Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – Fan Fiction – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Ishita goes to the reception and asks for her results. The receptionist tells her that the doctor wants to see her regarding her reports. Ishita gets tensed thinking it is bad news. She thanks the receptionist and goes to the doctor.

The doctor greets her and tells her to sit. Ishita sits down and the doctor tells her that the tests that she did have showed thst she is, he hesitates and Ishita gets nervous. The doctor smiles and says, “Dr Ishita, you are pregnant.” Ishita gets teary-eyed.

The doctor smiles and says, “Yes, Dr Ishita. It is a miracle. In all my years, I have never seen anything like this.” Ishita smiles and remembers the bus accident. She remembers the family’s happiness when she was pregnant and gets emotional.

Ishita thanks the doctor and starts to leave when the doctor asks her, “Oh and Dr Ishita tell Dr Manoj to be careful with this case. It is a very sensitive case.” Ishita thanks him and leaves.

Meanwhile, Manoj is pacing trying not let his emotions overcome him. The nurse comes and tells him that Shugan is okay but she has had a miscarriage and she has lost the baby. Manoj is glad that Shagun is okay and goes in to see her.

Ishita comes there and tells Manoj the good news and Manoj tells her about Shagun being the surrogate mothet of her chilf. Ishita gets emotional and thanks Shagun while Shagun feels uncomfortable and tells her that it was no big deal.

Precap: Shagun is drunk. Ishita tells Raman that she is pregnant.

Thanks for reading. I’m sorry, similarly Precap but the episode was longer than what I planned. Please leave suggestions about what you would like and I’ll try to include them. Also, still not sure about Mihika. So will wait and see.

Credit to: Pari.

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  2. A quick thank to all my readers. Thank you to those who comment and thank you to those who are silent readers, like I was/am. Thank you for posting such encouraging comments on the first chapter.

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    1. Thann you for all the sweet comments, I hope you all like the next part.

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  11. Thanks for all the sweet comments, I hope you all like the next part

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