Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – A Fan Fiction (Episode 1)

Author’s Note: – Hello. I’m AspiringVira. Since I can’t upload on a daily basis, here’s a single short story. If appreciated with lots of comments, I will upload another story. Please comment. I love to hear from my readers. Thank You! Happy Reading!

Setting: – The Current situations in YHM, with IshRa and the family knowing the Identity of Ruhi; Ruhi refusing to accept them. Ishita is unwell with low Blood Pressure due to emotional trauma.

The Doctor insists that the family call Ruhi, else Ishita might not get well. Raman calls Ruhi but she doesn’t answer. Pihu leaves with Mani to get Ruhi. Alia sees them leaving and says, “Wait Appa. I’ll also come.” Mani nods. They sit in the car and Mani drives away.
In the car, Alia asks, “Appa, will Ruhi agree to come with us? Amma’s condition is worsening.” Pihu chirps in,” Don’t worry Didi. Main Hoo Na. Ruhi Di won’t refuse me. She will surely listen to me.” “I hope so,” Says Mani.

They reach the guest house. Alia rings the bell to the room. Nidhi opens the door. Mani pulls Pihu behind him and says, “Alia take Pihu and go to the lobby. I’ll call you when we are ready for you.” Alia takes Pihu away. Mani tells Nidhi, “Look Nidhi. We both know that you are in a big trouble. With Police tailing every move, it is going to be difficult to leave the country. I’m here with a deal.” Nidhi tells Mani to come inside and talk.
In the lobby of the guesthouse, Pihu asks Alia, “Why did uncle send us away? I was going to talk to Ruhi Di, right?” Alia wonders what to say to the little girl. She says, “Um…… That Aunty was very strict. She may have scolded you and me. So Appa sent us away. But don’t worry. Appa will get your Ruhi Di.”

In the Room, Nidhi says, “Tell me. What’s your deal? You are nose deep in trouble and debt. Your gambling loans are going to ensure that despite Ruhi aka Ruhaan‘s earnings all your possessions will get auctioned. My offer is that you will give Ruhi to me, and in return I’ll clear all your debts and arrange for you to leave India and go back to Australia. I’ll also give you enough money to start off a new business. Is that a deal?”
Nidhi thinks ‘Now that they know that Ruhaan is Ruhi, Bhalla family will see to it that Ruhi doesn’t work anymore. I can’t make any more money off Ruhi other than what Mani is offering. It’s best that I should take Mani’s offer.’ Mani removes his chequebook from his pocket and waves it in front of Nidhi. “Deal.” She says.

At the Iyer House, everybody gets tensed when Ishita’s health gets worse. Adi gets a call from Alia but he does not pick up. Alia calls Mihika and informs her that Mani, Pihu and she are coming back with Ruhi. Mihika informs the family. They all get happy and anxiously wait for them.

After sometime….
Ruhi enters the room. Shagun goes to her and hugs her. Ruhi cries. Ruhi then sits near Ishita on the bed and holds her hand and says, “Look Ishi Maa, I’m here. Your Ruhi is here. Open your eyes. Ishita opens her eyes, sees Ruhi and smiles. They hug. Ruhi tells her to rest and says that Ishita should get well soon because she knows that Papa (Raman) will throw a grand party to celebrate Ruhi’s return. Raman hugs them both. Adi joins them too. Everybody in the family smiles and looks at them.

Pihu comes in and stares at them. Raman sees Pihu and calls her to join the hug. But she goes and holds Shagun’s hand.

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