Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – A Fan Fiction (Episode 4)


A/N: – AspiringVira once again! Somebody said that they appreciated the non-complicated structure of my work while somebody else said it was cliché. Now, my question is how to proceed with the story line. I am so confused. But I hope you like it. Please let me know. Please give me some feedback. Please comment.Thank You! Happy Reading!

Recap: – Manoj is back. Everything is getting sorted, except Pihu’s mind. Who will explain the complicated circumstances to the little girl? Somebody in the family, or a stranger?

“Mamma, you are not my mother?” the family turns back. Pihu is standing on the stairs with tears in her eyes. “Pihu…” Shagun says. Pihu runs up the stairs. Pihu locks herself in her bedroom. “Pihu open the door.” Everybody pleads. “Pihu mamma ko explain karne ka chance toh do, baby.” Shagun says. “Pihu open the door” Ishita. Pihu shouts from inside, “Go away. I don’t want to talk to anybody.” The family asks Pihu to open the door.

A young girl (around Adi’s age) comes there and asks Manoj, “What happened, Bade Papa?” “Pihu has locked herself. You talk to her. You are so good in talking with kids.” “Sure she says. Manoj tells Raman and the family, “Let her talk. Once. Please.”

Everybody goes downstairs. The girl sits down behind Pihu’s door. She starts talking. “Hey, Pihu. I am Naina. You don’t know me. I don’t know you. But I have heard so much about you! Your mamma was telling me you are upset. I know you don’t want to talk. I understand, baby. I’ll tell you a story, okay? Are you listening, Pihu?” “Hmmm” Pihu whimpers.

“Once upon a time, there was family. There was a little girl, exactly like you. She lived with her mamma, papa and bhaiyya. One day, the mamma had to go away and she took the little girl’s bhaiyya with her. The little girl was lonely. Then an angel came. She brought happiness in the little girl’s life. The papa married the angel. So the angel became the little girl’s new Maa. But after some time, mamma has to come back because she has nowhere else to go. Bhaiyya also feels lonely. So Maa loves him too. Mamma finds a new love. So Mamma lives with the Uncle and occasionally meets her kids who are now happy with papa and the angel Maa. Maa wants a baby. But she can’t have babies. Just like Parvati’s daughter in Sajan ka sasural. Remember in Saajan ka sasural, Parvati’s daughter has her baby through another woman with the help of a medical procedure? Just like that, papa and maa want to have a baby. So Mamma steps in to help. Everybody is very happy because papa and Maa have a baby. But then a witch comes into their life. She cheats papa and maa and takes their baby away, and tells them that if you want your baby back, give me your little girl and take the baby. Papa and Maa don’t want to give the little girl but they want the baby back too. So they decide to do a trick so that they can keep both the girls. But the trick fails. The baby is back with her parents but the witch takes away the little girl. Papa blames Maa. Sad, Maa goes away. Mamma leaves the uncle and comes to stay with papa and bhaiyya and take care of the baby.7 years later; Maa comes back for some work and bumps into Papa. She also meets the witch and the little girl. At first Maa does not rcognise the little girl because now she is grown up. But when Maa realises, she wants her family back. The uncle is also back. Everything can finally be right. But there is one small problem. The baby, who has now grown up to be a 7 year old little girl, does not give her parents a chance to explain, and becomes upset.”

Pihu opens the door and asks, “Whose story is this?” The girl, Naina, says “The papa in the story is your Papa, Raman Bhalla. Mamma is Shagun mamma. Bhaiyya is your Adi Bhaiyya. The little girl is Ruhi Di. The angel, the Maa is your Haar-wali aunty, and do you know who the baby is?” “Me” says Pihu. “Correct! Now go downstairs and give a hug to both your mothers.” Says Naina. Pihu nods and is about to leave when Naina says, “Wait! You go but first…” she wipes away Pihu’s tears.

Pihu smiles.

Sneak Peek – Who is Naina? Now that Pihu knows everything, will she accept the circumstances?

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  1. Great but quite short but i loved the way naina explained everything to pihu but at the same time i was hoping for more drama….loved it…..but it was too short

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