Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Fan Fiction (Episode 3)

The episode starts with Ishita coming out of the bathroom in her usual beautiful, elegant sari, as usual, drying her hair with a towel. She smiles seeing Raman still in bed. She smiles mischievously and dries her hair such that Raman is sprayed with water. He wakes up startled. Ishita laughs. Raman pulls her by her hand and Ishita falls into Raman’s lap. She blushes. ( #15SecondEyeLock ) Suddenly Ananya comes at the door and seeing Ishra that way, turns her back. She clears her throat. Ishra come to their senses and Ishita immediately gets up. Raman embarrassedly says “…You had some work?” Ananya says “Bade Papa, Nani is calling you for breakfast and Badi Maa, Radhika has come.” Ruhi comes in seeing all faces red and embarrassed she guesses what had happened and teases Ishra “What is this Maa? Your son is going to get married soon! Your bride to be has come home for breakfast and you are flirting? Come fast! Dadi is calling you!” Ruhi and Ananya giggle and leave. Ishita and Raman look at each other and burst out laughing.

Scene shifts to the dining table area. Radhika is feeding Kshitija as she is studying. Ishita scolds Kshitija but Radhika says, “It’s alright aunty. If she eats and reads at the same time, she won’t be able to concentrate on either.” Ishita asks, “Kshitija, by the way where is Vandu akka?” kshitija says, “She has gone to College early.” Ruhi says, “Kshitija eat on your own so that Radhika can have her own food too. Then we have to leave for college.” Radhika is about to say something but Adi cuts in, “No Ruhi. Radhika is not going to college today. We both are going out.” Raman scolds, “Adi this is not right. Radhika, you shouldn’t bunk college. Complete your education. Then we will get Adi and you married. Then you will have lots of time to go out. You must concentrate on your studies right now.” Everybody supports Raman. Adi tries to argue. Radhika is quiet. Santoshi supports Adi. Mihir, Mihika and everybody argue. Suddenly Madhu shouts, “Ayyo wait! Don’t fight. Ask Radhika what she wants to do. Everybody turn to Radhika.

Radhika says, “Ishita aunty, Raman Uncle you are right. Education is important. But Dadi is right too. Adi is 6 years elder to me, he is 27. It is the perfect time for him to get married. As for me, I can’t think of a reason to wait if i have found my Prince charming. After Adi and I get married, I can continue with my education, can’t I? Would you really bar me from continuing my education and persuing my career? As far as I know this family, I don’t think that would happen and I assure you this won’t affect my academics. By the way, If you all free tonight, my baba wants to meet you.”

“Sure!” says Raman, turning to Adi, he says, “Come back soon.” Radhika picks her bag and rushes out of the house after Adi. Radhika’s anklets tinkle. Ananya, Kshitija and Ruhi giggle. Santoshi says, “Radhika is surely going to bring happiness in our house. I have been waiting for ages to listen to the sound of tinkling anklets,” and goes to thank the Goddess. The girls leave for school and college. Madhu says, “Ishu you are very lucky to get such an daughter-in-law. Anyway, i will talk to you later. I have to do the Morning Pooja.” Mihika, Mihir and Madhu go to Madhu’s home. Raman and Ishita are alone. Raman says, “Our kids have grown up and our parents have grown old!” They hug. Ishita says, “I love our family.”

Scene shifts to an unknown place, a new home. Radhika leads Adi into the room. They are holding hands, their fingers are intertwined. Another man, Raman’s age, walks in. Radhika introduces, “Baba, this is Adi and Adi this is my Baba.” Baba and Adi shake hands. Radhika and Adi go out for Lunch. They have several #15SecondEyeLocks. They hug. They laugh. They are happy. They are unaware that somebody has been following them for quite a while.

Precap- Adi, Ishita and Raman bring a severely injured Radhika to hospital.

P.S :- Hope everybody is enjoying reading this track. I look forward to reading your comments and suggestions. I would also like to apologise for all grammar, spelling and other errors I have made in my earlier fanfic episodes, this episodes and upcoming episodes too.
Thank You!

Credit to: aspiringvira

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  3. Who is ananya?

    1. Ananya is simmi’s daughter!! In my track simmi is dead so she is under Raman and ishita’s care.

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  6. its osm..its mch btr dan d real track!!! i hop d writrs take suggstiin frm u

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