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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman telling Mihir that he will not lose, he will find other lawyer, he can’t lose Pihu. Adi gets the perfect couple contest pamphlet and shows Raman. Raman likes it. Adi says Bansal liked the concept. Mihir says Aaliya prepared this right. Romi comes and says Adi and Aaliya have great ideas, Simmi is doing its marketing. Mihir says we can make our office employees participate to make this a hit, Romi and Mihika are a great couple, and Raman and Ishita are perfect and can win. Raman says how are we perfect, leave it. Mihir says its good chance to patch up. Romi says leave it, Raman is scared. Mihir and Adi agree and praise Romi, and say Raman can’t do this. Raman says I know you are praising me so that I participate, this won’t happen, actually on second thoughts,

I will participate, don’t forget who won most dashing man contest. Romi says don’t feel bad if you lose. Raman says its perfect couple contest, not muscle competition, I did not show my body yet. I go gym till now. Romi says yes, I made you join. Raman says challenge accepted. Adi asks Romi to make sure everything get fine between Raman and Ishita. Romi asks him not to worry.

Pihu talks to the counselor. Ishita hopes everything gets fine. The lady talks to Pihu. Ishita says I hope Dr. Dixit makes her say truth of pills. Kunal asks Shagun how can she lie about Pihu’s suicide attempt, she is a kid, suicide is punishable offence, if she tells the judge that she did not do this, get out of this mess, cook up any story, Pihu should feel you did that for her good.

Mrs. Bhalla gets Amma home and asks her to go and impress Appa. Amma in her new look goes to her home. Appa opens the door for her. He is on call. Amma goes to him and calls him out. He gets a shock seeing her makeover. He asks what happened, what did you wear, are you going to become heroine in horror movie. Amma thinks he did not praise me and saying bad. She gets sad and cries. Appa thinks what happened to her. He goes. She thinks someone came in his life. He ends call and says what happened to her, I will take appointment from counselor and show her, she maybe in old age depression. He calls counselor and takes appointment. He thinks to take her medical papers to show doctor.

Pihu thanks the lady for the story and new words. Counselor asks her likes. Pihu says I like dancing and go for Kathak classes. Lady tells her about scrabble, make words and I will see. She tells Ishita that Pihu is playing, its a good start. Ishita says I m getting peace seeing her happy. Lady says I will talk to her, our talk will be recorded. Ishita says don’t push more. Lady says don’t worry, I deal with children everyday.

Appa keeps papers and says Madhu should not know of it. Amma asks what, where are you going. He says I m going in friend’s office farewell party. She says I will come along. He says no, you will get bored there, I will come till dinner. He leaves. She thinks what to do, this makeover is of no use.

Lady talks to Pihu about her school, friends or any pressure. Pihu says I have no pressure, my school is nice, all friends like me, they play with me, but that day…. She recalls when Tanu’s mum stopped her from playing with Tanu. Ishita says I did not think Pihu will be badly affected by one mistake, Raman says right, sometimes I hurt my loved ones.

Pihu says I came from that friend’s house and cried, then I had milk and slept. Lady asks her to recall well. She gets call and asks her to arrange cards. She goes out. Pihu gets a message on her phone. Shagun messages Pihu and writes her not to tell anyone about the pills, its not a good thing. Lady says I m sure Pihu is going to say truth and asks Ishita not to worry. Lady asks Pihu to say what she was telling about that day. Pihu asks shall I go home, I m not feeling good. Lady calls Aaliya. Pihu asks Aaliya shall we go home. Lady says we will call your Papa next time and show him how you play with us. Ishita looks. Aansun ka rishta…….plays………….Pihu goes. Ishita and Mihika hide. Aaliya takes Pihu.

Amma is angry and gets to her old avatar. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened, did Appa like the makeover. Amma says he called me horror film heroine, he does not love me, he finds me boring. Mrs. Bhalla says no, he has seen you after many years like this, how will you feel if he comes with bright clothes, give him time, he will get habitual, go and change. Amma asks her to answer call and put on speaker. Amma talks to Appa’s friend and says Vishwa left for your home. He asks why did you not come. She says he went alone for your farewell party. He says what, I did not retire, I got promotion, maybe he went somewhere else’s party, tell him to call me. Amma gets angry and says I will show him horrow, he saw my good side, I will show him my scary side. Mrs. Bhalla says talk to him, calm down. Amma says I will teach him a lesson.

Lady says everything was going fine and then Pihu did not say. Ishita says did Pihu worry, Pihu will not understand all this, are we torturing her doing this. Lady says we have to take more time, get Raman along, so that he knows what is Pihu saying. Ishita says Shagun made her state like this, you are doing this for us, thank you. Aaliya and Pihu reach home. Aaliya asks what happened to her. Pihu says nothing, I m tired. Aaliya says why is she behaving strange. Shagun hugs Pihu and asks did you tell anyone. Pihu says no, Dadi says lying is bad, why did you lie. Shagun says yes, but I did not lie, I was scared seeing bottle under the pillow, promise me you will never touch it. Pihu asks her not to worry. Shagun thanks and hugs her, thinking now she will not tell anyone. Pihu tells that aunty played games, and asked me to get Papa also, she asked about pills, what shall I tell her. Shagun says say truth that you were in sleep, and does not know when you kept bottle under pillow. Pihu goes. Shagun says so everyone is trying to make Pihu say truth, what are they upto, I have to find out smartly.

Aaliya says Pihu has so much fun. Shagun thanks Aaliya for taking Pihu, and asks is that any counselor, Pihu said lady was asking many things. Aaliya says she is child psychologist and was helping her, do you have any problem. Shagun says no, you can take Pihu again, its good for her. Aaliya asks about the fashion show preparations. Shagun says its going good. She thinks to keep an eye on Aaliya. She says I will give milk to Pihu and goes. Aaliya says I gave to warn Ishita that Shagun has doubt on us, we should be careful.

Raman says I want a beautiful and smart partner, I m participating in couple contest, Romi feels his body is better than mine, I m participating to make him lose, someone beautiful and smart is needed to make Mihika lose. Simmi says Ishita is there, beauty with brain. Raman says she is there, but beauty and brain are absent.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi rithu vp parichary bhagya magic shivani and all the yhm family today epi is not v good shagun is very strong in the show rithu are you student?

    1. Hey madhu . how are you?yes, I am a student.

      1. Hi rithu i am fine happy to know that you are also a student so you can also help me than pls tell me regular or distance degree are same or any different for further study? It is v important for me pls

      2. Where is magic now why he isn’t helping me now thats why i was saying shivani is better than him if i asked to shivani she had told me if that would be wrong or right but she definitly told me it means shivani is better than magic

      3. Regular course is better madhu….m not saying distance education is bad, but make sure that the universities/institute which provides such courses has the approval of UGC….without UGCs approval, certificate is invalid…

      4. distance education ,you have to prepare yourself for examinations…
        you won’t have any teachers to clear your doubt and some big companies will not accept employees from Distance learning graduates

        Its always better to join any course in Regular Learning than Distance Learning.

      5. No shivani i want to know for further study like if you have pg from distance are you qualified for ph.d or not any complication in the admission or not where is magic pls magic clearify my doubts

      6. huge fan of rithu and yhm

        Hi all yhm fans i am 30yr old married girl doing job thats why i am silent reader of this page because i don’t have time i like rithu magic and vp’s comments very much but rithu i am huge huge and huge fan of you because of your updates though you are a student but i am reading for few day’s that girl madhu irritating magic v much as shivani is better but she don’t know what is magic? I am also a girl and i know magic is a boy but look at his comment with full of class and education even after she irritating him he doing all kind of help to madhu and all students because he has real knowledge of study as you can see he answered all question means all any other boy’s won’t do this we all can see respect towards every girl in magic comment because of education and rithu as a huge fan and as a your elder sister i am expecting you will interfre in this matter becuse you are oldest fan of this page pls dear don’t get me wrong but thats not fair because magic interfar when shreya said something to shivani then he said to shreya its all unacceptable if you recken this page as a family than you all make sure nobody say wrong to anybody thats it thank you and rithu once again i like your comment from my heart

      7. @ huge fan of rithu and yhm

        Madhu already asked apology for what she did…and the topic is over….she didn’t mean to hurt anyone….now she is very friendly with magic…….pls dont dig the past..

      8. No shivani i am friendly with magic only because he has good knowledge about study and can healp me otherwise read my today’s earlier comment as i said shivani is better than magic because he is intelligent (in study) but don’t know about serial and again am saying shivani is better about yhm because i can’t lie

    2. Hi Madhu.

  2. A kind request to the directors of this serial, kindly stop this if you dont know how to proceed it. You are paving a way to bring up kids in a very wrong and worst way. Really sorry to say this but you guys have to stop this.So many worst things are happening in this serial. You can show many things in a very better and healthy way.

    1. Very true Grace … we all should complain to the censor board …. Seven year old girl with mobile …Ishitha is totally upset on Pihu her mother Mrs Iyer do not know whats going in Ishus life …. its soooo cheap to watch this serial now …. how come Aliya cud not listen to Shaghun Pihus talk … atleast if cvs have shown that …better … felt like breaking the tv …… its hard to believe whether Raman really loves Ishitha … I read somewhere Ekta is saying we should applaude the serial writers …Their capacity to write 1000 episode serials … bla bla bla … If I have a gun would like to shoot Ekta cvs … every one … Australia KP wife Ankita … Anita Rkta and all are having holiday like …Tried my level best not to comment …. what treat they are giving to the viewers … it wud have been better if shiwn Adi Alias nok jhoks …If Raman is staying with Pihu and Shaghun …. after all these mess up made by Alias daadi …’marrying Ishitha for what … hating Raman to the core …

  3. Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Magic, supergirl, Khushi, Monique, Jaz, Az, Kiran, Padma, Bhagya, Siddhi and many many YHM fans. Sorry can’t remember everyone’s name. Only those frequent ones. Rithu still is the best in recalling names.

    Did you see people? The cvs did it again. Just when Pihu is going to reveal the truth, Shagun has to call and destroy everything. This is preposterous!! I am completely fed up watching it. For once why can’t they have something very smooth and let Pihu reveal the truth and Ishita lets Raman listen to the recorded voice and he will know who is telling the truth. Oh what a drag……..If just one person trails Shagun and all her activities, the rest of the bhalla will know who is the culprit. Honestly why they need to drag this part. In the old YHM, to prove that Ruhi is really Raman’s daughter she immediately did the DNA test and proved Ashok wrong. So why can’t Raman fool just take a DNA test and prove Shagun wrong. What is wrong with the people? Ishita is a doctor and she will know the protocol. Stupid CVS…. They are making us absolute fools. You may ask “Why are you watching this then?” Truthfully just like what VP has mentioned, I am also addicted to this serial and love watching DT and KP. They both as individuals are very good actress and actor. I am just sad that cvs are not fully utilising the talent of KP and DT to the fullest. The cvs are making them look like fools. I do agree that Shagun is the only who is given a meaty role and executing her role properly. I really really miss the bond between Pihu and Ishita Ishita and Raman.

    It seems like it may only come next year. For two months or so they are going to drag Australia trip and just two or three months before the Star Paarivar Award 2017 the cvs are going reunite Raman and Ishita and Pihu and it will be in time for the votes of the awards. When YHM wins most awards, the producers will separate them again I suppose. I don’t mind the leap but why separate Raman and Ishita. If that is the case they should not remarry. If the spoilers are true then Raman staying with Shagun and this new entry in Ishita’s life will all seem to be both husband and wife are committing adultery and having an affair. Shagun is already shameless but Ishita and Raman are not so don’t portray them in that sense.


  4. Truthfully I like the storyline if Raman and Ishita plans this separation to get Pihu back to Bhalla’s house. That I don’t mind but not all this separation to be for real and Raman concealing his identity to be away from Ishita. That is painful to know.

    1. I think Sindhu it was their plan but shaghun and Pihu will meet with an accident and blame it on Ishitha , Raman wont listen to her and Mr Bhalla tell him to get out of the house … May be thats why he is hiding the identity and Ishitha is trying to find out Raman …I too feel they should not bring a new person in Ishithas life … her love is pure … dont portray her badly … if it was for Raman to get jealous … then its defferent …Sindhu … your mom and dad are sitting in the heaven … gives you signs to make you happy and smile …they are blessing you all the time …wiping your tears when you cry … feeling happy when you smile … keeps their hand around you when you sleep … they are always near you …. Death is a fact , accept it and move on … Having loving parents are the blessing to children and loving and caring children are …blessing to parents .. Just for you Sindhu .. tc

      1. I strongly belive this is their plan….because as you said VP, ishitas love is pure….she would have thrown out all that gift items if the sender was someone else..instead she kept them all in her wardrobe…this hiding identity may be a part of their plan…so that raman can easily prove to pihu that even after hiding his identity,ishita found them ..pihus too will realize ishitas eternal love for them…

  5. Hi all YHM fans….
    VP Rithu Mino Sindhu Siddhi Khushi Aditya Jaz Az Monique Saritha Supergirl parichari Ananthi shreya Bhagya Nish Susan Ruhi Magic and all others…..

    I don’t want this leap to happen because of ishra separation….but i hate this shagun pihu drama and pihu became a machine controlled by shagun…so waiting for the leap…i want pihu to realize shaguns evil intentions…hope cvs won’t drag this too much…..

    1. Star utsav how brilliantly Dt and KP is acting … wow their chemistry is mind blowing ….I am angry on them to get addicted to them and to watch this rubbish serial ….

  6. Hi parichari Hope u see this.
    I read ur sorry 4 u.
    U know sometimes we feel bad for delusions and sometimes 4 what we experience bt always life is not smooth.don’t feel bad every parent love their children at least from the tip of their heart.u make it ur opportunity to strengthen ur confidence 2 successfully face and avid mood swings.may be u have little mistakes.if so correct them.take my word in few days u will experience an bond love affection with ur family.

    1. very true Wish ….

    2. HI Wish

      I had to see this from your and VP side.

      I will never want to live like a normal person who need love from parent.
      If I live alone that will make my mind set on peace than to bring parents back in my life.
      Please don’t make my life becomes much difficulty to bring parent love and attection with me because I don’t want to take up same mistake over and over like before. I did tried to talk to family and they refused to speak to me since little child until now. My friends noticed that parent tried their best to show friends their love for me was lying and see parent see so rude to me.

      Please don’t change my mnd because my heart hate them.

      1. Hi Parchay take care . you said you are working .., Are you from India ? I cant bear to hear more from you … prayers are always there for you .

      2. Ok Sweetie i can realize ur pain i know someone here too who has loads of anger towards her parents. But as VP says it is better for u to get all this inner wounds out of ur system. u know they say u can forgive but can’t forget so get all this inner wounds out .. cos ur parents are not suffering only u keep questioning urself why??? Why??? they treated u like the way they did. Sometimes they too must be having some problem inside them that they are taking it on u.. that is not fare at all. but for ur sake dear why don’t u try for once & then decide. I can’t force u but this is a friendly advice. no offence to u.. inner wounds are a blessing blocker. even in relationships these are blocking ur inner peace. Sorry darling to hurt u please forgive if i did.. Luv & God Bless.

      3. VP… I am not from India. I born and grew up in South Africa.

        Mino… I have not kept all the problem in myself. I had share it to god that I pray everyday to erase all the problem and give the solution.

        No necessary to wory about it.

  7. Episode was worst . Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya( both the diyas ) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi padma madhu Saba ankitha parvathi priyaroli and all yhm friends.

  8. Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    After one year time leap Raman will seen living happy life with Shagun and daughter Pihu and on the other side even Ishita will be seen living happy life with Adi, Ruhi and Aaliya.

    Ishita will be seen fulfilling all the responsibilities of both mother and father but she is desperately missing Raman’s presence.

    However to overcome everything Ishita will seek Vidyut’s help to locate Raman’s whereabouts whereas it will soon be revealed that Raman has hidden his identity so that no one can locate him.

    Let’s wait and watch for the upcoming twist.

  9. ankita kumari

    This serial is really amazing . i love this serial.

  10. bhagya(miss ishveer)

    hi vp mam sry i didn’t rly to your comment yesterday iam from adhra pradesh but my brother got a job in bangalore so my parents brother and me was planning to shift bangalore after couple of months

    1. Easy for me … Bhagya … can plan a trip … you all think … false promises … a big No … I do travel a lot … but nowadays .. health .. doesnt allow … and I travel alone … If I want to do something … I will make it happen … Magic … Sindhu … now Bhagya …

  11. Why should always ishita has to run after raman r pihu they hurt her so much.,,,,, and mother India always forgive them so easily, ………. This not fair

  12. Hi all my fans.hope u guys are all doing well all over the world.well guys who are in Australia please do all us fans a favour and push ekta and writers in the of now we will continue the story line of yhm.
    Seriously how stupid writers can u get.
    Pihu before telling truth was stopped again by shaggy. I think shaggy is the lead and all the others are just [email protected]

    1. Super girl you are really super .They are in Adelaide far away from Mino otherwise we cud tell Mino to push them to the sea … But not Divyanka …

  13. No doubt at all. No awards will come for dt and kp for best couple after leap. So much annoying. Please put an end to yhm. Can’t tolerate this!! I knew aliyas plan would flop. Kunal is a disgusting lawyer. I am so much addicted to this serial. I feel like I should watch the episodes before leap. Crap CRAP crazy!!!! OMG! The track is heading to a leap. The lead couple is adi and Aliya. Not ishra because no ishra romance at all. They have just shown a couple of scenes. Shagun character is day by day getting more important. She always escapes. But one day she will be caught.i read a spoiler that Raman slaps Shagun for making Pihu take sleeping pills. It would be nice if that happens. I think the whole fight between ishra is going to be a drama. I don’t know but I love adi and Aliya couple more than ishra because they are always fighting especially Raman. My goodness CVS are playing with our feelings. They made yhm fans as speechless and fools. Ishita should leave Raman and should marry that new guy Vidyut. Then Raman learns a lesson. Raman deserves Shagun. She doesn’t have any problem other than Ishitas happiness. Hell yhm!!

  14. Shaghun is the main space … she has the best sarees … Ekta is promoting her … she cant pronounce Ishitha properly … Isheeeetha … how the cvs plotted her seeing Pihu and Alia …. They cud make Alia listen to Shaghun nd Pihus talk … yhm is for Anitha … only … all the yhm fans started hating surrogancy … R they really writers ? understand the story was based on Novel Custody of ., Manju Kapoor … Spoiled that writers name and that beautiful story ….. Khushy how is grandmom ? All ok ? tc

    1. Hi vp, hw ru doing? My grand mom is recovering now.. She is back home.. But weekness is still there due to old age.. I love her very much nd cant see her state infrnt of my eyes.. Actually till i am 3 she was the one who took care of me as my mom was working in a school near to my moms place. We share a stong bond of love..when ever i came to meet her i used to sleep beside her hugging her tight remenicing my childhood memories with her… She is vry much special.. Pls pray for her gud health

      1. Good to hear … she is recovering … My mother who is grandmother to many … when she was in the hospital … weekly once all her grandkids together be with her in the hospital …they said they will take care and doctors used to surprise seeing that …one has to be lucky to be loved and cared by grand children … She will be alright … dont worry

      2. Hi Kushi How are u?? Missed u in the site. Hope & Pray ur grandma is doing good.. Blessings for a speedy recovery.. be strong dear. luv

  15. Story now getting very boring. Drama of Shagun and Pihu dragging for too long. In old YHM
    any plot was uncovered fast and in a comprehendible manner. Here everything is haphazard .
    Common CV ‘s start writing with some real heartfelt emotions like the old YHM.

  16. I agree with you sindhu. When shagun can follow others and keep tags on then then why can ishita and co follow shagun and see who she meets and talks too. Also, yes DNA, why wasn’t this used in the first case as we as now? Shagun’s getting more screen space and also allowed to do as she wants, no importance given to ishita and Raman. When this tracks going to end, who knows.

  17. Stop making a little rule this show or her mother n fed up with this pihu

  18. Raman is just a dumbf******king piece of shit… I wish I could kill this Shagun using a gun

  19. Shreya shetty

    Prithvi,I too also agree with u that raman just behaves and act like a fine piece of shit!!after all he doesn’t care anything about ishu at all.always criticizing her and blaming her for everything!!meee too,feel like frying both shaggy and pihu together and eat them up for being so NASTY AND EVILISH!!!WISH I COULD ADD SLEEPING PILLS IN SHAGUNS DRINK AND MAKE HER FALL ASLEEP AND TELL EVERYTHING TO THAT SILLY OLD DARN PIHU BRAT!!SHE LL UNDERSTAND THEN.THIS PIHU S HATRED TOWARDS HER ISHIMAA HAS CROSSED ALL LIMITS I TELL U GUYS,ALL LIMITS ARE PARKED!!!BETTER IF SHE LIVES IN A SPOILED LIFE OF SHAGUN AND NOT GO TO ISHU COZ NO RESPECT AT ALL FROM THIS STUPID LITTLE GIRL WHO HATES HER OWN REAL MOTHER!!!

    1. Hi Shreya…

      You make me laughing. Oh god!!!!

    2. hope ur ok dear… Be strong & Happy Luv & God Bless

  20. lol…its fun to watch ur comments.

  21. Reply Vp I accept your views on the comments you made with regards to the comments I posted He should not have hurt Ishitha . but I like to know one thing. Did Raman know abt mihikha blackmail. He never knew. The thing is both Ishitha and Raman are equally responsible. My question is simple. Should a person hide important matter Wit their spouses. Can anyone answer this

    1. Reghu … never hide … communication is the biggest success in married life … nosecrets .. agree with you for her mistakes … but as Ishitha says nothing you can tell him … his immediate action is defferent … but what happened now …Ishitha too failed ..after leap Ishithas actuons are not justified … but she is selfless and harmless …even to the councellor she asked whether this process will hurt Pihu more ..there also she wants Pihu to be free of any traumas …I live Ishithas character DT is the only one whom I have adored among all celeberities she is weakness so may be my comments are in favoued to her .. I try my level best to be fair with my comments

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