Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Enough is enough

Hello, I watch Yeh Hai Mohabbatein everyday 6 pm know hot star without missing…. but the current teach is so illogical. Mihika says that she loves Romi ,then why is she marrying Raman? To get revenge from her sister, by Simmi’s one word will she go against Ishita? She will marry Raman, and that too he might be an elder person to Mihika. Also how can she become a mum to Pihu?

Another thing, the memory loss for Raman. They are saying he forgot everything including Ishita. Then how come he remembers his mother, father, business, and all? And without reading he will sign the divorce paper? Please stop this track and end the serial. Makers are dragging this so much. Please at least change the track. And how will Raman’s  mother go against Ishita in a go? She also knows about Simmi and her evil wishes against Ishita.

At least be a little logical. In practical life will all these happen? what is this? At least make a twist in the marriage track please. How can Mihika do like this to her own sister? This might even motivate people to go in a negative way for taking revenge. I am not saying it to be full positive but not this much negativeness to destroy her (Simmi) whole family for her kid.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    According to the spoiler ishra will get married n it gets revealed that Mihika n Ishita were doing a hate drama.I duno if this spoiler is fake or not.on YHM ishra got separated many times n still they came back together.So don’t worry.Let them show any crap.Watch it only when they show good tracks

  2. I use to watch each and every episode of YHM and honestly this was only serial i use to watch. Now from months it has become so boring and illogical that i stopped watching but sometime i read the episode online. Since years Ishita and raman are only crying. Writer never shown a happy family in this serial. Come on, give a break…

  3. Same with me too.. these days it’s very boring. I read just the tellyupdates. Everything was good until the Budapest part. Ruhi Nikhil riya episodes were good. Aliya and ADI too. But Parmeet and simmi changed everything. I feel Ashok and Shagun rivalry wih ishra was.more natural and interesting to watch. Simmi and Parmeet are.doing a gr8 job..but simmi s revenge as sister to her own bro and family part is not so nice to watch. How can bhallas not even get a clue of what Parmeet is doing. Even though they are in same house. Will simmi and Parmeet trouble mr.and mrs. Bhalla also ? Wish to see Ishra together again.. miss their chemistry on screen.

    1. Absolutely right Ms. Reshmi..

  4. Just read on TOI that Raman will get married to Mihika. They have shown small clip on TOI. It shows that R puts manalsutra on M AND Ishi is running to stop. Then R about to put sindoor, Ishi comes there and gets kidnapped by Parmeet. Not sure how true is this clip???
    Somewhere i have read that R will realize he is married to Ishita and he stops the wedding at last minute.
    Well we have to see what future holds for YHM.
    Really the serial needs a new fresh story.

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