Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Fan Fiction (Episode 4)


Ishita and Raman are sitting in their bedroom. Ishita says, “I do not know why, but i feel that something is about to go wrong.” Raman pacifies her, “What would go wrong? Nothing can go wrong! You always worry without reason!” Ishita says, “I worry because I love our family.” Raman says, “I know. But that doesn’t mean you have to constantly worry. You are always concerned about your kids but not about your husband.” Raman acts like he is upset. Ishita tickles him and says, “I love you” Raman says, “I love you too” hugs Ishita, and kisses her on the forehead. Ishita teases him, “But not more than the kids!” Ishita runs away and Raman runs after. Ishita is about to fall but Raman holds her. #20SecondEyeLock 😉

Its evening. Raman and Bala are having some discussion. Madhu amma and Vandu akka are helping Ishita and Santoshi in the kitchen. Kshitija and Ananya are studying at the Table. Adi is helping them. The door bell rings. Neelu opens the door. Ruhi and Radhika come in. Everybody greets them and then continue their work. Ishita asks, “Radhika, when will your baba be here?” Radhika says, “I had called baba, he has already left the house. He will be here in half an hour. Mumma can’t make it though.” Santoshi says, “No problem Puttar! Go with Ruhi and freshen up! I will send some coffee.” Ruhi pulls Radhika by the hand and they go to Ruhi’s room.

Ishita tells Neelu to get oil from the store room. Neelu goes. Santoshi complains that the cook always takes holidays and then Ishita and she have to work. Madhu says, “Don’t worry. Vandu and I are here to help.” Vandu tells Kshitija to carry coffee to Ruhi’s room. On the ways, Kshitija bumps into Neelu and both, coffee and oil spill on the top of the stairs. Hearing the noise, Ishita and Vandu come to see what had happened. Vandu is about to scold Kshitija but the kind Ishita stops her. Ishita says, “Akka, Don’t scold Kshitija! Its Ok. Kshitija, go continue your studies. Neelu please clean this.” While neelu goes to get the cloth to clean the mess, the other three go downstairs.

Santoshi calls Ruhi and Radhika downstairs. Radhika is still in the bathroom. Ruhi tells her, “Radhika, Dadi is calling us downstairs. Im going down, you too must come fast.” Radhika says, “You go ahead. I will be there in a minute.” Ruhi goes out of the room. Santoshi calls out again. Ruhi starts running. She doesn’t notice the oil and slips. Ruhi is about to fall down the stairs. Suddenly, Radhika holds her hand pulls her up. Radhika asks her to be careful. They carefully go downstairs.

Mihir and Mihika have come already. Mihir joins Raman and Bala. Mihika joins the women. Neelu comes down and sees that the living room is entirely occupied. She prays, “God, this family has been through many difficulties. Keep them happy.”

The door bell rings. Radhika says, “It must be Baba!” Ruhi opens the door. It is Baba. Radhika introduces him, “Everybody meet my baba, Dr.Manoj.” Everybody is shocked to see that Radhika’s baba is the very same Dr.Manoj who was in love with Shagun before her death! Radhika is shocked to see that nobody is greeting him. She asks, “What happened?” Nobody answers. Adi says, “When I met you this morning, I did feel like I had met you earlier.” Radhika asks, “Whats going on? Baba? Do you know them?” Mihir says, “Wait a minute. Ruhi and Radhika are of the same age. Radhika is your daughter. This means you already had a daughter when you met Shagun! You lied to her. You lied to all of us. You cheated my sister who is now dead! I can’t believe this!” Radhika says, “What? What are you saying? Shagun? My mother? Your sister? Dead? Baba what is the meaning of all this?” Manoj says, “Let me explain.” Ishita says, “What is left to talk about?”

Manoj says, “There are many things you don’t know, Dr.Ishita. First, I didn’t cheat anyone. Radhika is adopted.” Radhika is shocked. Adi and Ruhi hold her. Manoj continues, “There was nobody to take care of her when I went to work, so I hired an Ayah, Shanti. Shanti and Radhika were very close to each other. Shanti had lost her family in some riot and she stayed with us. When my parents started forcing me to marry, I knew I would not be able to move on after Shagun. For Radhika’s sake, I married Shanti. She changed her name to Shagun. Shagun and I are nothing more than friends. But when we are around Radhika, we are her parents. I am sorry Radhika. I should have told this to you earlier. I didn’t want you to know all this but I owe Mihir the truth. He is Shagun, my first and last love’s brother.”

Radhika frees herself from Ruhi and Adi’s grip and runs out of the house. Ishita, Raman, Manoj, Adi and Ruhi run after her. Radhika runs onto the road without watching out for the cars. She is hit by a car. Ruhi shouts, “RADHIKA!!”

Radhika falls on the road side. Her head is bleeding. She is heavily injured. Everybody runs to Radhika. Ishita and Ruhi are crying. Raman says, “I will get the car.” Adi caresses Radhika’s face. Manoj tries to soothe Radhika but Ruhi does not allow him. Ruhi says, “It’s all your fault. You hurt Radhika’s innocent heart. Stay away from her.” Raman gets the car. Adi lifts Radhika.

Scene shifts to hospital. Manoj, Adi, Raman and Ruhi are rushing alongside Radhika who is on a stretcher. The doctor leads them into the ER.

Precap:- Ruhi scenes…AdiRadhika(Adira) scenes…Radhika critical. The Shadow seen following Adi and Ruhi (In episode3) is seen in following Ruhi in college.

P.S-Sorry for the extra length.

Credit to: aspiringvira

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