Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Simmi spoils Raman’s life

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita thinking about Raman. Ashok comes and asks all okay. She says Ishita says Raman’s behavior was weird, he could have smiled, got annoyed, hugged or pushed away, you are not understanding, this was not Raman. He says you stayed away for two years. She says it was like we never had any relation, there was no annoyance, he was talking badly to everyone, but he spoke to you, he didn’t look annoyed, he did the business deal with me, knowing its your money. He says its business. She says he is not hungry for money, if he is not annoyed, why was he such, how was his question, who is in your family, how can anyone ask his wife like that, that’s confusing, he looked hypnotized by someone, he was not one whom I know, he was weird. She goes.

Parmeet asks what,

when did this happen. Simmi says I just kept quiet for the business, I will not leave Ishita, I will kill their children by troubling them a lot. He asks her to be with Raman and just do what she is already doing. He says we are running this house now. She says Ishita is clever, she can do anything. He says don’t worry, I will find out why she came back, no one should doubt that something is wrong. He ends call. He says Ishita in Budapest with Ashok, they are investors, this is not a good news.

Appa asks Amma to have food. Bhallas come to argue. Mrs. Bhalla asks where did you hide Ishita, why did you not say she is out of jail. She argues with Amma. She says you have sent her to Raman to Budapest, she is with Ashok, he wants to buy Raman’s company. Amma says we didn’t know this, enough now. They argue. Bhallas leave. Amma says Ishu is in Budapest….. Parmeet says they didn’t know this, it means Ishita planned something and hiding it, but what.

Aaliya is in market, shopping alone. She says its a romantic place, even a non lover will fall in love, I should say sorry to Adi. She looks for Adi. She goes to Adi. He asks her to leave him alone. She apologizes. She talks to a man and makes Adi hear. She says problems gets less on sharing. The man doesn’t understand her language. He goes. Adi asks what did you do, you scared him too. She says you have no time for me. He says really sorry, there are many problems, what shall I share. She asks him to say. He says Ishimaa is here. She asks what, when did she get released, she didn’t call us. He says she is with Ashok. She asks what.

Ashok says I also believe Raman is different. Ishita says I will never leave support, I have taken marriage vows by heart and will keep it, I have come back, what happened with him that he is in this state. He says you have to relax now, we have to plan something that you can talk to Raman in private. She says yes, then I can know what’s happening with him. Raman says I m not getting sleep. Shagun says you are having much black coffee, you didn’t feel good after meeting Ishita. Raman says no, she is with Ashok, I read on net that he is not a good man. Shagun says I know you want to forget things, but forgetting everything… He gets headache.

Simmi says your head is aching as you didn’t take dose. Shagun asks Simmi didn’t medicines not get less with time. Simmi says doctor gave instructions. She asks Raman to take care. Ishita calls him. Simmi answers. Ishita asks for Raman. Simmi asks why, office meeting ended, if you want to talk…. Raman asks whose call is it. Simmi says no one. She asks Ishita to let them enjoy holiday and ends call. Ashok asks what was that. Ishita asks how is Simmi controlling Raman’s life, how did he answer Raman’s phone, he doesn’t let anyone touch his phone. Aaliya says everything changed since you left us. Ashok asks them to talk and leaves. Ishita asks how did you find me. She hugs Aaliya. Aaliya says I m very happy, I came running to meet you, where were you, you didn’t call us, everything changed. Ishita says its been a month I got released, leave me story, your story is long, I m so disturbed, how did everything change.

Aaliya says even Adi is not okay, he doesn’t know where he stands in the house, Simmi and parmeet took over the business, this has badly affected Raman. She tells everything. Ishita says how can I see what’s going on in Raman’s heart, what shall I do, if Simmi is controlling him, how to get Raman out of this situation. Aaliya says we are going to market, its big market. We will manage and make you meet Raman. Ishita says it will be good, I can understand if I meet him, don’t tell anyone. Aaliya says you trust me right, everything will get fine now. Ishita says I will make everything fine, you go and do preparations for our meet, thanks. Aaliya goes.

Ishita says so its Simmi, who has shattered my family, she can’t run my family by her wish, breaking everyone like this, I won’t let this happen, this is my promise to my family, their Ishita will manage everything now.

Simmi says everything is in my hands now, I m the head of the family. Ishita talks to Raman. He holds her hand and says for the first time, someone understood me, thanks. Simmi looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ye toshi bhalla ko to ab tak mar jana chahiye tha.. kab tak zinda rahegi? bhudiya simmi ki galtiyaa bhul gayi aur use devi bana kar baithi hai.Har baar shagun inki family mein kyun aa jati hai,personal naukar hai kya?Ab mani yaad nahi aya use,tab to bada ro rahi thi jab wo mar gaya tha..Aliya ko seriously apni life mein kuch kar lena chahiye,kab tak adi ki naukrani banti firegi.Usse accha to ruhi hi hai atleast independent to hai na.Ishita jagatmata ab ashok ke sath bada dukh sukh bant rahi hai,pehle to use badi galiya marti thi ki wo ye hai,vo hai blah blah……pata nahi ye simmi aur param ki pitai kab hogi,sale pati patni moti chamdi ke hai…Nikhil ka role khatam kar diya kya??

  2. When r they going to update us abt nikhil. Waiting for the flashback/ explanation. Truely, toshiji is so selfish, she always calls shagun for help when ishita is gone, and when ishita comes back she says shagun is paraya and shud stay out of their family matters and conveniently forgets that shagun is the mother of the three children and took care of raman too.

  3. Somehow AarHi has lost their complete charm 🙁 I can understand Suchi’s dilemma but it seems she has already started believing Aarav as the murderer. Even Aarav is loosing his cool & I am feeling a big storm is on its’ way. It would have better if they had showed Suchi’s emotional turmoil as well, as she claims to love Aarav but here we are seeing her determined side more than her tormented side. It doesnt really match.

  4. Sorry, by mistake I have commented on this page.

  5. Also, it is true that parents always put their kids before themselves and do what is best for them. But ishra have supported their kids in their wrong doings too, making them brats! Remember when ruhi came drunk to raman’s award function and started hollering all the disgusting things. Also how she insults adi repeatedly calling him useless. And when aliya tries to calm her down she says she shud stay out of the “brother-sister” business. Its despicable! I hate ruhi. And ishita is responsible for ruhi’s arrogant behavior! She took the entire blame of anaya’s incident on herself, what is she teaching pihu: to lie, cover up and get away! And after every leap, she conveniently turns up in a new posh avatar with some guy. Wow! Soooooo realistic right! In spite of all these illogical things, the show goes on, only becos logic apparently is not important. The romance between ishra must go on! Becos they think people are stupid and will keep tollerating whatever cr.p they write.

  6. Shreya Shetty

    This dimmi Simmi needs to be taught a very painful lesson for completely destroying the bhalla parivar.
    I mean,i can understand that its all because of ananyas death simmi has completely transformed into a draculous villainess but also has greatly mistook ishita to be the murderer wheras it was none other than little pihu who has done it unintentionally
    but yet the same,Simmi can never ever change again and has returned to her old form of becoming eviler than shaggy and nidhi.shes the fourth female villain here after the other three although I appreciate her acting skills but still we cant blame the actress for her role given
    Hope so ishita must tell the truth to raman before simmi ruins him as well as separate the couple from getting reunited forever.
    I absolutely hate Mrs bhalla to the core of my heart since the beginning till the end.always she used to treat ishu as her daughter and now what happened??
    even she too being ishitas mother in law has taken support alongside with her cruel and sadistic daughter Simmi in disowning her without knowing the intention behind it.She s just a crappy old hag who needs to be doomed and killed for sure because almost many people I think hate her bossism attitude shown here.mrs bhalla should quit this show and get killed once and for all
    seriously what the hell is up with that witch Simmi bhalla and vampire parmeet??both are very irritating and they too need to die.AM sick and tired of tolerating them that’s enough they need to leave I say
    and yes ekta Kapoor ji if u don’t have any other business to deal with then please for the heavens sake put an end to this crap overloaded filth show right here and now.u r just poking fun of family relations since u didn’t get urself married or neither ever understood the relations of husband and wife s pain and hardships.go to hell Ekta and to ur filthy blo*dy shows full of stupidity

    1. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – spot on Shreya … All of Akta Kapoor’s dramas are a bunch of crap – Same old, same old, someone dies and returns, someone dies and returns with a memory blockage, someone dies and returns with plastic surgery.. uffff … I can do better!

  7. Shreya Shetty

    I ve understood what this evil Dracula Simmi is trying to do??like how nidhi tortured ruhi for 7 years brutually for greed and money and fame the same way,shes doing this to pihu,ruhi and adi too by turning raman against all three of his kids in order to erase ishita from their minds
    she needs to be finished by showing ishita unforgiving her fully.nobody should ever forgive simmi-parmeet for their cruel sins they ve committed in demolishing the parivar into a paraya
    its time for ishita our real heroine to show simmi whos the real boss of the family and how it has to be lead in a right path.Wayyy to go ishita,i am really a huge fan of u even though somewhat in the middle I might hate u r rudeness but nevertheless u r still our savior of the family and kick that simmi the witch out out plus mrs bhalla too.
    raman should mind his mannerisms for raising hand over his son adi unnecessarily.he instead should consider shagun as his ex wife instead of his real wife and push her out.aaaagh I am so irritated by their harsh attitude of the characters end this immediately!!

  8. I don’t understand Raman is in depression but seems like amnesty. Total confused. Put an end to this serial please.

  9. Shagun s role is a waste. She is also one hand with simi. Giving medicines blindly without taking second opinion. She s looking like a dumb idiot. She just wanted to go to budapest. Wicked woman, Hope ishu gets everthing sorted out. I feel ashok has come forward to help ishu with somebody s support. Think it may be raman. Its only a guess.

    1. very true Deepthi. I am sure Ruhi is acting , securing Ruhi industries .with Ramans knowledge . And Raman too is acting . I did not feel he swallowed the tablet given .Shaghuns intention I dontknow …but she is not required in these scenes .They have to save Bhalla industries . Ashok def with Raman is helping Ishitha ! Thats my feel ! Very defficult to digest …What to do serial rt ? But Ekta has no brains other than twisting the same . Story line is totally gone but interesting to know what more they can show .

  10. Hi All

    That is the trend of Ekta’s serials ..the hero and heroine never live happy..always seperation.
    You can have a serial with normal family dramas without , belittling actual family relations.
    This serial should have played out as follows..Ishita finally had a baby. Ruhi Adi grown up married and ended there.

    Ya Simmi you will receive your karma for your evil doings..and the fact that Param is using her as a puppet will put her in a state of such depression .

  11. azuka nkwonta

    After being away for a long time I have seen that alot has happened these past few days. To be honest ishita should not have claimed to be the one who pushed ananya,this is bad parenting, what is she teaching pihu? to make her believe that her mom will always cover for their crime. Covering for a child’s crime is also a crime itself. This is not the way to be a good mom. When your child commits crime you can plead for mercy on her behalf but not to cover for her crime. Shagun did the same thing with adi when he knocked down Mrs iyer she claimed to be the one who did it which was wrong. I don’t know what ekta kapoor is trying to teach us with parents behaving like this. Pihu did not do it intentional but that’s not why ishita should lie.
    After they chased shagun away I did not see anything that ishita and Raman did differently concerning Nikhil and ruhi, they just complicated the matter and even created bigger problems out of it. Mrs bhalla has always been a two faced woman, she can love you when she thinks it is benefiting her and hate you when she thinks it is not benefiting her, I don’t know if it is her nature or she is just a senseless woman. What she did with ishita she has always been doing it to shagun.
    I have always thought that in this serial that people don’t change. Nobody has changed so far in this serial so Ashok can’t have changed. What usually happens is that people who are negative in this serial develop with years, they became more smart in dealing with their suppose enemies. Just look at param he did not change but he got smart this is the same thing with Ashok. Ashok is still bad but he got smarter, he is still Raman’s enemy I am very sure. Even shagun didn’t change but she changed her life and made it more beneficial for her and her future and she got even more wiser and more smart.

    1. @Azuka Nkwonta, i agree with you!

  12. lets not comment of the characters they are manifestation of Balaji Films, what we should question is the production house about their weird , unrealistic story telling ability. Just Bizarre.

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