Yeh hai Mohabbatein FF (1)

The episode begins with Ishita opening the boxes and packages, she starts to decorate and fixes the house, she finally finishes everything and is placing the final thing, she is smiling but soon feels a feeling, a strong one that is calling her, she feels a presence of someone, she looks at the door and a man comes and rings the door bell, she runs to the door and opens it, she sees a man standing in front, it was the same man from before.

He says: Hi my name is Armansh, I forgot to introduce my self before
Ishita: Hi I’m Ishita
Armansh: Ishita? It’s a nice name but I think I heard it before
Ishita: Did you come alone?
Armansh: Yes
Ishita: I thought someone else came with you
Armansh: Actually my bro….
Appa comes
Appa: Ishita come lets go to Vandus house
Ishita: Now? Sorry Appa I need to clean the rest of the house….so…
Appa goes inside the house and sees it clean, he is memorised by the looks
Appa: It looks clean and nice what else do you need to do?
Ishita: Appa I need to place that and put the shoe rack to its place and by the way this is Armansh
Armansh folds his hands and Appa looks at him
Ishita: He helped me find our house and also he lives opposite ours, No:54
Appa: Okay but come and night because we are staying over around there’s.
Ishita: Why? I cleaned the house
Appa: I know but to keep Vandu happy we said yes
Ishita: Oh okay Appa I’ll come.
Armansh: Sorry to interrupt but uncle don’t worry, I know where Bala lives and I’ll bring her with me there
Appa: Well beta….
Ishita: It’s okay Appa, he’s nice and don’t worry
Appa smiles and looks at Armansh
Armansh: Don’t worry uncle, if anything happens to her you can come to my house and shout at me, I live right in front of you and if you still want to punish me more then I will not mind because I broke your trust by not bringing your daughter to you and hopefully she will reach there safe. Also you can ask Bala about my character!
Appa smiles and leaves he looks back and Ishita waves at him. He then leaves.

Ishita: Don’t you want to come in?
Armansh: Yeah I would love too but can’t
Ishita: Why?
Armansh: I have to go to my house because I promised I will have lunch with Mumma
Ishita: Oh okay
Armansh: Would you like to join me?
Ishita laughs : I would love to but I have clean the mess I made
Armansh: If you need anything or you think you are ready to go then knock for me, hope you know where my house is?
Ishita starts laughing and says: I’m sure I won’t get lost!
Armansh leaves and Ishita shuts the door.
Ishita thinks what that feeling was, was it Armansh? No if it was then I would have felt it because he was in front of me, who is it or what is it??
Yeh hai Mohabbatein …….play……

Ishita finally looks at the time, it’s 8:00pm at night, Ishita to herself: Thank god I finished cleaning, and placing everything and I hope Amma and Appa love it. Ishita shuts the windows and she opens the door and looks at the door in front of her, she locks her door and walks to the one in front, she puts her wrist up to knock but pulls it back.
Ishita: Come on Ishu you can do it, you have to reach Akkad house or else Armansh would get punished
Ishita musters some courage and knocks on the door, ‘breath Ishu breath’ she says to her slef to stay strong.
Finally someone opens the door, “What do you want?”
Ishita: Um…Is Armansh there?..
“I’ll go and just check” she goes
3 minuets later she comes back and says: Armansh baba is asleep
Ishita: Oh…okay thank you
Ishita was about to leave when a man asked shouted “Who is it Neelu?”
Ishita looks up and experiences the same feeling again, she turns back finds another man, it was not Armansh.
The man: What do you want?
Ishita: Nothing, Armansh asked me to knock for him
The man: Why? And sorry he’s asleep
Ishita: It’s nothing, he said he was going to take me to Vandita Balachandran’s house, the man looks up
He says: Are you related to Bala?
Ishita: Yes, he’s my Akka’s husband
The man: Akka?
Ishita: My sister
The man: Are you Vandita’s sister?
The man looked shocked, he then says: don’t worry I’ll drop you, if Armansh promised you then I have to do it.
Ishita: He didn’t promise me, he promised my Appa.
The man: Oh okay,
Ishita smiles and he comes out, they start walking.
The man: Are you new?
Ishita nods, he then looks at her and says: I think you might be Ishita?
Ishita looks at him and nods
The man: By the way I’m Romi, Armansh’s brother.
Ishita: Hi Romi and thank you for helping me but how do you know my name?
Romi: Armansh told me
Ishita: Armansh?
Romi: Yeah when he came home he started talking about you and how we should wake him up if you come because he promised your Appa.
Ishita smiles, she then says: Are you older?
Romi: Yeah only 5 minuets
Ishita: Twins?
Romi: Yeah, not identical
Ishita: Oh….. Why didn’t you wake Armansh up?
Romi: If I woke him up then I would’ve got a punishment!
Ishita: Why?
Romi: Because he is Mummyji’s favourite and if anyone says anything to him then…..
Ishita: How old is he?
Romi: 18
Ishita: 18 and Mammas boy huh?
Romi starts laughing and says I know
Ishita: don’t you have any younger sibling?
Romi: Yeah, we got; Rahul who is 16 and then Shraddha who is 14
Ishita: Isn’t Shraddha favoured?
Romi: Yeah only by Paapaji
Ishita: Good
Romi: Huh?
Ishita: Do you have a older brother or sister?
Romi: Yes, I have a older brother who is 21, I have a older sister who is 18
Ishita: 18? Are you three triplets or something?
Romi: No, we are 17 but going to turn 18 next month
Ishita: Ohh… Not officially 18?
Ishita laughs and Romi laughs too
Ishita: I’m older than you all expect from you older sister!
Romi looks shocked: What? You look like your 18!
Ishita smiles: Awwww, thanks Romi but I’m 2 years older than your sister
Romi: 20?
Ishita smiles and nods. Ishita: You can call me Didi, you know….
She starts laughing and says: I’m only joking!
Romi: Let’s say you never told me your age
Ishita: Fair deal.

Ishita thinks to ask Romi about his older brother but
Romi: Here’s Vandita Ma’ams house!
Ishita: Ma’am?
Romi nods, Ishita rings the door bell, she turns around and sees Romi going
Ishita: Romi, wait come join us for Dinner!
Vandita opens the door and Romi runs
The screen freezes on Ishitas confused face.

Precap: Why is Romi and Armansh scared of you Akka? Vandita gets angry

(Hope u like this episode)

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  1. Ha ha ha oh god romi was just awesome

  2. Romi is very nice….but where is our hero raman Kumar bhalla…

  3. Awesome… Really really I enjoyed.. Waiting for next

  4. Nice ff an did u change the title

  5. No There is a mistake, this was the next part of Yeh hai Mohabbatein (A love journey), I think they made a mistake

  6. i think raman bhalla is the older brother
    but ishu is 1 year younger to romi’s older brother right
    because romi’s older sister is 18 and ishu is 20 and
    ishu’s dialogue states that she is elder than all of them except her sister …..

    but good fan fiction its really nice
    that too wid bhalla family having soo many children

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