Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – Fan Fiction – Chapter 3


Chapter 3

The nurse comes in and tells them that Shugan can be discharged in one hour but some formalities have to be done. Manoj goes with the nurse to complete them. Ishita asks Shugan what happened to her. Flashback is shown with a professional killer trying to murder Shagun in an abandoned street but Shugan manages to reach the main street. Shagun faints. Flashback ends.

Ishita asks Shugan, “Pur koi killer tum hain murder kara ga…why? (But why will somebody murder you?) Shagun sits up uncomfortably when Manoj comes in and asks Shagun to rest. Meanwhile, Ashok is telling the professional killer off for not harming Ishita. The killer tells him that she should be dead by now and shows Shagun’s picture with a red cross over her face. Ashok gets angry. Suraj walks in and tells Ashok that is is obsessed with Raman and Ishita and this is harming their business. Ashok is wondering how Ishita’s picture changed into Shagun’s.

Flashback is showen. Ashok is talking to the killer and hands him the picture of Ishita. Shagun has seen everything and is shocked. Ashok leaves and Shagun bumps into the killer on purpose, swaps the picture with her own photo and leaves.
Flashback ends.

Ishita comes home happy and tries to talk to Raman but Raman avoids her. Manoj calls Raman and informs him about Shagun’s miscarriage. Raman gets sad and disconnects the phone. Ishita tries to talk to him again and takes him to their room. Ishita says, “Raman, Raman listen to me. Raman I’m pregnant.” Raman gets shocked and turns around to face Ishita. Ishita smiles and shows him her reports. Raman gets happy.

Manoj goes to meet Shagun and sees her drunk, crying. She blames herself for ruining so many lives and herself. She confesses love to Manoj in a drunken state, not aware that Manoj is there. Manoj gets happy.

Raman and Ishita spend light moments together, having a sweet argument about telling the family this good news or not. Raman wants to cheer the family up while Ishita wants to wait for a bit. Raman goes out and gathers the family, he tells them that Ishita is pregnant. Everybody gets happy and the whole family spends light moments. Ruhi and Adi hug Ishita and Ishita feels happy.

Precap: Ishita is being pampered by everybody in the family. Vinni tries to brainwash Adi against Ishita and Shagun hears her.

Credit to: Pari

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  1. Like the story

  2. I was wondering if I should have a twist in which it is found out that Rinki is alive?! Opinions?

  3. Very good nice words wonderful story

  4. Very good nice words speechless wonderful story

  5. Ye bacha hai koi thing niii jis ko jab caho mar do aur jab caho dopara ka lo

    1. Don’t worry Vinni will still be positive….just wait and watch. I am sorry if you didn’t lile the precap but sometimes things are not what they look like. Again sorry… the precap is a bit strong on Vinni.

    2. Sorry….I didn read ur conment properly. I thought u were talking about Vinni n killing Rinki wasn’t ny plan..I just had an idea because if Rinki was here then I wouldn’t be confused about Mihika and Mihir and Abhishek. Sorry if I hurt ur feelings.

  6. Really good…keep it up Pari

  7. Really nice… Keep it up..

    No pls join mihir mihika…..

  8. Ye bacha hai ya koi mazak hahaha

  9. Omg, u r right. Ye bacha hain. But we all know what a child who has been brainwashed by somebody can do. Like Adi, he hated Ishita because of Shagun. Can’t it be possible that Vinni has been brainwashed by somebody. Which is why she is trying to look out for her friend. Again, sorry if I hurt ur feelings.

  10. I like the story u give. As I also want shagun and manoj together.Plz keep it up.

  11. Pari its very nice but can u say me how to rgt fan fiction…nd i want mihir and mihika…they luk best…

    1. Email tu or go on the contact us page.

  12. please send this story to the makers somehow . trp bohot bare ga and show v accha ho jayega bapas se . 🙂

  13. very very very nice pari
    how do get the ideas
    ur thinking skills are superb
    keep writing
    unite shagun and manoj
    mihir and mihika

  14. Thank you for your support, I am very glad that I shared my hopes for YHM. Diya tum na toh mujhe emotional kare di ya. I will have a love triangle between Mihika, Mihir and Abhishek for a while and then lets see what happens…I relay on my instincts for these matters. Thanks to, Riya, Diya, Manha, Cutie Pie, Omg, Jhanvi, Sakshi, Ritika and tm for ur lovely comments. I am very touched. I promise you that the next chapter will make you smile and hopefully by this fan fiction we all can remember the good old episodes of YHM until, it once again wins our hearts and support by it’s tracks.

  15. Very nice

  16. eagerly waitng .. 🙂

  17. Vowwwww its awesome story. Plz yar ye story makers tak pahucha do it is very good.

    1. Thank you…maybe if we leave links to the chapter on social media they might get the idea. Lets see what happens by trps decreasing. Thanks for the sweet comment.

  18. Pari hope u don’t feel offended….but just a suggestion that if u write anyone’s dialogue na the use “ ” this or like this
    Ishita : …..
    Shagun:….then describe the scene it will make ur ff more nice than it is… it is just a suggestion don’t take it rudely 🙂

    1. Thanks for the suggestion….nothing to feel offended I will use your suggestion for chapter 4 which is nearly. Thanks.

  19. Plsssss next part….!!!!

    Nd want mihir mihika together..

  20. Awesome! Great imagination power. Its the only story which I think most of yhm fans want to see. Good understanding power of what a normal person wants to see in this series. I really like it.Sorry I read it today so I commented now.All the best.

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