Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – Fan Fiction – Chapter 1


Hi, this is what I think should happen next in YHM.

It has been on week since Ishita overheard Manoj say Shagun is pregnant. She has been ill since then and has had some tests done. Meanwhile, Ashok has hired a professional killer to murder Ishita.

Chapter 1
Ishita leaves the clinic, driving to the hospital. She is around halfway there, wondering about Raman and his recent strange behaviour when she sees Shagun unconscious on the road.

She remembers the fact that Shagun is pregnant and gets worried seeing the pool of blood around Shagun. Ishita runs to Shagun and asks the surrounding people to help her take Shagun to her car so she can take Shagun to the hospital. Most of the people walk off but a few help Ishita. Ishita thanks them and drives to the hospital.

They arrive at the hospital and Shagun is taken by the doctor. Ishita calls Mihir and Manoj informing them about what happened. 10 minutes later, Manoj arrives looking frustrated. “Where is she? Is she okay?” He cries out, nearly in tears.

Ishita calms Manoj down and then asks him to take care of Shagun while she quickly collects her reports.

Precap: The docter tells Ishita that she is pregnant. Ishita gets tearful. Shagun is drunk, crying

Thank you for reading.

Please leave d opinions in the comments section. Let me know if you would like me to continue. Suggestions are also welcome. Also, who would you like to see Mihika with?

Credit to: Pari.

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  1. Plz pari continue writingg I m a die hard fan of ishraaaa plz continue

  2. Plz continue writing

  3. Yeh likhna continue karonaa plz

  4. Very nice plzz continue ur wordings..

  5. Hi,
    Don’t worry I will definitely continue writing. I am very glad that you liked it, Ishra and Nisha.
    Just out of interest who would you like to see Mihika with?

  6. U r a excellent writer plz continue writing.

  7. Continue writing n mehika ll b better wid abhishek

  8. Mihika with abhishek but wait is ishita pregnant?

  9. Please link Abhishek and Mihika together!

  10. Thanks Sandy, Cutie, Shali and Cutie Pie and anybody else I missed out. Abc, in the real episodes, sadly no Ishita is not pregnant. But in this little fan fiction world Ishita…well you will just have to wait and find out.
    Thank you all, for the encouragement.
    I haven’t decided yet about Mihika…still thinking. Again thanks.

  11. Henna Dookhit Zephir

    I want abhishek and mihika to get ttogether and I think what you written is very good

  12. Nice episode. Would love to see Mihaka with Mihir as they are meant for each other.

  13. nice screenplay abi and mihika together is good if mihir and mihika join means they feel
    quilty on Rinki’s murder because according to the spoiler mihika only killed rinki without
    knowing the fact about gun this will feel her quilty about Rinki

  14. sandra s thannickal

    mihika with mihir ir best.jab mihir ki behen shagunane Raman ko dhoka diya tab Ishitha uske zindagi mein aaya.Ab Raman ki behen Rinki mihir ko dhoka Mihika can fill that space.They r made 4 each other.

  15. I love this can you please continue writing this

  16. guys can anyone tell me how to write fanfiction updates in tu…please tell me

    1. You have to email them or go on the contact us page and write it there and send it that way. Hope this helped.

  17. Hi pari…. Amazing plsssss plsssss plsssss continue dis….. Pls don’t stop dis….

  18. mimi is a nice pair….. Makers’ve done very wrong thing by separating them in the past. Like to see them again

  19. Ya Darshika right… makers did very wrong ….mihika nd mihir are made of each other…..

  20. Nice episode

  21. very nice pari
    plz continue writing
    even I want to see mihir and mihika together

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