Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Fan Fiction (Episode 6)


Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in the 6th episode. I was busy due to my exams. Hope you like this episode. I look forward to your comments and suggestions. Thank You!!!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Fan Fiction Part-6

The scene opens to Bhalla Household. Everybody eagerly awaits Radhika’s arrival. The door bell rings. Ananya opens the door. Radhika comes in supported by Adi and Manoj. Ruhi walks behind them. Ishita hugs Radhika and says, “We all were so worried!” Radhika says, “I am sorry everyone, I over reacted. I troubled you all. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” Madhu says, “Forget whatever happened. Achhe din aane waale hain. Dr.Manoj, we should start the preparations for the wedding.” Everybody laughs. Mr.Bhalla says, “Let Radhika rest now. We can talk later.” Everybody agrees. Manoj says, “Raman, I wanted a favour from you. Radhika has already told you that her mother is not keeping well. Anyway, I will come with her this evening to start the necessary marriage talks. Can Radhika stay here till then?” Raman says, “Of course!” Santoshi says, “Don’t worry Manoj. I will tell Panditji to come to fix the engagement and marriage date and we will take care of Radhika too.” Manoj says, “Thank you Aunty! Radhika, See ya tonight! Take care, Bye baby!” Radhika says, “Bye Baba!” Manoj leaves. Ishita tells Radhika to rest in Ruhi’s room.

Scene shifts to Ruhi’s room. The third generation, i.e. Adi, Ruhi, Ananya and Kshitija are playing a game of Monopoly. Radhika has teamed up with Kshitija. They laugh. They are having fun. In the Iyer house, Vandu and Mihika are surprised to find that they are both wearing the exact same dress. Mihika says, “After all, we are sisters. Our choices are similar”. They are discussing about Manoj and Radhika. They decide to pray. They pull over the identical dupatta over their head and face the idol. Bala and Mihir enter. They are confused. The women finish the prayers and turn. Looking at Mihir and Bala’s confused faces, they burst out laughing.

It seems, love is in the air. Back in the Bhalla house, Santoshi is sitting in her room with her eyes closed. Mr. Bhalla comes and starts massaging her forehead. She opens her eyes and smiles, “Oye thank you Bhallaji !” Ishita is alone in the kitchen. Raman comes and asks, “What are you doing Madrasan?” Ishita says, “Raavan kumar, I am making Chicken soup for my bahu. Ruhi was telling me that Radhika loves non-vegetarian food.” Raman holds her waist and says, “Only for your Bahu? I love Chicken too!” Ishita turns around and place her hands on Raman’s shoulders and says, “That is exactly why I am making some extra soup.” They smile. #20secondEyeLock. Kabhi kam na honge ye chahte plays…

Ananya and Kshitija come in. Ishra are still in the same position. They clear their throat. Ishra break apart. Raman pretends he is reading something on the phone. Ishita asks them if they wanted something. Kshitija says, “Nothing Attai, I just came to say bye!” Kshitija leaves. Ananya says, “Badi Maa, we are hungry. Ruhi thi, is asking if we can have lunch in her room.” Ishita gives the tray of soup to Ananya and says, “For now, you take the soup. I will get the lunch in a few minutes.” As Ananya goes away, Raman says, “These girls have a very precise timing.” Ishita laughs.

Skip to Evening. Radhika is sitting on the sofa and is talking to Santoshi. Ruhi and Ananya are talking. Mr.Bhalla and Adi are talking about something. Raman and Mihir are discussing business. Mihika is helping Ishita. Mihika says, “Ishu akka relax! Everything is done. Now you sit with me.” Ishita sits at the table with Mihika and says, “I wish Amma, Appa, Vandu akka, Bala jiju, and Kshitija could have come.” Mihika says, “I know. Akka wanted to come too. But they couldn’t avoid as the pooja was at Bala jiju’s mother’s place.” Ishita nods.

Manoj and his wife come. After the usual greetings, Manoj joins Adi and Raman’s father. His wife start’s talking to Ishita and Mihika. When she realises that Ishita and Mihika hesitate to take her name, she says, “Manojji told me. I can understand if you don’t want to call me Shagun. You can call me by my real name, Shanti.” Ishita hugs her. The Pandit comes and everybody gathers around. Santoshi says, “Panditji, We don’t believe in horoscopes. We believe in love. Radhika and Adi love each other. Please tell us an auspicious date for the engagement. For the marriage, please tell us a date in late April or May.” The Pandit says, “Mrs. Bhalla, you were in such a hurry and now you want to wait for such a long time to get Adi beta married?” Santoshi says, “I want Radhika to complete her education first.” Everybody smiles. The Pandit looks through his papers and the calendar. He says, “The next Sunday is an auspicious time for the engagement. As for the Wedding date, the first of May is quite auspicious. It’s a Saturday.” Everybody thank the Pandit and he leaves. Shanti hugs Radhika and says, “Congratulations beta! I am so happy for you. It seems like only yesterday when I had you in my arms and by the next Sunday, you will be somebody’s fiancé. I can’t believe my daughter has grown so much!” Radhika says, “Thank you Shagun mamma!” Adi and Ruhi look on.

Precap:- Engagement Preparations…

Credit to: aspiringvira

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  1. Just want to correct you that Ishita is Shritija chithi not attai

      1. One more thing South Indians mostly don’t drape their scarf over their heads when praying.

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