Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – Fan Fiction – Chapter 4


Chapter 4
Note: I am going to write English so everybody can understand. thanks to Minnie for the brilliant suggestion. Again, please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions in the comments section.

Mihika is standing with Mihir and Abhishek and tells them that she is very happy for Ishita. Mihika taps on a glass with a spoon and grabs everybody’s attention.
Mihika: I think we should a pooja for Ishita Aaka’s (sister’s) protection.
Mrs Bhalla: Very good idea Mihika, Good Good! We will have the pooja tomorrow, the sooner the better.

Everybody starts talking and Mihika turns to Mihir and Abhishek.
Mihika: So, who is going to help me organise it, huh?
Mihir and Abhishek both put their hands up and leaves.
Mihika leaves smilingly.
Raman: Ruhi, Adi it is time for school. Lets go.
Raman, Ruhi and Adi leave for school.

At school, Ruhi goes in with her friends and Adi spots Vinni and goes to meet her.
Adi: Vinni, guess what? I am so happy today.
Vinni: Adi, what happened?
Vinni gets tensed.

Flasback starts,
Vinni’s mum is crying, Vinni enters but stops seeing her mother crying.
Vinni: Mumma what is wrong? Why are you crying?
Vinni’s Mum: Nothing, Vinni go
Vinni: Tell me, Mumma
Vinni’s Mum: Nothing, it’s just that my Mum died on this day. it just reminds me of my stepmom about how she changed to so much.
Vinni: What happened, Mumma. Tell me.
Vinni’s Mum: When my Mum died, my dad remarried. My stepmom was nice to me but then she got pregnant and then she just changed. She didn’t care for me neither did my dad. They only cared about the new baby. That’s when I learned that a mum only cares for her own child. Not for a step childhood.
Flashback ends.

Vinni shares the incident about about her mother to Adi and Adi gets tensed. Raman and Shagun overhear this. (Raman was leaving when Shagun came to meet Adi.)
Later that day, at home. Ishita is being pampered by everybody at home. Raman and kids enter. Ruhi goes to Ishita and spends cute moments with her while Raman takes Adi with him to his room.

Precap: Raman explains to Adi that Ishita’s love for Ruhi and him will not change after the baby comes. They have some bonding time. Manoj propses to Shagun with roses.

Note: Please tell if you like this layout or the one I did in Chapters 1,2 and 3.

Credit to: Pari

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  1. It’s a nice story l m liking it so much. Thank u for writing such beautiful story. I m eager to read the next part.

  2. i am confused does it next episode of yhm

  3. Thanks for liking it…not my best….will do better in chapter 5 (I hope) and just a reminder that is fan fiction not happening in the episodes…thanks.

  4. Thanks for liking it…not my best….will do better in chapter 5 (I hope) and just a reminder that is fan fiction not happening in the episodes…thanks.

  5. Very nice pari… Loved it soooo much… Keep writing…..

    Plsssss send it to makers if any body can.. So they can understand what d fans want in YHM…

  6. I think ishita also came to know about Adi’ s pssvns….nd she also should pmpr Adi nd expln him that her love will increase for them …it will helps Adi to realize ishita’s love….

  7. Plz upload faster so good story pari awesome

    1. Hi…will try but I will definitely post at least once a day. Working on the next part

  8. Very cute would be great if yhm in real has a story like this…loads of love dr

  9. Why r u repeating the story of adi’s insecurity ?i think this issue has already been shown in the serial. Ishita has already cleared adi ‘s doubts

    1. Pooja…I want to show Raman handling Adi in this situation as I think Raman and Adi scenes could be as heart touching as Ruhi and Ishita’s scenes. I am not repeating the Adi’s doubts I just want to show more bonding bewtween Raman and Adi. Sorry if I hurt your feelings.

  10. Good story

  11. u r doing great pari. ye story telecast honi chayiye nki surrogacy wala . plz send this to the makers if possible . this show needs a buck up

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