Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Subbu talking to doctor. He gets double sure about Ananya. Mrs. Bhalla hears them talking and cries, being regretful of keeping him away from their home.

Mrs. Bhalla apologizes for being mistaken about him and thanks him for Simmi. Subbu says no need to thank, I just want to see Ananya. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to come anytime to meet her. Subbu meets Ananya. Simmi thanks him. He says that man needed a lesson, he does not deserve Ananya, its good you are leaving him, and thanks Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita smiles seeing Subbu and Ananya.

Its morning, everyone sit for breakfast. Ruhi and Adi talk about summer holidays coming and they will go out after dad comes. Mrs. Bhalla says it will be fun. Adi tells about the last time. Saari fizaon me hai……………plays……….

She recalls how Raman applied the ointment to her rashes. She asks everyone what do they tell kids, its so embarrassing. Mrs. Bhalla says they will give anti medicines before they go on trip. Simmi goes to check Ananya. Neelu tells Ishita that school peon came. Ishita gets the circular and talks to him. He says selected kids’ parents got this.

She reads it and comes to everyone. She says Ruhi and Adi are selected for Singapore summer exchange program, I don’t think we should send him, and they did not inform us before. Mrs. Bhalla says they will plan well. Ishita says Ruhi is very young, I don’t understand this. Ishita says Singapore is very far.

Ashok pays the man. The man says he acted as if he is real school peon, no one will know anything, don’t worry. Ashok asks him to do one more work. Rinki calls Mihir and is angry finding him busy. Ishita comes and asks her to come for shopping, is she talking to Mihir, fine carry on. Rinki says he does not have time. Ishita says its good you moved on, come for shopping. She messages Romi and gets his call. She talks to him and says fine, I will tell her. She asks Rinki to go and have icecream. Rinki agrees.

The doctor checks Ananya and says she is fine, her fever is down, no ned to worry. Subbu told me to check Ananya. He gets Subbu’s call and says Ananya is fine now, no need to worry. He leaves. Mrs and Mr. Bhalla get glad seeing this. She says Subbu is nice guy, he will be good for Simmi, they can settle and Ananya will get a good father. He says Simmi is getting divorce and now she is fixing this. She says will she sit at home, Subbu is also hurt and knows world.

Romi brings Rinki to café and ask her to sit inside to have AC air. She sees Mihir with some girl and gets angry. She joins them and asks is his meeting over. He says he thought to have coffee with Riya. Romi joins them and asks Rinki to come. Bunty’s wife is ill, we have to go. She asks him to go, she will manage. Romi smiles and leaves. Mihir says he will drop Riya home and asks Rinki to sit, and orders cold coffee for her. He leaves with Riya. Romi stands outside whistling. He says he will say Ishita that plan worked.

Adi plays with Shravan. Ruhi says about cultural exchange program in Singapore. Shravan says I have to go too, I will tell Amma. Ruhi says he is getting jealous. Shravan goes. Shagun comes to meet Ruhi and Adi, and taunts Ishita. Shravan comes and asks will she not send him to Singapore. Adi says we were just joking and greets Shagun. He says we are going Singapore. Ishita says I don’t think it will work out, kids are young. Shagun says its nothing wrong, they are smart and got this opportunity, I will decide. Ishita says I will talk to Raman and we will decide. Shagun says she will enquire in school and asks for passports.

Ishita says we are legal parents, I told in school not to agree to you, it was weird circular, I will meet teacher and find out. Shagun thinks if Ishita meets teacher then…

Rinki comes home and is angry on Mihir. Ishita comes and asks why is her mood off. Rinki tells what happened. Ishita explains her not to raise question on the relations and not carry burden in heart, if there is love, then she has to accept and move on. She asks her to think and leaves.

Ishita talks to Mr. Bhalla about the kids’ trip and he asks her to talk to teacher. She says she also wants cultural event, but its imp to keep them safe. Shagun tells Ashok that it was fool proof plan and argues with him. he says he has bribed the teacher and she will get the kids’ passport soon. She asks is he sure. He says yes.

Shagun says she got her kids, thanks to Ishita. He says its good Vandu met with an accident, so Ishita went. She says I hope Vandu and her baby are fine, and I will get my kids. He says Ishita will be busy with Vandu and we have to take kids.

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  1. Yeh kisne mere naam se itni bakwaas shuru kar di……maine to ep dekha hi nahi……phir me kyo kahungi….Bakwaaa episode
    Kalmai aai nai to socha mai kabji nahi aaungi …& mere naam se bakwaas karonge…..& Anshi……mai iss show ke khilaf ho hi nahi sakti……kabhhi nahi……

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    Cheppal se maarungi dono ko amruta aur anshi you both are disgusting ? thafha hojav yahan se

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        simmi just relax this amruta and anshi both r guys and r pretending to be girls maybe they both shud get a s*x change operation coz they like to pretend like women…just ignore them…

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    Amrutha n anshi wen you dnt lyk yhm wat r u doin here… love them or hate them u just cant ignore them… LOVE ISHRA

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  13. kal aap log IshRa scenes discuss kar rahe the na Telly Updates par aaj me aap ko IshRa scenes yaad dilaungi…wo bhi Ishita ke khayalo me…….

    “Ishita!! Kahan ho tum yaar..meri wo brown shirt kahan hai? jab dekho apne hisab se mere kapde rakh deti ho!”

    “Ishita!! Ishita!! Ab sunegi bhi nahi..behri…Ishitaa!”

    Ishita: “Kyun itni zor zor se chilla rahe ho Raman? Aa rahi hoon!”

    Ishita enters the room.

    Ishita: “Kya baat hai Raman? Subah subah kyun itna chilla rahen hain aap?”

    She notices his bed is full of his clothes thrown around mercilessly.

    Raman: “Arey meri brown shirt kahan hai? kabse dhoondh raha hoon! Pata nahin kaise rakhti ho tum mera saman cupboard mein”

    Ishita: “Brown shirt? Kabhi Pehni bhi hai aapne? ”

    Raman: ” Jaanta hoon wo kam pehenta hoon. Par aaj kuch special clients ne aana hai, and I think that one will be perfect for the meeting today. Arey batao naa kahan rakhi hai?”

    Ishita:” Maine wo peechche rakhi thi, kyunki aap usse regularly nahi pehente naa! layiye main nikal deti hoon”

    “Ye lijiye” she hands over the shirt to him.

    She sits down calmly on d bed to sort and fold his clothes he has thrown around.

    Raman: “Arey inhe chod do , main Neelu se keh deta hoon, wo theek kar degi ye kapde”

    Ishita: “Kyun Neelu kyun karegi? Ye mere pati ke..”

    She stops suddenly, realising what she was about to say.

    Raman: “Kya?”

    Ishita: ” K..K..Kuch nahin..mere matlab.. Main kar loongi na!”

    Raman: “Tum bhi na..tumhare tareeke na tum hi jaano. Mujhe to bahut late ho gayee hai. Main nikalta hoon”

    “Hmmm” she smiles.

    He smiles back and waves a good-bye to her.

    Ishita looks back at the bed.

    “Mere Pati ke kapde hain..Ab unhe kaise pata ki unke kapde touch karna, feel karna, unhe set karna, mujhe kitna achcha lagta hai” she speaks to herself, a smile breaks out on her face.

    Neend ud jaave
    chain chhad jaave
    Ishq di faqeeri
    jad lag jaave

    She picks up his yellow shirt, brings it to closer to her; she smells it, kisses it, cuddles it…

    Maathangi naam tha tumhara! Socho agar tumhara wo naam final ho jaata, to main tumhe kaise introduce karta? Meet my wife Mathangi Raman Kumar Bhalla..hahaha!

    She chuckles remembering that night with him.The first time they had shared tea together..the first time he had rested his head on her shoulder..

    Tea! it clicked in her head. Even that day they had made tea together..him tea and her coffee..he wore the same yellow shirt!
    She remembered how he had pulled his burnt hand when she had tried putting ice on it..

    “Kitne khadoos the ye tab! ” she hits the shirt softly as if she is hitting him.

    She folds the shirt properly, a smile not leaving her face.

    She picks up the peach one. She remembers that time he had dressed her up in Ruhi’s school.

    “Aiyyo!” she squeaks as she feels aroused remembering the moment he tied that kamar-band around her waist. If the memory itself was so arousing, imagine how the actual moment would have been for her!

    “You always affected me Raman..even then..”

    Ae mann karda ae thagi thoriya
    Ae mann karda ae seena zoriyan
    Aine sikh laiyan dil diyan choriyan
    Ae mann diyan ne kamzoriyan

    “And even that day, when you made that fake confession, you had worn the same color Raman!”

    “You had affected me so much then too, I donno exactly in what way though.. It hurt when u had said u were just faking it, but it did feel good too..cos somewhere u had said the d same words that I had to say to you..

    Shayad hum ek doosre ke liye hi bane hain..isiliye kabhi koi aaj tak tik hi nahin paaya humari life mein..

    “I know you meant it then Raman, I know you meant it. Atleast you confessed, even though you said you faked, I know you had confessed.”

    “And this carrot red one..Aiyyo! Our first the rain! Our best moments have been in d rain..haina!” she blushes

    “Some part of me, then too, had wanted to believe you were not lying when you said those three words. Were you lying then or you meant it then too haan?” she smiles.

    “And that day, when I had left the house, you forgot wearing pants with that orangy red one!” she laughed.

    “”Kyun mere bina..pant pehenna bhi bhul gaye the! Haina Raman!”

    Mann mann ki sunta jaaye
    Sunta nahin mann waalon ki
    Mann hi mann mein banaye
    Duniya ek khayaalon ki..

    “And this blue one!..You look so hot in blue my love!..We shared my pasta dat day..

    now that reminds me, i need to improve my pasta making skills! Abhi ye kam khatam karke main sabse pehle yehi karoongi..learning to make perfect Pasta for you!”

    “Us din bhi to aapne ye shirt pehni thi..jab aap mujhse wo kehne waale the..”

    Keh doon ki tum aaj kaisi lag rahi ho..keh doon ki tumhare liye kya feel karta hoon..

    “Tab se leke ab tak hum ek doosre se kuch keh hi nahi paaye hain Raman! uff!” she buries her cheek in her hand.

    “Aur ye pink wali! Wo salsa practice ka din! kitni baar gire the aap..omg! hahaha! Aur aapne wo mujhse better dance karne ke liye special training li thi! My jealous Kumar!”

    “Jealous Kumar se yaad grey wali..jab subbu ke baare mein maine aapse share kiya tha! Aap kitne jealous ho gaye the..aapne ye tak mujhse pucha tha ki main is shaadi se khush hoon ya nahin!”

    Paas koi aave
    door koi jaave
    Hota hai kyun ye
    koi samjhaave

    She chuckles again, puts all the shirts together lovingly, and gets up to stack them in the cupboard.

    She brushes her hand through his coats, she stops at the black one.

    Her cheeks turn scarlet as she remembers the Kya moment.

    Neend ud jaave
    chain chhad jaave
    Ishq di faqeeri
    jad lag jaave

    “Aiyyo! gudgudi ho rahi hai Raman” she bends forward and kisses the black coat.

    And when she is about to close the almirah, she notices his South India Veshti..

    “Awwee..My cutu! Crush hogaya tha mujhe aap pe pehli baar aapko is veshti mein dekh ke! Itne cute lagte hain aap is mein!”

    A smile was still not leaving her lips. He brought so much happiness in her life..his everything brought so much happiness to her…

    She closes the cupboard.

    She turns around and notices another shirt still lying on the bed.

    “Arey ye kaise reh blue!”
    “Vaise kaafi romantic rehte hain aap isse pehen ke! remember that time you kissed me on the cheek?” she is blushing again.

    And then she remembers another moment. She sits down on the bed and closes her eyes.

    Ek baat kahoon..Ek din tum wo baat mujhe khud bataogi..

    Her heart is pounding.
    “Haan Raman aapne theek kaha tha. Aur shayad wo din ab aa gaya hai. I can’t wait to tell you how much I love you!”

    She cuddles the shirt in her arms. “I love u Raman! I love you!”

    Ae mann karda ae thagi thoriya
    Ae mann karda ae seena zoriyan
    Aine sikh laiyan dil diyan choriyan
    Ae mann diyan ne kamzoriyan

    Ae mann karda ae thagi thoriya
    Ae mann karda ae seena zoriyan
    Aine sikh laiyan dil diyan choriyan
    Ae mann diyan ne kamzoriyan

    Raman is standing right there, resting his folded arms on the room door, his adorable smile on his lips. He had been listening to her talking to his shirts all through.

    ” Itna notice karti ho mujhe? Itna pyaar karti ho mujhse! Even I cannot wait for you to tell me that…and I love you too!” he speaks softly without her listening, smiles again and leaves for work finally.

    Copied From India Forum….
    Yeh Confession ke bahot pehle ka hai…..

  14. Kal aap logo ke saath 1000 comments nahi kar pai…..iss liye meri tarf sw looooonnnggggg……IshRa story….aap log ek ek karke IshRa scenes yaad lar rahe the na…maine ek saath hi kar diya…..

    • Gree

      Yay Ni I’m here… Oh no again started… Ok let Dem njy wid der cmnts… We ll njy wid ours 😉 … Ss guyzz read sum ishra os @indian forums… We really addict 2 dos stories yaar…

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    I’ve 2 tablets ,1 mobile phn and 1 laptop and I’m cmnting using different names to tease you all what a fun! Kitna maja as raha hai tum ko tang karne mey, Ghadon yhm stupid fans

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  18. Ramchin sorry…..but maine kai dino se iss site par kisi se baat nahi ki…..sirf episode ke bare me hi comment ki thi…..are you Ramya ??

  19. ha you are right prayosha .aaj kal yeh site spoil ho gaya hai.pehle comment hi kisine tumhare naam se yhm ke baare mein bura comment kiya .

  20. shagun jaise chudail ki plan flop hone ko hi hai . aur agar ruhi aur adi ko iss baare mein patha chaltha toh woh log uss shagun ko apne ghar mein na ghusne de.

  21. Shagun ne passport to le liya but Bachcho kaise le jayegi….& wese bhi uss ke paas khud ka passport nahi Austrelia to nahi jaa payegi……

  22. Hey Advance Me Happy Mother’s Day……I hope YHM me celebration dikhaye…Aadi ko Shagun ka real face pata chale & wo bhi Ishita ko Ishimaa bole…& tab tak Raman waapas aa jaye……


  24. Gree

    Kp nvr mrd 2 gals… He loved and brk up… Its his 1st marriage … He’s gentle man… 😎

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      Shagun is b*t*h … She left him … He loved her a lot… But dat b*t*h wants luxury lyf not happy and lovely lyf 😡 Raman gentleman nly

  25. YA WHAT IS ASHOK’S FAULT,HE ONLY LOVES MIHIKA SO HE WANT RELATIONSHIP WITH mihika.she is also married,so what wrong with ashok?

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  43. You are the greatest gift from the heavens mother, filled with love and care for all your children and the entire family. Your smile brightens each day just as the morning rays shines on the hills and it’s with doubt that this gives us the courage to face the new day with joy. It’s my time to know you that how fortunate and special I am to be blessed with a mother as caring, loving as you. Wish you a happy Mother’s Day Mom. I believe in love at the first sight for you are the first person I saw when I opened my eyes and have loved you since that day dear mum. With zeal and courage you have brought and fought for us that we can share in love bound with togetherness. You are so special to us mother. As many as the stars on the sky, so do I have as much regards to the woman who brought me to this world, happy mother’s day! All your love, all your caring ways, all your giving these years are the reasons why my heart thinks of you on Mother’s Day with a wish for happiness and a world full of love. I just want you to know how special and fortunate I find myself to be blessed with a mother as loving, caring and wonderful as you.

    This one is for my and all the moms.
    Thank u maa for always being for me.
    Thank u maa for bring me to this world.
    Happy mother’s day!

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    achha koi hai hi nahi Maa woh hai jiski khushi hamari hansi
    se hai, jiska dukh hamare dukh se, Maa
    woh hai jiske bina hum jee nahi sakte.
    Maa sab kuch hai.
    Happy mother’s day!

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  47. Jab chot kabhi mere lag jaati thi
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    Maa…. o maa! Jab chot kabhi mere lag jaati thi
    To aankh teri bhi to bhar aati thi
    Ek chhoti si phoonk se teri
    Sabhi dard mere hote thhe gum Aaj bhi koi chot lage to
    Yaad aati ho, yaad aati ho tum
    Aaj bhi meri aankh bhare to
    Yaad aati ho, yaad aati ho tum Maa.. meri maa.. meri maa….
    O maa.. meri maa, meri maa.. maa.. Teri baaton mein apni har ik main
    Uljhan ka hall pa leta tha
    Tere hathon ki roti aksar hi
    Bhookh se zyada kha leta tha Teri baaton mein apni har ik main
    Uljhan ka hall pa leta tha
    Tere hathon ki roti aksar hi
    Bhookh se zyada kha leta tha
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    Aaj bhi meri, aankh bhare to
    Yaad aati ho, yaad aati ho tum.. Maa.. meri maa.. meri maa….
    Maa.. meri maa, meri maa.. maa.. Kone ko thaame tere aanchal ke
    Be-fikra main so jaata tha
    Mere dil mein kya
    Hai tere bina maa
    Koi samjha hi naa pata tha
    Jo ho sang tu na To ho jag suna
    Pyaar itna jataati ho tum Aaj bhi koi … lage to
    Yaad aati ho, yaad aati ho tum
    Aaj bhi meri aankh bhare to
    Yaad aati ho, yaad aati ho tum O meri maa.. meri maa….
    meri maa, meri maa.. maa..
    Happy mother’s day!

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    They were also insulting u priyaroli that u don’t know English I felt very bad and I feel very upset also coz like other sites these fake commenters have also targeted out yhm site now

  50. hai frds wish u r frm my
    this is best nd great day
    guys so plzz don’t forget
    wish u r mom guyz…
    MOM is the only one which sacrifies all the
    happiness 4 her children.

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    I am malayali frm Kerala studying for MBA at palakkad and I will talk to u after 1/2 hr ippo bye tata

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    finally mrs bhalla is thinking smthng nyc.
    Whn will raman cm back??? Here parmeet will distrb evrythng in ramans absence:-@

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    raman is bst..

  54. sana

    Yes raman is d bst
    bt whr tht naag mani went?? I missed tht i dnt knw how all tht ended

    n nw rinki is so jeloused??? Hmm soon mihir will fall fr her…

  55. Hey sbb mein yhm ka bataya. …
    .Subbu simmi ki shaadi ki baat horahi hai..sujata ji bhi chahati hai ki Subbu simmi ki shaadi ho. …unho ne kaha ki woh khud kehne wali thi iss shaadi k bare mein. .lekin ishita ko ye sahi nahin lagraha hai. .

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    • Gree

      im telling dat ishitha @yhm.. plzz axpt subbu and simmi marriage proposal… otherwise evry1 will misunderstud ishu (if she wnt axpt subbu and simmi marriage) ok now got it @aishu 🙂

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  58. today sbb is ishu is treating a small child in clinic even subbu is there.and when ishu try to inject the kid subbu get nervous for the kid.and next scene ishu ka ghar sujathaji proposing for subbu and simmi ka marriage per ishu is nt sure becoz of subbu past.

  59. Video: SBB Segment ( 10th May )
    *** ( W.U. by: Ramona G ) ishita giving injection to a little girl
    caption ishita ki nayi ruhi.. subbu
    looking at them its in her clinic.. Ishita
    treating a little girl in her clinic on
    day n she gives the injection so well the kid doesnt feel the pain.. subbu is scared
    of the injection n tries to stop her n
    ishita asks him to calm down.. he gets
    startled n says ishita tum kya kar rahi
    ho.. subbu says he’ll go outside Dt byte she sats I am jagat ishima n
    even ruhi was comfortable in my dental
    chair.. that was our first interaction..
    subbu doesn’t treat kids he only treats
    adults he feels nervous around kids also
    rishta of subbu for simmi brought by sujata.. she tells ishita that both are
    lonely( thats subbu n simmi ) n both
    gone thru pain in their life.. toshiji is
    there too n DT says that naturally as
    subbu betrayed me.. I cant trust him for
    simmi n I wud tell him relations are most important.. simmi ke saath theek
    se nibhaana varna raman pitai karega

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    mumbai vs RCB… rcb 1st batting 100-1 /11.2 ovrs… @rams… guyzz dont start giving lecture… its not a cricket forum 2 discuss about cricket updates… ik well…

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  62. Star Plus Popular show Yeh Hai
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    turns.The creatives introduced so many
    new characters such as Subbu,Sujatha…
    in the show and they are ready for one more. Yes,You heard it wright ! A new entry
    will take place in producer Balaji
    TeleFlims Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Model-turned-actor Vivek Dahiya, who
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    to play as a Cop again but this time
    positive and dynamic one. In the coming episode’s ,we will see
    that ishita’s plaster will be removed
    and she gets relief from pain.Doctor will
    be worried about his personal problem
    by that ishita gets an idea to get rid of
    param. Somehow,mihika and romi will reach
    police station and there they will meet
    this new character in the show.Romi
    lies in the police station about him and
    mihika which will be a fun sequence to
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    idea to get rid of param. Soon,we will also see that ishita will go
    to school to check about the Singapore
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    ishita to speak with her will fall down
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    shocked and rush to her hospital. Seems like some new love story is
    ready to entertain the viewers.Keep
    reading for more updates.

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