Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Can we ever be Adliya again? — Chapter 3

that night:
gauri was still in hospital. whilst she was sleeping, aliya grabbed her phone and went on her contacts. she was about to dial a number but was hesitant to do so. just then she felt a hand on her shoulder. aliya turned to find meher.
meher: what happened?
aliya: I am confused whether to call him or not. there is a lot of risk in this decision. maybe gauri could be taken away from me forever. maybe he won’t even care.
meher: I know how hard it is but look at gauri.
aliya looked at little gauri who was sleeping. gauri didn’t even know she was fighting against life and death. despite suffering through this disease, she managed to keep a smile on her face and was always so cheerful.
aliya looked again at the phone and started to dial the number with meher by her side.
ten seconds later:
aliya: he isn’t picking up.
meher: try again.
aliya dialled the number again.

Bhalla’s house:
Roshni was about to sleep when adi’s phone was ringing. considering that adi was drunk, he wouldn’t pick it up. Roshni went to the phone and saw that the id was unknown number. she picked it up and said: hello?
aliya was shocked. that…that homewrecker answered? she ended the call the minute she heard her voice.
Roshni: maybe it is some spam.
meher: what happened now?
aliya: she picked up.
meher: kaun? Roshni?
aliya: yes her. in this decision, Roshni is the biggest risk. she hates me so much that she will do anything to ruin my life and the minute she finds out about gauri, she will try and ruin her life.
meher: I think you should go to delhi and talk to gauri’s father.
aliya looked at gauri who was still sleeping and was about to say something when gauri woke up with a sad pout.
gauri: where is fluffy?
aliya: now who is fluffy?
gauri: you have a memory of a goldfish. fluffy is my blanket. now where is it?
aliya: home.

gauri: I want fluffy. mummy, get fluffy!
aliya: meher, please sort her out else she will bite my head off one day.
meher: arre princess, how can we go home at this hour?
gauri: I want fluffy else I won’t sleep and….and…and I will cry.
aliya: such a whingy child you are.
meher and aliya laugh as gauri pulled another sad pout.
gauri: you are very mean mummy.
voice: arre gauri, don’t be upset.
they turned to see madeeha with gauri’s white blanket. she gave it to gauri and said: now is my princess happy?
gauri: yes I am happy. thank you chachi. (she turns to aliya) at least some people are nice.
aliya: madeeha Bhabhi, why did you take the trouble to bring her blanket?

madeeha: aliya, it was no trouble and besides I know that this cheeky monster wouldn’t let anyone sleep until she had fluffy by her side.
aliya: thank you. now bulbul, sleep. tomorrow you are getting dismissed from hospital and if you don’t sleep then you can stay in hospital for two more days. I am always looking forward for no Salman Khan.
gauri: stop insulting my sallu. he is very sweet and very handsome unlike your SRK.
aliya: gauri, how rude!
madeeda: now stop fighting over this else gauri will never get any sleep and then she has to stay in hospital for two days.

gauri: fine I will sleep but only because I never get cake here.

meher, madeeha and aliya rolled their eyes as gauri happily snuggled with her bestie fluffy and closed her eyes.

aliya: madeeha Bhabhi, I will be going out of town for god knows how long to get gauri her donor. I hope you don’t mind looking after gauri for a few days.

madeeha smiles and says: it is no problem. I adore gauri so it won’t be any trouble….ek minute, ek minute, you are going to get adi?

aliya: yes. look now he is my only hope. you know there is no point in having another child kyunki one I am single and two we only have 1 month left else…

she couldn’t complete her sentence as silent tears rolled down her cheeks. madeeha and meher hugged her tight.

meher: nothing will happen to our princess.

madeeha: she is a very strong girl. god will save her.

aliya nods and hugs them tight.

the next day:

meher, madeeha, aliya came back with gauri dressed in a simple baby pink frock holding her fluffy. as they entered the house, they saw the living room with white and pink balloons scattered all over the floor and then two big teddies on either side of the white sofa. on the coffee table, there was fairycakes iced with baby pink and white frosting.

gauri: wow! party!

voice: yes party but only for us.

they saw the owner of the voice smiling and that was no other than majaaz. mahira came from downstairs and said: wow piddi, you match the theme of this party.

gauri: thank you and stop calling me piddi.

mahira: fine.

gauri: so let me get this straight, my friends are not coming.

mahira: if you want to land yourself in hospital again then sure we can invite your friends. appu, quickly call her friends.

gauri pulled a sad pout and said: no I don’t want to go to hospital. so I will happily spend my party with you guys.

aliya: madeeha Bhabhi, majaaz bhai I will quickly freshen up and then I will go.

gauri: kaha?

aliya in mind: hey bhagwan, this girl and her endless questions! what to say? how is thinking so hard? IDEA! (talking) you see gauri, I am going to get someone who will make sure that you will never have to go to hospital again.

gauri: oh ok! then you can go.

aliya smiles and kisses her forehead: thanks and now enjoy your party.

gauri nods and joins majaaz, mahira and meher as madeeha happily watched them. aliya goes upstairs and quickly takes a shower, brushes her hair and then changes into a beautiful dress:

Image result for Powder Blue and Pink Dhoti Gown

she goes downstairs and was about to go when…

majaaz: ek minute aliya.

he took some money out of his pocket and kept it in aliya’s hand.

aliya: majaaz bhai, I already got money. I already feel bad taking a lot of money from you as of getting gauri treated.

majaaz: madeeha and I are willing to get bankrupt for gauri.

aliya: but…

majaaz: take some money for yourself. look because of gauri you have completely stressed yourself out and you don’t eat probably. get something on the way.

aliya: fine. thank you.

majaaz: no problem. now quickly go and bring back our playful bird.

aliya nods and hugs majaaz. she broke the hug and went to get a cab.

aliya: please take me to delhi.

the cab driver nods and the car set off.

hi guys, sorry for such a late update. just let my exams finish and then I will update this ff frequently along with everything else.

anyway so what is gauri suffering?

and will adi agree to be gauri’s donor?

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  1. Mansi

    Awesome update!!…Was waiting for it….Poor Gauri suffering from such a serious disease but still smiling…..Aaliya have her own apprehensions regarding calling Adi or not but don’t want Roshni to come between…..She will go to Delhi….Aaliya Gauri scene was cute….Update soon!!…

  2. Jasminerahul

    oh no.gauri is sick.poor aliya is suffering she lost adi and now her daughter not well.sad that she couldn’t get adi.this roshni always between them.gauri’s scenes are so cute.waiting for adilya meeting. hope gauri gets well n adilya will unite

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