Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Can we ever be Adliya again — Leap Intros

aliya kumari sharma, age: 33: she hates love. she considers that love is a promise delivered already broken and that love is an illusion. she hates the Bhalla family with all her heart. she especially hates Aditya Bhalla. she is living with another family who took her in as their own. she is now a fashion designer. she thinks there is no point in living life but she is still living it because of her six year old daughter gauri.

gauri kumari sharma, age: 6: the daughter of aliya. loves her cousins meher and mahira. her father is unknown. she wants to know who her father is but aliya refuses to reveal anything nor does any other family members. a sweet, cheeky, bubbly girl with a wild imagination.

Aditya Bhalla a.k.a adi, age: 34: he misses aliya a lot. hates Roshni with all his heart. living in his own world. became an alcoholic as soon as aliya left him. his only solace of peace is sita. he is also a ruthless and arrogant businessman with a cold stone heart. blames Roshni for everything.

Roshni Bhalla, age: 35: she is the real mother of sita. she is ruling over the Bhalla family by using sita. she hates aliya with all her heart. with using aliya, she has managed to get Ishita, pihu, mikha and ruhi’s love. sita’s master.

sita Bhalla, age: 14: the daughter of adi and Roshni. use to miss aliya but now hates her. her brain is controlled by Roshni. she hates the fact that her father is addicted to alcohol. roshni’s servant. always does whatever Roshni tells her to do.


majaaz sharma, age: 44 and madeeha sharma, age: 42

meher kumari sharma, age: 22: majaaz and madeeha’s eldest child.

mahira kumari sharma, age: 18: majaaz and madeeha’s youngest daughter

the bhallas are the same.

this is mikha and romi’s daughter (turns out romi was able to become a father hence mikha became pregnant):

ishana, age: 17

ruhi is 29 and is engaged to someone called akash now.

pihu, age: 23: she may looked like ruhi when she was little but slowly she got her own looks. a doctor by profession.

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  1. Mansi

    Interesting CS?So many changes happened….OMG Adilya got separated?Roshni?Looking forward to read it?

    1. Mansi

      Update ASAP?

  2. Jasminerahul

    cs was superb.surprised to see jasmin as pihu and ishana as romhika’s daughter.sad that adilya got separated n roshni is ruling bhallas by turning sita against aliya.can’t wait for the next part

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