Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – A Fan Fiction (Episode 3)

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Recap-IshRa, Adi and Ruhi are together once again. Pihu however has shown no signs of acceptance towards Ishita. The family is worried about Shagun’s reaction.

Sunrise at Iyer House – Adi wakes up. He smiles seeing Ruhi. He gets up and goes. Raman wakes up and smiles on finding Ishita in his arms. He kisses her forehead. Ishita wakes up. #20second Romantic Eye Lock…… Finally Ishita turns her head towards Ruhi. “Our daughter is back.” Raman whispers in Ishita’s ear. Ruhi is sitting on the stool and is leaning on the wall. Raman and Ishita wake up. They make Ruhi sleep on the bed and pull a blanket over her.

They head towards the living room, where Mr and Mrs Iyer, Vandu, Bala, Shravan and Kshitija are up, have had their baths and are having breakfast. Ishita greets them, “Good Morning Everyone” “Good morning” the others say. Madhu hugs her and says, “I would have loved to have you over for breakfast, but Mihika has prepared breakfast at Bhalla House, so you must go there. I will send Ruhi when she wakes up.” Raman thanks her. IshRa go to Bhalla House.

At the Bhalla House, everybody (except Pihu and Shagun) is at the table. Mihika says, “Finally, you guys are up.” Everybody laughs. Mr. Bhalla says, “I was about to send Simmi to wake you up. Anyway, go freshen up and come for breakfast.” Ishita blushes. Adi says, “Please go fast and come fast, we all are starving.” IshRa are about to leave when Shagun and Pihu come. Pihu sees IshRa holding hands. She runs to Raman and holds his hand so that Ishita has to leave his hand. Pihu asks, “Papa, where were you? Who is this Aunty? Why is she here?” Raman wonders how to explain the complicated situations to Pihu. Mihir pipes in, “Pihu, Ishita aunty is your Mihika Chachi’s sister. Come have breakfast. Let them freshen up.” Pihu glares at them, but goes to the table. IshRa go.

After some time, at the Bhalla House, the Iyer family comes in. Mrs Iyer asks, “Ayyo, who is going to pick up Santoshi from the airport?” Ishita tells her, “Amma, Raman and I were going to go, but Mihika insisted, so we stayed back. Romi and Mihika have gone.”
Everybody is busy in conversations and Shagun is on a NGO related phone-call. Madhu asks “Where is Pihu?” Neelu says “She is in her room?” Simmi comes to Raman and says, “Bhai, Romi and Mihika have been gone for a long time. They should have been back by now.” Raman says, “They must be on their way. Don’t worry. They must be coming.”

Santoshi’s voice is heard, “We are home!” Everybody turns towards the door. The phone falls from Shagun’s hand. Behind Santoshi is a man. Tall, fair a doctor. His eyes are fixed on Shagun. It’s Dr Manoj!!

“Manoj, is it really you?” Shagun asks. Manoj smiles. Shagun runs and hugs him. Manoj hugs her back. “I have missed you Shagun. 7 years, I have missed you. I am sorry, Shagun. I shouldn’t have left you.”Manoj says. “No, I am sorry. I chose Pihu over you, even though I was not her mother. I was only a surrogate mother. I left you. I am sorry Manoj. But what could I do. We all thought Ishita is dead. Pihu needed a mother. After Ishita took care of Ruhi, I couldn’t leave Pihu without a mother’s love. I had already missed Ruhi’s childhood. I thought I could cover up through Pihu. But I swear I never forgot you. There was not a single day in the last 7 years when I did not think about you. I am sorry Manoj. But now that Ishita, Pihu’s mother is back, my responsibilities are over. Will you accept me Manoj?” Shagun asks.

“Mamma, you are not my mother?” the family turns back. Pihu is standing on the stairs with tears in her eyes.

Precap – Will Pihu understand? To know look out for the next update!

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    its so good plz continue

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  4. Well Im sorry if I was being harsh, its just that I enjoy complicated storylines more but excluding the part that it was quit simple,its a nice ff and you should really keep writing

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