Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Can we ever be Adliya again? — Chapter 2

‘mama, yeh kaun hai?’

aliya turned to see her six year old daughter gauri holding some picture. she took it from her hands and got shocked. it was adi’s picture.

aliya in mind: where did she find this picture? I thought I burnt them all.

gauri: mama, say na. who is this man?

aliya: gauri baby, where did you find this picture?

gauri: I was getting some colours from your drawer and I found that picture.

aliya got shocked but because gauri was really little, she knew she had to manage everything calmly.

aliya: gauri, meri bacha. you know next time if you need to take something out of my drawer then ask me.

she tickles her making gauri laugh.

gauri: ok mama but this man?

aliya: this man is someone who is very bad. I hate him a lot. about this being in my drawer, I don’t know how it ended up in there. maybe by mistake. but this man, I hate a lot. he ruins the definition of love.

gauri: oh! I thought he was my father.

aliya got even more shocked. the last thing she wanted was for gauri to know who her father was. this was because she was scared nevertheless she handled the matter calmly: aww mera bacha. when you are older then you will understand everything. for now, go and play with meher appi and mahira appi.

gauri: just meher appi.

aliya: now what happened between you and mahira?

gauri: mahira appi chased me around the house because I took her lipstick.

aliya: and that is your mistake. you know baby, don’t take her lipstick. I know you two like to annoy each other a lot but still. if you want lipstick then ask me. but for now say sorry to mahira appi.

gauri: ok.

she runs from there. as soon as she was out of sight, aliya ripped the picture into a million shreds. madeeha came.

madeeha: whose picture are you ripping?

aliya: mr Aditya Bhalla’s!

madeeha: did gauri find it?

aliya: yes but I just said that he is a bad person and she believed me.

madeeha: you know aliya, the day will come when gauri will know about him being her dad.

aliya: and this is why I am scared Bhabhi. which is why I am saying he is a bad person and I am not lying. he cheated on me. he kept me in the dark for eight years. he took my love as an advantage. if it so happens that that man finds that…that gauri is his daughter then he will try and steal her and if he steals her from me, then I will die.

she cries in madeeha’s arms.

madeeha: aliya, calm down na. he won’t find you and majaaz and I are here. gauri will not meet her father.

aliya: accha did you get any news from the doctors?

madeeha: no. not yet.

meher and mahira: GAURI!!!

aliya got scared and she ran with madeeha to where meher and mahira were only to find gauri unconscious.

alia: GAURI!

majaaz came and was too shocked.

majaaz: maybe her condition has worsen. we have to go to hospital.

he picks gauri up and the family goes out of the house.


they were waiting outside as the doctor was examining gauri.

aliya: meher, what happened exactly?

meher: one minute we were playing and the next gauri felt dizzy and fainted.

aliya was shocked. her daughter was already fighting a battle against life and death and her fainting was making aliya more scared.

the doctor came out and said: thankfully she is fine but I suggest that she needs to have bed rest.

aliya: thanks god.

doctor: but miss sharma, you need to find a donor soon. is there any chance gauri’s father might have the same bone marrow as her?

aliya was silent.

gauri’s father didn’t even know that her own daughter exist.

aliya: maybe…

doctor: I advise you to contact her father else anything can happen to gauri including death.

aliya: doctor! meri gauri is a strong girl! nothing will happen to her!

doctor: then get in touch with her father as soon as possible maybe he may have the same bone marrow.

he left. aliya collapsed on the floor, shocked.

majaaz: aliya, I hate to admit this but the doctor is right. no matter how much you don’t want to, you have to get in touch with him. at least for gauri’s sake.

aliya: I don’t know. I want gauri to be safe but….(she thought of something and then spoke again) why should gauri suffer for what happened six years ago? I have to get adi but not forever.

majaaz: good.

aliya stands up and goes in the room where gauri was in. she was still sleeping. aliya sat on the chair and held one of her hands. she kissed it and said: what mistake have you done that god decided to put your life in this matter?  he should have punished me instead. why did he punish you? baby, I can do anything to save you from death even if it means having to deal with the one I hate the most.

just then gauri woke up only to see aliya crying.

gauri: mama, what happened?

aliya wiped her tears and said: nothing bulbul (aliya’s nickname for gauri). how are you feeling now?

gauri: confused.

aliya: kaise?

gauri: I am in hospital again. why?

aliya: because someone doesn’t even take care of herself and guess what doctor uncle said?

gauri: what?

aliya: that you have to be on full bed rest and you have to listen to mama.

gauri: so no playing?

aliya: yes. you can play when you are on your bed.

gauri: this is the sixth time.

aliya in mind: and hopefully the last (talking) yes so? this is what you get when you don’t take care of yourself and you have to have that medicine.

gauri: that bitter one?

aliya: yes. that one.

gauri makes a face. majaaz, madeeha, mahira and meher came in.

mahira: oh so someone woke up from her beauty sleep.

gauri: you could use one.

aliya: gauri..

mahira: piddi…

meher: mahira, gauri don’t fight.

aliya: say sorry.

gauri: fine sorry.

aliya: good.

madeeha: so how are you feeling now?

gauri: good. do I get cake?

madeeha: nope hospital food.

gauri makes another face. the nurse came with food and then left.

aliya: wow tomato soup. chalo eat.

gauri: no. nurse didi!

she rang the bell and the nurse came.

nurse: what happened gauri?

gauri: is there cake?

nurse: there is but it isn’t for you. this tomato soup is.

gauri: but nurse didi, I want cake.

nurse: eat this soup and then you get cake.

gauri makes a face as the nurse goes.

aliya: will you eat if majaaz mamu makes you?

gauri: yes!

majaaz sits on a chair and makes gauri sit.

majaaz: now where will this train go?

gauri: in my mouth.

majaaz: yes right.

madeeha to aliya: contact him soon.

aliya to madeeha: will do


so guys how was this?

what do you think is happening to gauri?

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  1. Jasminerahul

    shocking that gauri is sick n she needs a donor. aliya hid adi’s identity from gauri n told her that he is bad.but even though she doesn’t want adi to know about gauri she has to contact him to tell him about gauri.oh.waiting for adilya scenes

  2. Mansi

    Shocking update???Gauri finding a pic in Aaliya’s drawer n it’s of Adi n she want to know so she told him he is a bad guy….OMG Gauri needs a donor n Doctor suggested to contact her father ie Adi n after much thought Aaliya decided to talk to him?Aaliya gauri n Majaaz scene was sweet☺Update ASAP?

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