Yeh hai Mohabbatein (Heart Relationship) Episode 1


Hi, it’s me Sunshine and this is my first FF on yeh hai mohabbatein and I hope you all like it?.

The Episode begins with Ishita waking up, she looks around and gets worried, she walks out.
Ishita: Swara? Amaya? Shree?
She turns around and screams, Swara takes of the mask and laughs.
Swara: What Maa, you got scared.
Ishita: Swara..!!!
Swara runs and Ishita chases her.
Shree taps Ishita from behind,
Ishita: Shree, don’t you feel ASHAMED?
Shree: Sorry Mama, I didn’t know, they scared me too.
Ishita: Where’s Amaya?
Amaya: I’m here Maa.
Ishita turns around and sees her with Cake.
Swara stands next to her, Shree walks upto them.
All of them: Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday to Mama, Happy Birthday To You!!!
Swara: Hip hip hurray
Ishita smiles.

Aditya and Ruhi come and surprise her.
She smiles and Teri becheni ka….plays….
Ishita: Thank you so much!
Amaya takes the cake and puts it on the table.
Ishita goes into a flashback of how she gave birth to Aditya and Ruhi,
Doctor: Congrats, you gave birth to a boy and a girl but they are not identical!
Ishita smiles
Ishita: Thanks Dr, you don’t know how you done a great favour on me thank you!
DR: It was my duty.
Ishita takes Adi and Ruhi into her arms and kisses them.
Adi snaps Ishita out of the flashback and she gets teary eyed.
Adi: Mamma why are you crying?
Ishita nods no and Ruhi wipes her tears. Ishita hugs them all.

Swara comes with a knife,
Swara: Wow hugging without me?
Ruhi: Your not welcome
Swara: Haha very funny, quickly come and cut the cake Maa.
Shree: Swara Akka, calm down. Stop getting jealous!
Swara: Jealous? Of what?
Ishita comes forward and hugs Swara, Swara sticks her tounge out to everyone. They look on.
Ruhi: Mamma, the cake!
Ishita breaks the hug and looks at the cake.
Ishita: Who made it?
Shree: Amma, Amaya Akka made it!
Ishita: Alone?
Aditya: Ruhi helped her.

Ishita takes the knife and cuts the cake. She takes one piece out and looks around, Swara takes her hand and puts the cake piece in her mouth.
Ruhi: Mamma it’s not fair, she always does that!
Amaya: Every year you feed her first.
Ishita smiles.
Ishita: Okay everyone eat the cake if you want and if not then don’t.
Swara smirks.
Swara: I told you I’m Mammas favourite!!
Ishita: Swara! Okay everyone go to sleep, you need to go to school, it’s your first day!
Amaya: But Mamma, why did we move to Dehli?
Ishita: For your better future.
Ishita thinks.
Swara: Maa, what are you thinking?
Ishita nods no and takes Shree to his room and Aditya follows on.
Swara: Bye and good luck for tomorrow!
Ruhi and Amaya look on and Swara leaves.

Ishita comes back to her room and sees Swara sleeping, she goes to the bed and lies next to her, She goes into a Flashback where it shows that the Doctor tells her she can’t leave.
Ishita: But why doctor?
Dr: Because you still need to give birth!
Ishita: What do you mean Dr?
Dr: You are expecting another twins but they are not ready to come out yet, they are being lazy.
Ishita gets teary eyed and touches her tummy.
Ishita: Do I have to stay?

Dr: Yes because it will be risky, we don’t know when they will be ready!
Ishita smiles and looks at the Dr.
The flashback ends and Ishita looks at Swara and in her head she says you and Amu came 2 weeks later! She smiles.

It’s Morning:
Ishita: Swara!!! Amaya!!!! Aditya!!! Ruhi!!! Quick you will get late for school.
Shree: They are always late!
Swara comes running with her bag,
Swara: Shut up Mamma ka chamcha (Mums pet)
Shree stares at Swara and she stares at him.
Swara: Mamma hurry, I need to go!
Ishita: Aren’t you going with Ruhi, Adi and Amu?
Swara: What are you saying Maa, I don’t want a bad impression as soon as I reach there! So drop me behind the gates.
Adi, Ruhi and Amu reach there.
Amaya: Let’s go Mamma,

Ishita: Have your breakfast!
Shree: Amma, I finished!
Ishita: Good boy,
Adi: Mamma, we will have breakfast at school, I heard they got canteen!
Ishita nods and says lets go.

Precap: Ishita drops them at school, Swara shouts at a girl.

I hope you like my FF,
Ruhi: 15
Amu/Amaya: 14

Swara and Amaya are identical twins.

Credit to: Sunshine

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  1. Typically different yaar.. I like it.. Where is our Ravan kumar? Ohh god I am excited so much.. Please update soonn…

  2. raman ???

  3. hey dear awesome start and i also agree where is our ravan kumar halla

  4. Ishu dont have any biological child in serial but here she has 5 childrens and thats without ravan kumar
    Where is our hero missed him
    It is quite different
    Lets see


  6. I agree what everyone said
    Where’s ravan kumar and ishu is biological mother of 5 children. That’s different start dear

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