Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Dastaan) intro


Hi everyone, this is my first FF on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, hope you will like it, so this will continue from the original track, so from Pihu being found and Shagun told her to stay this, from 29th May 2016, hope you will enjoy it.

So here’s the promo:
Ishita is crying and Mani is consoling her.
Ishita: My Daughter is happy and safe with Raman.
Mani: Don’t worry Ishu…
Ishita cries and nods.

Then Raman is shown sitting down,
Raman: I will never forgive you Ishita! Whatever you did was…
He throws the glass and angrily looks on.

Ruhi is shown smirking,
Ruhi: Raman and Ishita will never be together, I will never let them unite!

Adi is shown thinking,
Adi: I have to unite Ishi Maa and Papa, but how?

Shagun is seen caressing Pihus hair,
Shagun: I don’t know why but Pihu is my daughter and I can’t let Ishita take her away from me…
Shagun looks at Pihu.

Ishita, Ruhi, Adi, Raman and Shagun are shown.

Kya Ho payenge Raman aur Ishita Ek? (Will Raman and Ishita unite?)

Then someone is shown walking in the compound, it turns out to be a girl, she has long black curly hair, she is wearing black chinos and white buttoned shirt with flat black shoes, she takes her sunglasses off and her lips are shown smiling.

Kaun hai yeh? Kya yeh Raman aur Ishita ko kar payegi ek? Kya yeh mitah de gi Raman Ki Nafrat? Ya hai iska bhi koi maksat?

(Who is she? Will she be able to unite Raman and Ishita? Will she be able to get rid of Ramans hatred? Or does she also have a goal?)

Stay tuned and to read Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Dastaan)

Thank you for reading, please comment to tell me how you all feel about this….

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  1. Samreen Chougle

    Interesting dear episode plzzz

  2. Its nice pls continue

  3. jasmine Rahul

    shagun using pihu 2 make ishita stay away was irritating.glad that u r writing a ff on it.who is that girl?how will ishra unite?

  4. Interesting….post soon

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