
Swara nods and mouths Thank you to Dr Mukherjee(Boss) and he smiles and waves. They leave.

Amaya: It’s the end of the day and Swara is nowhere to be seen or that girl, I’m getting worried.
Ruhi: Same, she disappeared after the fight.
Adi: What is she’s with Mamma?

Shree: I agree with Anna.
Ishita comes there and then sit in the car, they see Swara there get happy,
Ruhi: where were you?
Swara: With Maa.
Adi: See I told you!
Amaya: We were so worried!
Ishita: She told me everything, she already had her punishment too.
Adi: I bet it was with Dr Mukherjee?
Swara: Absolutely Correct! This time was worse! How was school?
Amaya and Ruhi: Worse!!!
Aditya laugh.
They reach home.

Raman reaches home,
Toshi Ji: Raman puttar are you okay? You came early!
Raman goes to his room, he gets angry and thinks about Swara.
He then sees Ishitas picture on the floor and Yeh…..hai…Mohabbatein…..sad….tune…play……..

He gets teary eyes and scrunches the picture up and throws it,
Raman: I will never forgive you Ishita! Why did you do this to me?
A flashback is shown when he sees Ishita, then it quickly goes to the part where he sees her with another man.

Precap: The story goes into 15 years ago.

Credit to: Sunshine

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