Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Fan Fiction (Episode 5)


The scene opens in a hospital corridor. Manoj is tense and is pacing. Raman is sitting beside a tired blood-stained Adi. Ishita is leaning against the wall. Ruhi is praying to God. They are waiting for the doctor to give some news about Radhika. Back at Bhalla house, Madhu and Santoshi light a lamp in the Temple. Everybody prays for Radhika’s health. Vandu says, “This should not have happened.” Mihika says, “Radhika is such a sweet girl. Manoj should not have lied to her.” Mr. Iyer says, “Don’t blame Manoj. He didn’t tell the truth to Radhika because he didn’t want Radhika to get hurt.” Bala says, “Radhika is always talking about her baba. It is obvious that she is hurt when.” Mihir says, “I just hope Radhika gets well soon.”

Ruhi is standing in front of the Goddess’s idol. Her face is tear-stained. Ruhi says, “Why? Why did you have to do this? With me, with Adi Bhaiyya? With Radhika? When have we ever done anything to get punished? Please cure Radhika. She is not my best friend. She is my sister. She is Adi Bhaiyya’s love. Dadi’s daughter. Everybody in the family has great expectations. After Simmi bua’s death everybody was sad. Dadi hid her tears from me, but she is my Dadi. I understood her pain. Did you have to do this? Dadi has started smiling since Radhika met her. I don’t want her smile to go away. Please!” Ruhi is crying. Ishita listens to everything. Ishita comes and places her hand on Ruhi’s shoulder. Ruhi hugs her. Ruhi exclaims, “Ishi maa!” Ishita says, “Ruhi, my baby! Don’t worry! Radhika will get well soon. Everything will be back to normal. Papa is here. I am here. Will your Ishi Maa let anything happen to her kids? Adi is here. Everything will be fine. Dr. Manoj is…” Ruhi cuts in, “This is all happening because of him.” Ishita explains Ruhi that Dr.manoj is not at fault. Ruhi cries into Ishita’s shoulder.

After sometime…

Its late at night. Ruhi is sleeping on Ishita’s shoulder. Adi is holding her hand. Manoj and Raman are sitting opposite them. The doctor comes out. He says, “Radhika is fine. Her head injury was worrying me but fortunately there is no internal injury. But she has lost a lot of blood. She is very weak. I think she can be discharged by Tomorrow afternoon. But ensure he gets lots of rest and she should not be stressed.” Manoj and Adi thank the doctor. The doctor leaves. The nurse tells them that only one can wait with Radhika. Ishita, Ruhi, Adi and Manoj say at the same time, “I will wait.” They smile. Adi says, “Ishi Maa you have to go to the clinic tomorrow morning. Ruhi, you have to go to college and you know Radhika will be upset if you don’t go to college. Manoj uncle, the doctor said Radhika must not be stressed, so its better if you don’t stay back.” Manoj says, “Alright Adi. I won’t oppose you now. But I can bet, tomorrow morning, when Radhika wakes up, she will ask for me. She is my daughter and she loves me just like I love her.” Ruhi says, “No she won’t.” Manoj says, “She will. I know Ruhi, you are angry with me for hurting Radhika. But Radhika will not be angry for long. You will see.” Ruhi goes away without another word. Ishita goes after Ruhi. Raman apologises to Manoj for ruhi’s rude behaviour, “Sorry Manoj. She is upset.” Manoj says, “It’s alright Raman. I can understand. You must go. She needs you.” Raman leaves. Manoj tells Adi that he will be back the next morning and leaves.

Adi goes into the room. Radhika is lying on the bed. Her head and arms are covered in bandages. Adi gets emotional. He goes to her side and caresses her face. He holds her hand and stares at her face. He says, “I know you must have felt lonely. But you are not alone. I am with you. Ruhi is with you. Ruhi was crying a lot. Now get well soon. Then Ruhi, you and I will go out for a dinner. We will take Ananya and Kshitija as well. Good Night.”

Next Morning:-

Manoj comes into the hospital and walks to Radhika’s room. Nurses greet him on the way. When he walks into the room he smiles. Adi is holding Radhika’s hand and is asleep. The nurse in the room greets Manoj. Manoj wakes Adi up, “Adi, get up. Radhika will be awake any time.” Adi gets up. He caresses Radhika’s face. She stirs but does not get up. Manoj smiles, “She will be awake anytime now. Go freshen up.” Adi goes. Ruhi comes in. Manoj tells her that Adi has gone to freshen up. Adi comes back. Ruhi gives him coffee. Adi thanks her. Radhika wakes up. Adi and Ruhi rush to her side and hold her hands. They ask if she is fine. She nods. She says, “I am sorry. I over reacted over what baba said. I should have given him a chance to explain. I didn’t. He must be hurt. Where is he? Ruhi, where is baba?” Ruhi is shocked. Manoj comes closer to them so that Radhika sees him. She drops Adi’s hand and beckons to him. Manoj says, “shhh. I am not angry. But Ruhi is. You should have seen her crying last night. Everybody was so worried. I am sorry, I know I shocked you. Despite whatever happened, you are my daughter and I am your baba. I don’t want this fact to be forgotten. Anyway, you are getting discharged in an hour. Ruhi, can you please wait with Radhika, till Adi and I complete the formalities.” Ruhi smiles, “sure!”

Precap:- Everybody frets over Radhika’s health…Marriage talk starts…Madhu says, “Achhe din aane waale hain”

Credit to: aspiringvira

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