Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – A Fan Fiction (Episode 2)


A/N: – Hello! It’s Aspiring Vira again. Thank You for all your comments. Glad you liked it. The feedback keeps the Authors inspired to write. Keep commenting! Thank You! Happy Reading!

Recap: – Ruhi, Adi and IshRa hug, Raman calls Pihu but she goes and holds Shagun’s hand.
Shagun picks Pihu and takes her away. Ishita worriedly looks at them going. “Don’t worry. I will talk to them later. Now we will let you rest. Then we will celebrate Ruhi’s return,” says Raman. “Has anybody informed Santoshi?” asks Madhu. “Don’t worry Peri Amma. I called her. She said she is going to catch the first flight possible and come back.” Replies Mihika. Raman and Ishita smile at each other and lose in each others’ eyes. #20secondeyelock ‘Kabhi kam na hongi yeh chahte…’ plays in the background.

In Pihu’s bedroom – Pihu is tucked under the blanket. Shagun tries to make her sleep. Pihu asks, “Mamma, Why did papa and Adi bhaiyya hug ‘Haar-wali’ aunty? Who is that Aunty?” Shagun almost cries. “Ask Papa tomorrow morning. Now go to sleep. I’m also tired. Even I have to sleep,” she says. Pihu says, “Mamma, I can’t sleep. I’m not sleepy. Please sing me a lullaby. I haven’t heard your lullaby in a long time.” Shagun smiles. Pihu places her head on Shagun’s lap. Shagun sings ‘Chandaniya’ from Rowdy Rathore. Pihu drifts off to sleep. Shagun thinks of all the mother-daughter moments she has shared with Ruhi. She says to herself, “I can live without Raman and everybody but not without Pihu. Even if I give Pihu back to her real mother, Ishita, will Ishita allow me to meet Pihu sometimes when she knows that Pihu loves me more?”
In the Iyer House –

Ishita is sleeping on Raman’s arm. Ruhi is sitting on a stool near the bed and is holding Ishita’s hand. Adi is sitting down beside Ruhi and is holding Ruhi’s hand. All of them are sleeping. The family looks from far away and smiles. Simmi says, “It’s my sincere prayer to the Goddess that now they stay happy like this. There should be no other problem.” Vandu says, “Yes, Simmi. But I’m worried about how Shagun and Pihu will react to this.” “You are right Akka. Shagun wouldn’t mind Raman going away. But Pihu is her life.” Mihir tells them.
“We can only pray to God and ask Him to keep them happy,” says Mr Iyer. Romi claps Mihir’s Back. “We can’t change anything. Its late lets sleep. Tomorrow’s sunrise will bring great hope. And by the way, Mummyji will be back by tomorrow evening. She was at the airport when I called her a few minutes back. She said she’s bringing a surprise for Shagun that will set everything back on track.”

Precap – Santoshi’s big surprise for Shagun brings happiness. Pihu reconciles with IshRa.

A/N: – Hey Guys! I know this isn’t a great chapter, but I promise the next chapter is fun! Till then, Happy Reading!

Credit to: AspiringVira

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