Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika lying to Ashok and saying you are too drunk to assume anything. She says I was missing my Akka, I was talking to my friend, its seven years now, how could you think Ishita is alive. She goes. Ashok says i heard clearly, Mihika was talking to Ishita. Aaliya goes to her home. Someone follows her. She turns to see and walks ahead. Raman looks around and gets water. Mrs. Bhalla calls him and asks where is he, and with whom. He says I was drinking at bar and got unconscious, I don’t know who got me here. She thinks of not telling Raman, else he will know I followed him. She tells about Emraan, and asks did he go in Romi’s sangeet. He gets angry and says I was at bar, how do you know I was in that hotel. She says I guessed, come home soon. He says coming and leaves

from there.

Mani gives tickets to Ishita. She says why did you come, you should have sent agent. He says I came to make a last try to stop you. She says I have to go, explain Aaliya and don’t let work suffer, did you talk to Ruhaan’s mom. He says yes, she agreed, Ruhaan is shooting for us, you take care, have a safe flight. She thanks him. She gets some call and gets shocked. She asks what, take care of her, I m coming. Mani asks what. Ishita says Aaliya. They both rush.

Adi tells Shravan that Aaliya is a loser, not him. police comes to arrest Adi. Adi asks what did I do, let me call home. Adi calls Mihika. Mihika says he was waiting for Ishita, poor Adi. She attends call. Adi asks for help, and says police is arresting me, I did not do anything, come soon. She says don’t worry, I m coming. She worries and says why did police arrest Adi.

Ishita and Mani come to police station and meet Aaliya. Ishita goes and hugs Aaliya. She asks whats the matter, tell me, sit. Aaliya tells her how someone caught her and tried molesting her, I was so scared, someone got me here. Ishita cries and consoles her. Aaliya says I think its same guy who came to scold me, he told me he will not leave me. Ishita asks her to relax, they will get that guy punished. She hugs Aaliya.

Iyers come home. Bala tells about a girl filing complaint against Adi, why did Adi threaten that girl, I don’t know matter. Vandu says we never know, maybe Adi has affair. Shravan says no, Adi did this for me. Mrs. Bhalla hears them. Shravan says Aaliya called me to meet, and Adi scolded her, he is trapped because of me. Mrs. Bhalla scolds him. Adi is beaten up. Adi says I just went to scare that girl, I did not do anything wrong. Inspector slaps him and says we know how you scared her. Adi cries and says I just threatened her, as she was troubling my younger sister. Inspector hurts him and asks him to accept mistake. Adi says I m from good family, my Papa is businessman, I did not do anything. The inspector says you mean that girl torn her own clothes, I know you rich guys well. Inspector asks staff to beat Adi and make him admit truth. Adi shouts I did not do anything. They beat Adi more. Adi screams.

Adi thinks Aaliya has done this to take revenge against me, I will never accept the crime which I did not do. Raman comes home and asks what happened. Mrs. Bhalla tells about Adi falling in problem because of Shravan. Raman asks what. Bala tells the matter in detail. Raman gets shocked knowing Adi got arrested. He asks Simmi to take care of mummy and rushes to meet Adi. Simmi scolds Iyers. Mrs. Bhalla cries for Adi. Shravan prays for Adi and hopes Adi is fine.

Raman goes to police station and says I want to meet my son Aditya Bhalla. Inspector says so you are his father. Raman says you can’t call him criminal, his crime is not proved, I know laws, I m his father, I have right to meet him. Inspector says there is molestation case against him. Raman says I know my son, he can’t do this. Inspector taunts him and says your eyes show you are drunk, what will you know what your son does, get lost. Raman says I will prove my son innocent.

Ishita and Aaliya go to meet Adi. Inspector tells Raman that he can’t meet Adi. Ishita asks Aaliya is that the same guy. Aaliya sees Adi and says yes, he is the one. Ishita scolds Adi and asks how dare you touch my daughter. She asks did your mother not teach you anything, did she teach you to treat women like this. Raman comes and says don’t say anything about his mother. She gets shocked hearing Raman’s voice.

Raman says I m sorry for what my son did, but I want to say my son will not do such thing, he did not learn anything from me, but he learnt a lot from his mother, she has raised him well, you don’t know what his mother made me, she has now left us….. Ishita cries and turns to Raman. Raman gets shocked seeing her.

Ishita meets Adi and says AB, Aditya Bhalla. Mani comes there and slaps Adi. Raman looks on. He asks how dare you touch my daughter, I will not leave him. Ishita says leave him Mani, he can’t do this, he is my Adi. Mani looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t think adi did that to her n I’m glad raman finally sees ishita n now i think the balla family will try make raman n ishita reunite

  2. im glad that ishita trusts that Ad didnt do anythingi and raman and istita reunite!! I wonder how Mani and Aaliya will react! Hope bala explains the whole issue!!

  3. Too happy for today’s n tomorrow’s episodes.. Luv u loads guys.. U r rocking.. Lovable pair.. Ishraa..??

  4. Omg!!! Can’t wait to watch it tomrw!!

  5. Kartik(ff writer)

    Guys go to my ff it is the best in the world
    Yeh kaise this mohabbatien

  6. In SBS they showed that ishita saves pihu from accident and hugs her meanwhile Raman comes and snatches pihu from her and slaps adi and also says something to ishita and leaves adi cries whereas ishita hugs and consoles him he asks that can he to stay with her but she says that Raman needs him more and at the ending the reporter said that a new twist will come where someone new will come and will not let ishra unite and she also said that their hatred will turn to love very soon

    1. That someone may be shagun….and i heard that subbu will re-enter the show?? …i think its necessary because Raman has to feel insecure….

  7. hey guys good morning to all.

  8. I was just thinking .. cvs got only police station to meet Ishra … And Bhallas and Iyers its high time to stop fighting … cvs frankly speaking we are irritated … however good one person is fighting in public is very cheap mentality … Adi like his Ishima being selfless ended up in trouble … why did Ishitha had to ask about Adis upbringing and about his mothere . And Raman to praise Ishitha … all ok but I felt beliw standard … My expectation of Ishras meeting was something defferent and cvs could not come to that expectation . And please allow Ishra to confront each other of the past 7 years and let them be happy … Dt and Karan are excellent into any mode of acting …. cvs dont want them to be happy or what ? Please negative vibes shine in this story line … let Raman realize what he told Ishitha was wrong .., than barking on her again and again

  9. hey guys good afternoon to all.

  10. Ishita will bail out Adi and Mani
    will be left furious with Ishita.
    Later Adi will devise plan to unite
    Pihu and Ishita.
    However, Raman will catch Adi,
    Pihu and Ishita together and will
    slap Adi.
    Furious Adi will decide to leave
    Raman to be with Ishita.
    It is heard that Ishita will send Adi
    back to Raman.

  11. Viewers of Star Plus serial “Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein” have witnessed a leap
    in the story line where Raman (Karan
    Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi)
    have been separated.
    Raman and Ishita life is full of
    Challenges. Yes it is true star plus ki
    yeh hai mohabbatein is now
    introducing the starplus TV Show’s
    most favorite Jodi to hate each
    other. It has been almost & years
    they have separated. Though they
    have love among each other. They
    have been missing each, which we
    have seen in almost every episode of
    After seeing Raman in the Police
    Station, Ishita wants to go back to
    Australia. So Aditya wants to stop
    Ishita going back. So he thinks and
    feels that only Pihu can stop
    ishimaa. So adi brings Pihu to make
    a meet with Ishimaa. All of sudden
    the story tuns with little shocks, and
    missed accident just like what
    happened in the Past with Ruhi.
    After seeing Pihu ishita ko Ruhi ka
    yaad aata hai! Pihu stuck in between
    the cars and Ishita saves her. Well
    this happened because of Aditya. He
    recreated the moment which earlier
    happened with Ishita and Ruhi.
    Adi wants to bring Raman and Ishita
    close? Will Addi be succesfull to ring
    Raman and ishita close? Will Ruhan
    gets sucessfull in spoiling Adi’s
    efforts? Will Pihu finds her real
    mother ishita? Stay tuned for more

  12. soon cute epi but jst waiting 4 tomorrow’s episode. jst hope ki Mani understands ishu

  13. Superb epi!
    Can’t wait for today’s episode and thankyou Ritushree for upcoming events of YHM

  14. Hi I m a vry big fan of yhm

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