Yeh hai Mohabbatein (Heart Relationship) Episode 2

The episode begins with Ishita dropping the kids off to school.
Adi:Thanks Mamma, Bye!!
Ishita: Take care!!
All of them wave and go inside. Swara goes in seperate, Ishita drives off.
Swara comes back out and doesn’t see Ishita there, she clashes into a man.
Swara: Sorry uncle,
He looks at her angrily.
Swara: Uncle, can I borrow your phone?
Swara looks at him,
Swara: Uncle, I left my phone at home and I need to call Maa, I left my tiffin in the car.
He says: It’s not my problem!
Swara: What do you mean?
He says: I told you already.
Swara: Uncle, I was being polite but you… Forget it!
Someone shouts Raman and he turns around. She walks upto him.
She says: Hi, how are you, I haven’t seen you in ages!
Swara thinks his name is Raman, Raman looks at her weirdly.
Swara: I think Uncle forgot you but can I please use your phone?
Raman looks at her, she smiles.
The lady gives Swara her phone.
Swara: Thank you Aunty at least your Kind!
She looks at Raman.

Raman: Listen Miss whoever I’m getting late so let me go.
She says: Okay then go!!!
Swara calls Ishita and she picks up.
Swara: What Amma, I forgot my tiffin in the car and you drove off?
Ishita: Sorry beta, it was your fault and I’ll come and give it at 11:10am okay?
Swara: Okay Amma, bye!
Swara cuts the phone and thanks the lady.
Raman turns around and leaves.
The lady: What’s your mums name?
Swara: Ish….
Raman stops and Adi comes there,
Adi: What Swara yaar, come the bell rang and Amu needs you.
Swara: Why what happened.
Adi: This Ananya girl is…
Swara and Adi rush in and Raman turns around, he thinks and goes.

Swara sees Ananya pushing Amaya down and she gets angry, she goes there and stops her,
Swara: What are you doing?
Ananya jerks her hand and stares at her,
Ananya: You don’t know who you are messing with!
Swara: Really, who are you?
Ananya: Don’t tell me you never heard of me?
Swara: I don’t think your so famous that anyone should know you!
Ananya gets angry.
Ananya: Your new that’s what you don’t know, I’m letting you off but next time…
Swara: Next time what??
Anaya looks at Amaya and then Swara,
Ananya: Twins huh?
Swara: Naa, friends! Obviously Sisters!
Ananya: This means your her sister too
She point at Ruhi and Swara nods.
Swara: Yes I am and if you mess with them again then watch and consider this as a warning!! I only give it once not twice!
Ananya glares at Swara, Ananya starts laughing and she looks around,
Anaya: You think your tuff huh? Well your not and I gave you a warning but I guess I need to explain.
Ananya grabs Swaras arm,
Swara: Don’t touch me!!
Swara grabs her hand and takes it off hers.
Swara: Messing with me isn’t good!
Ruhi: If you don’t want to end up in hospital the leave!
Ananya laughs: Look who’s getting loud, she was quiet a minuet a go but now getting loud. She pushes Ruhi and Ruhi falls, Swara gets angry.
Ananya: What are you going to do? Just stand there?
She laughs and everyone laugh too.
Swara smiles and says: My mum taught me some manners and she taught me how to behave, I don’t know what your mum taught you!!!
Ananya looks at her and gets angry.
Ananya: I guess your Dad wasn’t ready to have you that’s why he left!!!
Swara holds her hand in a fist and everyone start laughing.
Swara shouts at her,
Swara shouts: Don’t bring my Dad into this!!
Ananya: You brought my Mum.
Ananya pushes her and Swara pushes her back.
Swara: My Dad is DEAD, do you get that so don’t bring him into this, I’m happy without a father and he can go rot in hell!!
Amaya: Swara!!!!!
Ananya looks at her, the teacher comes sees Swara and Ananya holding each other’s collar and the teacher stops them, she tells the student to go to their class
and takes Swara and Ananya to the principles office.

The principle makes them both sit down,
Principle: What happened?
Swara: She started it,
The principle looks at Ananya,
Principle: Do you know who she is?
Swara: No! Don’t tell me you won’t do anything just cause she is Rich!
Principle: You should find out, and anyways i called your parents but Swara, I couldn’t get your mum.
Swara thanks god,
Principle: There is your Naani and Maa Ananya.
Swara turns around and sees them.
Principle: Toshi Ji and Simmi please come I was waiting for you.
Toshi Ji: What happened and where is the girl?
Principle points at Swara and Toshi Ji goes upto her.
Toshi Ji: What did you do to my granddaughter?
Swara: I didn’t do anything and for your information she started it!
Simmi gets Ramans call.
Raman: What happened?
Simmi: I don’t know bahi but I am finding out.

Toshi Ji shouts: Apologise
Swara shouts: NO!!!
Toshi Ji: Your so shameless!
Swara: Before pointing fingers at me look at your self! Just because your rich it does not mean you can do whatever you want!
Toshi Ji: How could you,
Toshi Ji was about to slap Swara when she holds her hand!
Swara: Even I know how to shout and fight so it’s better if you keep your hands to yourself! Your granddaughter started it!!
Simmi walks up to her and gives the phone to Toshi Ji, Toshi jis goes in the corner.
Toshi Ji: Hello?
Raman: Hello Maa, what happened?
Toshi Ji: Raman Puttar, this girl is so Batmeez(Rude) and Besharam(Shameless) she held my hand and argued with me.
Raman: Maa what’s her name?
Toshi Ji: Principle, what’s her name?
Principle: Swara!
Toshi Ji: Swara!
Raman: Don’t worry Maa, I’ll sort everything out.
Toshi Ji cuts the phone.
Simmi: Ananya tell me what happened?
Ananya: Maa, she pushed me and she was misbehaving and she brought you into this and said you didn’t teach me any manners.
Swara: What? Your the one who was pushing and being mean to my Sisters!
Toshi Ji: Oye, how dare you say our Simmi didn’t teach her anything? Didn’t your Mother teach you how to behave?
Swara: She did but she also told me to stay away from evil people.
Toshi Ji: Your Father didn’t teach you anything!! If he did then you would have been decent!
Swara angrily: Don’t bring my Father into this!!!
Toshi Ji: Why are you sad now..
Principle: Toshi Ji…..
Toshi Ji: Shut up principle, and your father must have been shameless himself.
Swara shouts: Enough!!!!
Swara: Don’t talk about my Father, he’s DEAD!!!
Toshi and Simmi look at her,
Swara: I hate him and I’m happy without him, I don’t need him in my life and your right, he must’ve been shameless, he should deserve to rot in hell!!!
Toshi Ji looks on.
Toshi Ji: What are you saying?
Swara: The truth!!
Toshi Ji: He’s your father!!
Swara: I don’t care, I don’t have a FATHER, and I swear if he comes in front of me I’ll murder him!!
She walks away angrily and Toshi Ji and Simmi look on shocked.

Simmi and Toshi Ji come out with Ananya and the principle tells her to send Ananya in tomorrow and Swara will go home as well.
Toshi Ji: Okay and thank you!!
They come outside of the school and see Swara with her bag on the bench.
Simmi: Mamma shall we talk to her
Toshi Ji: No Ananya will.
Ananya: No ways!!
Simmi: It was your fault now go!! Be grateful that you still have a father!!
Ananya feels guilty and walks upto Swara.
Ananya: Hi!
Swara looks at her and ignores her.
Ananya: I’m sorry, I didn’t know about your Father, I just said it as a joke but I never knew your father did that! Can we please start again?
Swara looks at her confusingly
Ananya: I mean shall we restart and refresh this day and begin with a new day?
Swara looks at her
Ananya: Friends?
Ananya forwards her hand and Swara smiles and shakes it.
Swara: I’m sorry as well, I was angry so I said quite a lot but…
Ananya: Don’t worry and forget about the past!
Swara smiles and Ananya does too.
Toshi Ji and Simmi walk upto them.
Toshi Ji: What are you doing with the rude girl?
Ananya: We are friends Naani!
Toshi Ji: Friends, I said talk not become friends!!
Swara: Listen Aunty I…..
Toshi Ji: Enough! And let’s go Ananya!
Simmi: Do you need a lift?
Swara: No I’ll manage, Mamma will be coming in 10 minuets!
Simmi smiles and leaves.

Ishita comes and sees Swara sitting outside, she comes out of the car and Swara looks at her worryingly.

Precap: Raman clashes with Swara and Ishita comes there.

(Thank you for reading!!!❤️❤️)

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