Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Fan Fiction (Episode 2)


The episode starts with Ruhi in college. She is at a table in the canteen waiting for someone. A girl rushes into the canteen. She is wearing jeans and a black shirt. She looks like she is tough angry young woman. But her eyes convey otherwise. She is carrying a thick obstetrics book in her hand and her bag looks heavy too. “Sorry sorry sorry” she says as she sits at Ruhi’s table. Well I didn’t know this was possible, but this girl was actually more beautiful, more graceful and much cuter than Ruhi. “Where were you Radhika? I have been waiting and waiting for you to come?” Ruhi says to the girl. Radhika says, “Sorry!! I had gone to meet Professor Mehra to get some doubts solved. But then – ” “You got into an interesting conversation about some recently published medical paper or journal, isn’t it?” Both the girls burst out laughing. “This is why you are my best friend Ruhi-because you know me so well!” “By the way, why are you leaving early?” asked Radhika. “It’s a big day for my family! Adi Bhaiyya is getting Ananya and me a Bhabhi! He is gonna introduce us to her today!”says Ruhi. They meet their other friends and have fun. (Daaru Desi Song plays in the background…..)

Scene shifts to the Bhalla house. Santoshi, Madhu, and Vandu is helping Ishita to prepare the food for the guests. Ruhi, Ananya and Kshitija are placing cut flowers in the vases. Bala comes in and gives some parcel to Ishita “Ishu, these are the Rasagullas you asked me to get. I have also brought Gulaab Jamuns so Adi’s bride-to-be will have a choice” Ishita thanks him. Just then Raman comes with Mihir and Mihika. Ishita scolds them, “I had told you three to come early. Is work more important than Adi?” Mihika calms Ishita. While everybody is wearing the best of their clothes, Adi comes down and stares. He says, “Is somebody important coming for dinner? But Ishi Maa how can you invite someone, I told you I am bringing in my girlfriend.” Ishita says, “All this is for your girlfriend!” Adi bursts out laughing, “All this?! (*laughs*)” He anyway thanks the family for considering his girlfriend to be important and special. Everybody teases Adi and he blushes.

The door bell rings. Ruhi rushes to open the door but Adi stops her. He himself opens the door. He talks to someone and then tells everyone, “My girlfriend is here!” He steps aside. The girl is wearing a blue sari. It’s none other than Radhika! (*wow! she looks elegant!*) Nobody says a word. Everybody looks at Ruhi as everybody knows that Radhika is Ruhi’s best friend.

Ruhi runs and hugs Radhika. Ruhi says, “Yaar, you could have told me earlier you know! I can’t believe it! My soul sister is gonna be my sister-in-law, my bhabhi!!!” Everybody heaves a sigh of relief. Ishita asks, “Adi was saying that your parents are also coming. Where are they?” Radhika replies,”Sorry aunty, They were gonna come. But my mother was not well…she has a high blood pressure problem. Baba waited is with her. So I had to come alone”. As the evening passes, Radhika talks to everyone. But she and Adi do not get a chance to talk to each other. They keep exchanging looks. (Ye Hai Mohabbatein plays in the background…)

After everybody has had dinner and had ragullas or gulab jamun, it’s time for Radhika to leave. Raman tells Adi to drop Radhika home. They silently comply and leave.

Ananya asks Ishita, “Badi Maa, did you like Bhaiyya’s choice?” Ishita says, “As long as Adi is happy, I’m happy.” Madhu says, “Whenever Ruhi would bring Radhika home, I always told Santoshi, that Radhika is such a well-mannered and nice girl and she bring happiness wherever she goes. I always said that the family where Radhika marries into, would be very lucky!” Mihika says, “True, but who knew that we are going to be that lucky family.”

Precap- Santoshi wants the marriage to take place asap, but Adi and Radhika wish to wait till Radhika completes her education.

Credit to: aspiringvira

Credit to: aspiringvira

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  1. Where are ishra scenes???
    Please add some ishra scenes aspiring Vera.

    1. Ishra scenes coming up in the next episode for Neha! Actually my track was starts post a time leap so I was concentrating on the kids. Sincerely speaking, these two episodes were just an introduction to all the characters. Anyway if readers want ishra, the next episode will have romantic scenes. 🙂

  2. Haaaaa so nice dear new charecters new feel wowwwww

  3. N pllz also add ishru scenes n also ruhi is main heroine ppplllzzz don’t make adi ‘s wife main heroin

    1. Ruhi and the new charachter will be parallel leads. Ishra scenes coming up in the next episode.

  4. U ff is awesome but ishra ko aisa sochkar acha nhi lag rha that they r getting old isse beeter hota ishra mar jate aur unka reincarnation hota aur ohir unki love story start hoti its better than real yhm

    1. I have already promised Ishra Scenes in the next episode….and the reincarnation is a wonderful idea! Since i am already busy with this track I cant start it now. Mayb I will work on this idea after I finish this story. I enjoy writing fan fic. Why dont you start a fan fic. you just have to mail it to the website using the ‘contact us’ section. Your unique idea should gain many readers. 🙂

  5. Ruksana Ismail

    Iz dis story true or its a made sstory iz dis gonna really happen or????

    1. This is just something that i made up….its got nothing to do with the actual show 🙂

  6. Nice work aspiring vira…

  7. Pls we want a romantic scene of ishira

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