Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – Fan Fiction – Chapter 6


Chapter 6

Ishita is inside with Ruhi and is vomiting a lot. Raman gets a phone call and gets tensed. Mihir comes there and looks worried.

Mihir: Raman Bhai (brother), Shagun and Manoj are getting married. They asked if they could come here and discuss it here with Manoj’s family because Shagun doesn’t have any family apart from me and you are like family to Shagun. In a way.
Raman: yeah. Sure, but why are you looking so tense?
Mihir: They are coming in an hour.
They both look around the house which has toys scattered with Ruhi, Adi and Shravan sitting down, looking very cute and innocent.
They are playing with many toys.

Raman and Mihir start tidying up the toys and the kids get upset. Ishita comes and stops seeing Raman and Mihir throwing the toys into a bag.
Ishita: What is going on here, Raman?
Raman: Ishita, ek ganta main guests aare hain. (Ishita , in one hour guests are coming. )
Ishita: What? But what will they eat?
Raman: tell Neelu to make something, anything will do.
Ishita: But the shopping needs to be done. Raman, why are you telling me now. What should I do at this time?
Raman: Just order from a restaurant.
Mrs Bhalla: Oi. You can’t feed food from outside to guests.
Raman: Just order, we don’t have any other choice.

Mr Bhalla and Mr Iyer come in. Mihir and Raman finish tidying up and start ordering a variety of different dishes while Mrs Bhalla and Ishita wonder who is coming.

Ashok tells Suraj that he is going to forget Raman. Suraj gets relived.
Ashok: But, after I give him one last shock. A big shock. Suraj looks on.

Precap: Raman talks about his school reunion while Ishita, Ruhi, Adi are eating ice-cream. Shagun argued with a lady.

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Credit to: Pari

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  1. sandra s thannickal

    Ishitha phir bhi pregananent ho chavungi?

  2. Wow nice one…. Waiting for next part..

    Plsssss don’t stop it…

  3. good job pari 🙂 . keep going

  4. Yaa very nice waiting for next part

  5. Wonderful! I really enjoyed reading the yhm fanfic! I would like to suggest a few things-Since the show is still running, I think the fanfic would be even better if it is parallel to the show’s on going track. But your story is just as innovative, of course. I think Mihika should pair up with Mihir…and the Bhallas could help them out. You could introduce a new character in the story to be paired opposite Abhishek. The new character could be Manoj’s sister!
    Hope you didnt mind me suggesting! No offence intended. Sorry, my comment is a bit long.
    <3 Viraa

    1. Thanks for the suggestion ….will see what to do…I add if the track can be linked but no promises.

  6. Plz koi btado fan fiction kese post krte hain?

  7. No i think abhìka is perfect

  8. anyone tell me how to post a fan fiction on tellyupdate plse plse

  9. Abhishek with mihika….mihir with manoj’s sis bt nt mihir and mihika

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