Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – Fan Fiction – Chapter 8


Chapter 8
Hey guys…sorry for the late update…was ill and couldn’t write…will try to update more regularly now. Pari♡♡d

The episode starts with Ashok drinking and knocking the white king off a chess board while Sooraj is looking on.
Ashok: Mr Bhalla, looks like time up.

Sooraj: Ashok, look till now, I didn’t say anything to you. But now it is an obsession. This isn’t good for our business or for your mental health.

Ashok: See, now you are acting like Ishita Bhalla. Giving lectures to everybody.
Sooraj gets angry and leaves

Ishita: (With Ruhi and Adi in her room) Did you have fun?
Adi: (Hugging Ishita) Yes and the best part is Papa is bonding more with me, Ishi Ma. I am so happy today.
Ruhi: (Hugging Ishita too) Ishi Ma, I can’t wait till the little baby comes. Our family will be complete then.

Tere dil ke, mere dil se rishta poorena hain plays.
Ishita: Yes our family will be complete then.
In aakon se haare asoo mujhe ko choore na hain plays.

Everybody is hugging and very happy and Raman is watching this and he is teary- eyed.
Kids leave and Raman comes in. He grabs Ishita from behind and they have an eyelock.

Precap: Some goons are chasing Raman, Mr Bhalla and Romi.
Ashok looks on, happy and says: Sorry, Mr Raman Bhalla but I win this game. The shock tbat will fall upon Bhalla Family will take away any joys forever.

Credit to: Pari

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  1. Anything you woukd like to see? Just so you all know…Ashok is going to have a taste of his own medicine in coming fan fiction updates. Hope you all enjoyed this..if you didn’t…then let me know how to improve.

  2. Woww…. Its amazing but it too short. Plz try to write long updates.

    1. Yeah…soon I will start writing more but might not be able to for a few days…sorry…am glad you liked this.

  3. What’s all this it’snot happening as write but it is showing something else

  4. Hey guys, thanks for all the encouragement you gave me but I am considering to end this as I just don’t have time to update anymore. Feeling depressed today so will see. Thanks.

  5. hey, guys. I don’t think, I am going to continue as I don’t get time to update but let me know if you like me to continue.

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