Raman:    How can she fight with me like that, I’ll teach her wat manners is

(inside the house)

Ishu: Wat mean person he is ? don’t have manners to talk  to a lady, forget it I’m getting late

She get ready for her job and about to leave.

Adi : mom, I’ll get bored even if u r not here with me to play.

Ishu: Adi All of sudden I got call from office that they have urgent requirement of designs and they called me to join office. So please adjust na beta. Evening I’ll try to come early and play with u ok…..

thoshi : wat help 5 years kid wii do, I’ll take care u go….

Ishu: Adi bye love u , miss u, bye mummyji.

(Ishita reaches office)

Deeksha introduces her to staff , she is direct assistant to Raman, which she is not aware of that

Ishita: Deeksha,how come I’m assistant to Mr. Raman not under Mihir…. If I’m not wrong u informed me that I’m Mr. Mihir assistant

Deeksha: S Ishitha actually that was the order we had before, but later Mr. Mihir Assistant took back his resignation .so, we shifted u under Raman.

Ishita: oh! ok (in her mind; oh papaji please help me , phone par tho kadoos ki thara lag raha tha)

Deeksha: Ishita , come with me I’ll show ur cabin.

Ishitha follows deeksha and stunned to see her cabin, Very nice spacious and neat and very nice interiors

Ishita: wow! Wat a spacious cabin feel like to work .

Deeksha: OK Ishita , good u start working on some design Raman will be coming in another 30 mins

Ishita: what!  In 30 mins he need design , how is it possible.

Deeksha: haan , we are helpless.

Ishu: ok, I’ll try my best

Deeksha : s, please try a lot.

Ishu: u are scaring me with ur words.

Deeksha : hmmm…. Whatever,,, Raman the Boss is very arrogant (kadoos) even if u give him lakh of designs he wont be satisfied so, ALL THE BEST

Ishu: hmmmm (taking deep breath)…. Oh papaji help me.

Raman came to office

Raman: Deeksha…..get all the designs wat designers have done

Deeksha:  yes sir, sir how about new lady, even her’s.

Raman: ss , I meant all.

Ishitha: don’t expect too much ishita ur will loose ur job on day one.

Ishitha takes out some of her old designs from file and checks which one to copy.At that deeksha come into her cabin

Deeksha: oh ! good u finished ur designs.

Deeksha grabs her design thinking she did that design for office, she writes her name on that paper and leave the room

Ishitha: no deeksha that is my personal one……

Deeksha did not hear and rushed to Raman’s cabin

Raman going thru’ all the designs and shortlisted in which Ishita design also got selected.

Raman: Deeksha , in call all the shortlisted designers.

Deeksha: ok sir.

Deeksha called all designers into conference room for meeting with Raman.

All were waiting for Raman, finally Mr. Kadoos entered conference room.

Ishita is scared of Raman, as she came to know from his collegues that he is very arrogant and no respect to others especially towards women.

Raman: Everyone, I don’t have time to explain u, I need bride lehenga sari 5 types of designs and grooms 3 types of design (without looking at ishita face ) Ishita ur design is good, please design for bride lehenga , I need within 5 days basic design.. ok guys please carry on have anydoubt either call or ping.

Ishita relaxed taking deep breath, Raman without seeing staff face he just walked out of conference room.

Deeksha came to Ishita

Deeksha: so how was ur first day first meeting.

Ishita: very scared of this meeting, but he dint even see my face.

Deeksha: He is like that, he doesnot want value of face but he need work to be done, so he says u give ur 100% I’ll give u everything

Ishita: ok…. then c I’ll start my designs now .

Finally Ishita prepares design in a day , as directed by deeksha she mails her deisgn to Raman with her number

Ishitha leaves her office as it was a time  , In the lift she collide with Raman

Raman: Oh! Jhansi ki Rani how come u r here, u r here to teach manners to anyone….(in anger)

Ishita: everyone wont be like u in the world and wat u think that I don’t have any other work.

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